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Stage of hybrid integrated circuits into China should accelerate the development of SOP

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Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics Components Branch Wang Ruiting

Now moving into the international system to hybrid integrated circuit chip, micro sensors, micro actuators and MD82C55A/B datasheet and integrated passive components external film, set microelectronics, photonics technology, MEMS (microelectromechanical system) technology and MD82C55A/B price and Nano-technology in one system package (SoP) phase.

a multi-function SOP products

The development trend of electronic products are highly integrated, high performance and MD82C55A/B suppliers and high reliability, and as technology improves the products "light, thin, short and small" to a new level. Active device experienced by the tubes, transistors, small-scale integrated circuits, the size of integrated circuits, large-scale integrated circuits and ultra large scale integrated circuit stage, and now realized the system-on-chip (SoC), verify the Moores Law, "every 18 months the number of transistors on a chip integrated circuits increased by 1 times "prophecy. Passive components is also a wire from a plug-in component form to the non-lead surface mount small form of development.

System real small package

Hybrid integrated circuit is a small, high-performance and highly reliable means of interconnection packages. We called it the second integration of domestic, meaning in semiconductor monolithic integrated circuit, based on the realization of external passive components, including integration, including mixed. Hybrid integrated circuits, with the development of semiconductors and integrated circuits developed. It has gone through a similar course of development and the semiconductor. With the expansion of semiconductor integrated circuits, hybrid integrated circuits experiencing small-scale IC (integrated circuit) of the hybrid circuits, integrated large-scale and ultra large scale integrated circuit multi-chip module (MCM), integrated system-on-chip 3D stacked package assembly system (SIP) and other stages. Now, the international hybrid integrated circuit is entering the system-on-chip, micro sensors, micro actuators and integrated passive components external film, set microelectronics, photonics technology, MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology and nano-technology in one of the System in Package (SoP) phase.

In many cases, the development of the IC to follow Moores Law only 10% of a system, and the remaining 90% are assembled in one or two printed circuit boards, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, antennas, filters and switches these discrete passive components, they are still there. To achieve a real need to go a step further miniaturization, the use of System in Package (SoP) to achieve real small. SoP beyond Moores Law, it micrometer IC and discrete components with a thin film, will be buried in a variety of components in a new package in a very small, so that from the handheld system into a multi-functional capabilities to megabytes equipment. SoP has not only been developed for wireless communications, computing and entertainment devices, coupled with the sensor, it can be used to detect various substances (toxic and nontoxic), including the surrounding environment, foods and chemicals in the body. The technology to solve 90% of the system is not part of the volume of integration issues (the so-called 90% of the problem).

SoP technology represents a completely different system construction method. It reduces the volume of printed circuit boards clumsy and save a lot of components so that they almost disappeared. In fact, SoP integration of new systems established law. Some people call it the second law of electronics. This new law is: As the device size reduction and the disappearance of printed circuit boards, where component density in a SoP increased by about 1 times per year, while the number of system functions within the package will be the same percentage increase. This, SoP technology in the system miniaturization than just dealing with the number of transistors on IC chip, Moores Law a greater role and influence.

Georgia Institute of Technology since 1993, proposed the concept of SoP, they and the United States, Japan, Korea and Europe, more than 100 electronics companies to cooperate in this regard, including AMD, Asahi, Ericsson, Ford, Hitachi, IBM , Intel, Matsushita, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and TI, among others. In addition, more than 70 engineers, researchers came to them as a visiting Research Center SoP package and its application.

Date, at least 50 companies involved in the SoP technology, its application to the automotive, computer, consumer electronics, military electronics and wireless communications. The research center also many tests for many companies to build prototype analog, digital, RF, optical and sensor components built into a single package to form different combinations.

Of our country should as soon as possible SoP

Hybrid integrated circuit industry in China from the mid 20th century, starting 60, after 40 years of development, from small to big, so far, already have a certain amount of research, development and production capacity, products have been in the aviation , aerospace, ships, weapons, communications, radar, electronic warfare, and power electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other consumer electronic products are widely used.

However, the technical level, the basic domestic hybrid integrated circuits for small and medium scale integrated circuits is still in the secondary development of hybrid integrated circuits integrated middle-class stage. From the 90s of last century, with the support of the national scientific research projects, a number of research institutes and factories to carry out a multi-chip components research, has achieved preliminary results, in some key projects received preliminary applications. However, technical level and advanced level there is a gap. So far, hybrid integrated circuits for the latest SIP and SoP product development stage, the domestic hybrid integrated circuit industry is still not systematic in their planning and research.

However, as SoP based microelectronics technology, MEMS technology, nano-electronics technology, materials technology, in the planning of other projects have been a number of units under the domestic research, and have achieved certain results. Some micro-system technology in the country engaged in micro systems research institute has begun to study and hybrid integrated circuit industry, but there is not much contact. This is the centralized domestic resources as soon as possible to promote the development of microsystem packaging industry, catch up with the advanced level is detrimental Shijie.

For hybrid integrated circuit industry itself, we have the advantage of a collection of different technical advantages of the existing one, the hybrid integration, to achieve optimal performance and reliability. Without looking, do not see us in terms of micro hybrid integrated circuit package system, the responsibility of the industry and the urgency of taking action, the future must also lag behind the international advanced level. Therefore, the industry related enterprises and research institutes should be commenced immediately in the field of research and development and exploration of SoP.

Expert opinion

Thinking and recommendations of the Development of SoP

Hybrid integrated circuit technology is essentially a highly integrated, high performance and high reliability interconnect packaging technology. It is in the miniaturization of electronic products in the process plays an important role. Monolithic integration of semiconductor integrated circuits along the Moores Law road map that rapid progress. However, Moores Law only to monolithic integrated circuit transistor density predicted, although very important, but with the words of Professor Tummala Georgia Institute of Technology, only 10% of the system to solve the problem. 90% of total system volume of large passive components and circuit boards to rely on a small hybrid integration of technology solutions, and this is what we today call the SoP technology.

As technology advances, the inevitable result is that the integration of systems and components, the integration of various technologies. SoP to achieve system integration package, and promote the continuous miniaturization of electronic products, so that the field of system in package "super Moores Law" a reality, the strength of a unit alone is not enough. Need the support of the national comprehensive strength needed in various industries in coordination.

SoP technology in China in order to promote the popularization and application, the following recommendations:

1. By the state planning system to make the packaging industry, the establishment of major projects, given enough financial support, coordination of domestic hybrid integrated circuit research and development unit, the whole unit, micro-system research unit, and materials research units collaborative research team.

2. Domestic hybrid integrated circuit industry, the micro-system packaging factory by the realization of strategic objectives as one of their own, to research, personnel and equipment to plan, take the initiative and the system unit, MEMS and nanotechnology research and development unit collaboration, composed of Combination of the research team. Strive to achieve a breakthrough and become the main force of micro-system packaging.

3. CLP China Yuan Union Institute regularly organizes electronic hybrid integrated circuit research and development unit, micro-systems research and development unit, MEMS and nanotechnology research and development unit of the technical exchanges, to break the trade barriers and promote trade integration and cooperation.

4. Accelerate the domestic semiconductor industry, materials industry and the equipment industry. Hybrid integrated circuit technology is a secondary means of integration, is based on semiconductor integration technology, materials technology based, dependent on the production and testing equipment, only the domestic semiconductor integrated circuit industry, materials industry and the equipment industry achieved great progress , hybrid integrated circuit industry will be based on strong domestic industrial base, access to greater and faster development.

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