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Survey: LCD panel backlight LED 3 times the amount of increase in 3 years

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LCD panel backlight LED According to market research firm DisplaySearch

analysis, the light-emitting diode (Light emitting diodes, LED) is applied quickly Notebook PC notebook computer panel, while the LCD TV panels also have a good chance that last year has about 8 billion global LED, is applied to the LCD panel backlight. 2012, LED backlight will be more widely applied to 1-inch to 70-inch LCD display, then the global source for LED backlighting liquid crystal displays use a few pieces will be up to 34 billion, representing growth of more than 300 in 2008 %.

DisplaySearch uses the latest LED backlight LCD display for the report that the global LED shipments in 2008 total 700 million units, the application of the display areas are outdoor LED billboards and MAX4614EUD datasheet and LCD panel backlight. Which, LED outdoor advertising in 2008, about 10.9 billion used in LED, LED shipments accounted for about 15%. LCD panel backlight consumes a total of 8,000,000,000 LED, estimated to account for the proportion of 11% of all LED shipments. LED backlight 5, the main use of major application, namely, small size, Notebook PC, desktop monitors, industrial monitors, and MAX4614EUD price and high-end LCD TV and MAX4614EUD suppliers and so on.

With LED billboards and LCD backlight rapid growth, DisplaySearch predicts that by 2012 the global LED shipments will reach 1
670 billion units of which used in display areas The LED, light up outdoor billboards to 24 billion, LCD backlighting will reach 34 billion more, for a total weight of all LED shipments 34.7%

Cost structure at the same time, thermal management, and the luminous efficiency and so on to consider various factors, the low-current LED products will also become large-size LED backlight of the mainstream. As for the use of more than 350 mA high-power LED products, due to the limited heat dissipation will be the main lighting applications. According to the report

DisplaySearch predicts that by 2012, the global dimensions of 10 inch and above LCD display, LED backlight module used in the total number to over 368 million units, compared with 14.1 million units in 2008, substantial growth of 25 times. LED backlight technology from the point of view then, the side light LED (side-view) can do ultra-thin design, the backlight will be leading small and medium size market. The 10-inch size and above will be used mainly straight-type LED (top-view) backlight design. Meanwhile, more and more laptops NB and LED-backlit LCD TV panels with estimated 2010 shipments will more than look-style LED edge-lit LED.

Individual applications, DisplaySearch estimates that in 2009 the penetration rate of LED backlighting in the NB, will reach 52% penetration in 2010 will grow to 81%. Monitor Monitor applications, LED models just started this year, but forecast 2012 will be about 31 million worldwide Monitor panel, LED backlight. LCD television, adopt LED backlighting in 2009 estimated shipments of 360 million units, accounting for approximately 3% share of LCD TVs, but in 2010 the LED models shipments will grow to 1,500 million units, a market share of 10%.

Which include Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio and LG, and so television leader, will be in the second half to improve use of LED backlighting. DisplaySearch said the main reason is the direct type backlight LED light source is converted to edge-type structure, significantly improve the cost structure. LED backlighting

trend in response to a rapid and robust, whether through investment in existing companies or newly established LED manufacturers, almost all panel makers are actively involved in activities. DisplaySearch believes that Nichia and Toyota Gosei as a patent protection and customer relationships, estimated at 3 years, will remain in the field of blue and white light LED, the market development.

However, Samsung LED, Stanley, Citizen, Showa Denko, Seoul Semiconductor and OSRAM, etc., will also gradually enter the LCD TV backlight market. In addition, Taiwanese manufacturers such as Lite-On Lite-Branch (2301), Chi Mei Optoelectronics (3009) Kellets Chi-Mei Lighting, Lighthouse, billion light (2393) Everlight, etc., will also move toward the low end of the market.

In terms of outdoor advertising, DisplaySearch estimates that in 2009 LED production value will reach $ 1,000,000,000 in 2012 have the opportunity to grow to 1.5 billion. As the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games made a very good demonstration of LED applications, it is estimated the next few years, events like this will be the main growth LED outdoor advertising power.

DisplaySearch vice president of cum key materials company director Yoshio Tamura pointed out that because the green LED display with low power consumption to meet the requirements of performance can make the color more perfect, and other characteristics of products to thin, so that LED TFT LCD industry to become a new bright spot. In addition, LED TFT-LCD applications in LED also bring a broader space for development, and enhance the application of LED technology. Therefore, LCD and LED two industry interaction can be regarded as an important future development projects in the electronics industry.

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