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Real estate magnate Yang Guoqiang dream run into a wall and instead invest energy LED lighting

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Country Garden chairman Yeung Kwok

the billions of coal oil had been encountered stranded ho held.

6 16, a person close to the Yunnan Coal Chemical Group, confirmed to reporters: "The record source of investments on behalf of Mr Yeung has pulled out of Zhaotong CTL project."

A year ago, "real estate magnate," Mr Yeung determined to transform "Energy King," the information industry has attracted strong attention.

With high-quality coal resources Zhaotong, Inner Mongolia, Yang Guoqiang Huolinguole delineated by the two coal as a major push into the land of the oil industry started. Today, the Zhaotong project has been identified by the Three Gorges Project Corporation of Yunnan Coal Chemical Group work and EPF10K100EFI484-2 datasheet and development, scheduled to start the second half of last years Huolinguole project has run aground.

"Country Garden to the original media have reported that coal into oil, a great slogan, in fact, we have some understanding of this area, people are concerned, is the feeling there are some absurd. After all, this is a need for huge amounts of money, high-end technology, and EPF10K100EFI484-2 price and policy barriers in areas with a strong, and EPF10K100EFI484-2 suppliers and now make up the domestic real coal liquefaction project is only one God, China, Country Garden as a private enterprise, it is difficult to imagine such a large stalls afford can sustain. "Central China Securities petrochemical industry researcher said the king to rise.

However, a person close to the Country Garden, told reporters that, although experience in the field of coal oil into a wall, but the diversity of Mr Yeungs determination not to change. "Mr Yeung has been invested recently to do a LED lighting company, hopes to open new prospects in the energy industry."

Financial pressure and line differences

Reporter noted that, in the near future, Yunnan Coal Chemical Group has signed an agreement with the Three Gorges Project Corporation, the Yunnan Yunnan Coal Chemical Group Chemical Group was reconstituted as the solution of clean energy development in Yunnan Solutions Limited, to jointly develop coal liquefaction project in Zhaotong. Three Gorges Project Corporation which would directly invest 10 billion yuan, holding 40%, 60% stake in Yunnan Coal Chemical Group.

"This project was originally started in the Three Gorges Project Corporation and Yunnan Coal Chemical Group to talk about cooperation, its creator Mr Yeung was the source for investment 2,000,000,000 yuan investment involved, their attitude was very positive." Yunnan Coal Chemical Group, the close those memories, "However, a few months later, with the gradual deepening of the negotiations, a source of investment is gradually down-hearted, and finally made out."

"Country Garden in the second half of funds from the chain tension is one of the most critical cause." The source said that although Mr Yeung has been emphasizing its record source of the funding from the private capital, Country Garden has nothing to do with the listed companies, but no matter how, Yang Guoqiangs "pocketbook" and Country Garden were closely related to the performance.

Public information shows that since late last year, the Country Garden (2007.HK) shares began to decline significantly. To the end of the year, the share price from a peak of 2007, more than 14 fell more than 1, which makes the book worth Young family from more than 1,300 billion shrunk to less than 100 billion. In order to show confidence in the company, Yang Guoqiang Yang Yan family Youyi the name of the other women dig the cash holdings of shares in a row.

"Coal oil for Country Garden like private enterprises, may at first appear beautiful, but really deep down, you will find the investment needed is beyond imagination, this refers not only money, but also for a long time the preparatory work. "Three Gorges Project Corporation, a source said," prior to Yunnan Xianfeng coal liquefaction project has received official state approval, but in the end fell short of success due to insufficient funds. Zhaotong this we can say that coal-oil project Pioneer project is a continuation of the current pilot Yunnan Coals initial success has been achieved, but to truly realize the industry has a long way to go, we do not know when it truly a benefit. "

Also revealed that the said persons, in addition to funding constraints, the record source and the other two partners for the technical route of its opt-out differences is one of the reasons. "The fund plans to invest at the same time, a source of investment has also brought its investment in coal chemical industry, Zhaoqing City, Shun Xin Technology, Inc. hot melt catalytic processes. But this was the Yunnan Coal Chemical Group and the Three Gorges Corporation, the opposition."

"Yunnan Coal and the Three Gorges on the grounds that hot melt catalytic process in the country is still without a large-scale experiments, they tend to and from Yunnan Coal Chemical Industry Study of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences of the process, because the process has been in Yunnan Coal Chemical Group belongs to the solution of the Group has made 3,500 tons / year pilot a success. "the source said," a source of investment in the hope that the project be launched as soon as possible, as soon as possible the benefits produced, and Yunnan Coal Chemical Group and the Three Gorges Corporation, the two companies as the state-owned enterprises, want to go step by step, more solid. "

Thus, in a few important differences, the creators opted out of Zhaotong source of investment projects.

