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STMicroelectronics: profound knowledge to build MEMS overlord

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"We use 8-inch wafer MEMS device has continued for years, and IS80C32-40PL datasheet and many of our competitors are only the beginning of this year to upgrade production capacity." STMicroelectronics, Greater China Division, analog and IS80C32-40PL price and sensor technology marketing manager Wu Weidong, recently In an interview with EEWORLD all proud of Road telephone interview. According to Yole Developpement

Investigation Agency recently released the 2008 ranking of MEMS market, STMicroelectronics climbed one place to third. In the Yole MEMS market in 2008s Top winners were, STMicroelectronics was ranked in the first place, the report pointed out that, thanks to the sound development of the consumer market, STMicroelectronics MEMS rapid business growth, annual revenue has doubled to 2 billion U.S. dollars.


The past few years, MEMS market has been Hewlett-Packard (HP) of the inkjet head and IS80C32-40PL suppliers and TI (Texas Instrument; TI) digital light processing (Digital Light Processing; DLP) projector control, and applications are limited to the list machines, projectors, automotive and industrial production process control. Wu Weidong said, was despite the advanced technology products, but because of the higher threshold, the scale effect does not show, the price is not suitable for expanding the field of consumer electronics.

Past two years, the decline in the automobile industry, automotive electronics, also suffered a blow. According to iSuppli company data show that in 2008 global vehicle production fell 6.6%, automotive ME MS market is therefore decreased by 8.5% to 1.6 billion. However, in the consumer market, with the Wiis hot, and the popularity of iPhone, interactive entertainment has become the mainstream. By MIG (MEMS Industry Group) organized by the MEMS Executive Congress in 2008, the market research firm that Bourne Research portable media players and mobile phones will become the main growth MEMS, and by 2012, almost all consumer electronics products, will contain at least one MEMS chip.

If continued growth in the consumer electronics market is external, then the last two years STMicroelectronics internal strength from the rapid growth of continuous research and development. Wu Weidong frankly, STMicroelectronics is only ten years ago began to enter the field of MEMS research and development, the real unknown is the recent 4-5 years time. "Our strategy is very clear positioning for the consumer to a good price as the advantages."

MEMS with other semiconductor industry, as in a situation similar products before, the scale is the biggest difference. Wu Weidong MEMS technology itself is not talking about high end of the main advantages of the product package, low power consumption, high reliability, very suitable for consumer fields. "Production capacity from one million a month to ten million and then to fifty million, during our experience of mass production is very important."

Addition, including the product line diversity, accurate and efficient technical support, applications, sales network and market impact of MEMS awareness all become factors to market, STMicroelectronics for China, also launched for China of MEMS devices. Wu Weidong that in China, the largest mobile phone market acceleration sensor, for, ST introduced a dual-chip LIS33DE and LIS35DE two products, both MTK platform for the acceleration sensor, the current situation, MTK platform has become a mobile phone One of the main platform, STMicroelectronics MEMS technology makes mobile phones in general can have a personalized design.

"Look at the past few months, several million units per month, well-known brand manufacturers, design companies and foundries have used." Wu Weidong more positive level of market acceptance, "the customer survey, STMicroelectronics acceleration sensors in the field of mobile phone market share reached a four percent or so. "Extensive expansion of

from Bourne Research analyst Marlene Bourne is expected in 2009 is facing the MEMS market, the first time a narrow range of growth, and because of "possible" 18 months slowdown in consumption growth, will only provide important solutions to the marketplace.

"From the price point of view, the acceleration sensor of this years prices fell by nearly half last year, down from last years 1.5-2 U.S. $ 1 the following year. This acceleration sensor for the price level of popularity, it has been not so much as in the past to form a barrier. "Yole even been evaluated as" excellent ", ST Wu Weidong, including himself, have begun to have a sense of crisis.

Prices fell to a certain extent reflects the MEMS market situation today, more and more companies involved in creating a market imbalance between supply and demand. "Especially with the popularity of the processing mode, the sensor must be more and more intense market competition." Wu Weidong said, "Although the market is large, but not this year, as usual exponential growth of automotive electronics has been cold, and consumer markets not the same as before the optimistic forecast. "

But Wu also stressed that, MEMS market is still living space, but requires companies to expand aggressively applied. Currently STMicroelectronics has developed a two-axis gyroscope and accelerometer sensors market is also the same strategy, by highlighting the cost-effective universal application. In addition, the level has been launched vehicle acceleration sensor, and four companies have received this product. Since the beginning

STMicroelectronics MEMS market really involved in the Chinese market, have been to focus on the development partners and developing business models. "After all, we re-shipped, the market no matter how high ranking, but too many customers in China, it is impossible to satisfy every needs are." Wu Weidong wants to use third-party partners, distributors or providers of value added MEMS force of expansion, "through good partnership to develop products that customers need." Wu said a number of game providers often, UI developers to introduce users to help

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