Ambition and reality of creating the source

Then exit Zhaotong project, has been widely reported in the media started the second half of 2008 will be 30 million tons of coal Huolinguole oil project and the progress it?

6 16, the reporter called Huolinguole Investment Promotion Bureau of Inner Mongolia, an official told reporters: "Our Country Garden relevant units have not signed any agreement, the current projects are basically stagnant."

According to the sources close to the Country Garden, Yang Guoqiang had actively into coal oil, and the second son Chen Chong has a direct relationship.

Graduated from Tsinghua University and the University of Manchester Chemistry Chen Chong left in early 2007 Country Garden, as the source of investment in creating the post of general manager, focusing on the cause for the Yang to find new growth point. It was urged into the next active Chen, Yang Guoqiang was determined to advance the CTL are not familiar with the industry.

And Chen Chong keen to flex its muscles in the coal-oil is an important node in the field, its Chinese and from Zhuhai Sanjin CTL Technology Co., Ltd. of the "hot melt catalytic process," patented technology. Subsequently, it established a joint venture with Shun Xin, Zhaoqing City, coal chemical technology company, expand the "hot melt catalytic process," the small-scale experiments.

"Chens idea was simple, first get technical, then buy coal for the development, not for how long the project can be launched." The source said, because of Coal Chemistry, CTL experiments, Yunnan lignite is 14 maximum conversion rate of coal in the coal, therefore, has a high-quality lignite resources into the record source Zhaotong investment horizons.

Zhaotong projects in order to promote the end of 2007, the highest source of investment has set up a Zhaotong City, a source of Mining Investment Co., Ltd., and recruited a group of employees.

At the time of its release in the open pages of the job posting has such a statement, "I invested human Yang Guoqiang Country Garden Chairman of the Board. We want to invest hundreds of million yuan to build the annual output of 3,000 tons of large open-air annual output of coal mines and 500 tons of liquid fuels, chemical plants; present, is preparing to opencast coal mine 200 million tons per year and 30 tons / year of liquid fuel pilot plant pre-preparation work. "

Thus, Yang Guoqiang, had for his new coal chemical industry has planned a rather ambitious blueprint.

"2008 the oil price at a high of more than 100 U.S. dollars, Yang is a self-financing to do the initial idea, later discovered the demand too much money, but do CTL project is a very huge project, in addition to funding, technology, resources, approvals, everything is very difficult. In groping for some time, did they turn to cooperation with Yunnan Coal Chemical Group. "the source said," but in the end, several important reasons, the decided to withdraw. "

Turn LED energy-saving industry

According to the sources, although the oil fields in the coal face of setbacks, but did not give up Guoqiang new business development efforts. "At present, more and more real estate industry is facing the uncertainty of the risk of the second half of last years financial turmoil real estate developers swindling money - a large scale to take place - and then misappropriating model has been a great challenge, although it Real estate seems to hot up again, but the developers or fear. So although the money is still tight, but the record source of investment has been looking for new projects. "

"Not long ago, Yang Guoqiang invested in Changzhou, a company called Renaissance, as the optical, mainly to do LED lighting." These sources, the project is located in Changzhou Wujin High-tech Zone, with registered capital of up to $ 40,000,000, the total investment plans of about 1.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Present, due to energy saving in the national industrial policy is an important position in national and provincial plans have introduced LED industry, making this emerging industry developed rapidly.

"The record source select development of LED industry, mainly on account of this new industry, yet no real giant, a larger space for development. From the capital investment point of view, but also in a position to control the range. In addition, policy support is also a very important aspect. rebuffed oil from coal can be seen, the government has strictly controlled the industry, private enterprises would like to insert in, just be prohibitively difficult. "the source said," to the operation of LED projects Chen Chong investigated number of cities, first Chinese and the northern city, was chosen after careful consideration in the Changzhou plant. "

"Great heat of traditional light sources, and less efficient. The LED is a typical cold light, less heat, photoelectric conversion rate and therefore energy." One industry expert explained, LED industry, is speaking from the future attractive, but domestic companies into the industry, more and more intense competition began.

"Oil from coal prior to the acquisition of TVB, to now the LED, can be seen, Yang Guoqiang seeking diversification, strong determination to spread the risk of real estate. This shows that the big developers and policy for the current real estate market environment is quite confused. "Bai Hongwei, an analyst said the gold, but they are not familiar with to make a transition area is not easy. In addition, fighting on several fronts at the same time will certainly involve a lot of energy, the results for the Country Garden diverse transition remains to be seen.

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