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TRI: LCD TV LED Backlight strong growth dynamics for the new bright spot

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According to Topology Research Institute (TRI) observed by the global financial turmoil, LCD TV (LCD TV) industry chain manufacturers such as brand factories, assembly plants, parts manufacturers, for the beginning of 2009, total shipments of LCD TV misgivings, the actual observation of 2009 global LCD TV shipments in the first quarter, compared with the same period in 2008, still produce 30% annual growth rate of success, suggesting that the main reason is that consumers in mature markets the time to be at home longer, and CD4051BM96 datasheet and LCD TV demand in emerging markets continued to surge. Photo by Topology Research Fellow

dimensional representation, quarter by quarter as demand for LCD TV warming, the global LCD TV shipments are expected from the second quarter of 2009, quarter by quarter rose to 2,701.6 million 3,740.3 million in the fourth quarter; the LCD TV market is expected to exceed the first half hot, LCD TV shipments are expected in the second half growth will be slightly slowed down, reduced to 11% to 14%.

Overall, Topology that the full year 2009, LCD TV up to 121 million units, compared with 1.03 million units in 2008 showed positive growth, while the three kinetic energy, including LCD TV price declines of up to three percent of consumers at home entertainment and CD4051BM96 price and Chinas domestic market demand to increase more than expected; The new highlight aspects of the market, Zhang also pointed out by Victoria, LED backlight TV will be the market opportunity, as China works to promote the brand of LED TV parity, related to the Chinese, as firms can LED TVs best to enter the market.

2008 ~ 2009, the first quarter of the fourth quarter of the global LCD TV Season shipments
(Source: Topology Research Institute, 2009/06)

LCD TV replaced a large space into the largest market in China in 2011

The permeability of view, the 2008 global LCD TV penetration rate of only 13%, is expected to 1.74 billion units are still available for TV LCD TV instead. For developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Europe, analysis, LCD TV penetration rate is still 30% below the expected steady growth in shipments in 2009; and CD4051BM96 suppliers and the emerging LCD TV market penetration of less than 10% growth rate will be higher than the developed countries. From the point of view, if

shipments, LCD TV shipments in North America is still as high as 27.4% of the share, won the first quarter of 2009, the global shipment share of first place in regional, Western Europe and China is based on 24.1% and 18.5% placing him second and third, by Victoria Chang said, the North American plate, according to the global LCD TV market leadership will continue to 2010, the Chinese market by leaps and bounds in recent years, the off-season still see the trend growth expected in 2011 have the opportunity to challenge North America as the worlds largest LCD TV market.

The mainland China market and are becoming increasingly close interaction between Taiwanese businesses by Chinese brands from international manufacturers and OEMs double chance, LCD TV shipments in 2009 expected to reach 2,375 million units, annual growth rate of 25% cent of the global share of 19.7%. Which the first four foundries, including TPV, Amtran, Wistron, Compal, Taiwan LCD TV shipment growth driving force; Photo by Victoria pointed out that the four major Taiwan foundry plant will include 72% of LCD TV shipments the next assembly plant in Taiwan will ship more obvious trend of centralization.

LED backlight TV bright spot for the new trend toward parity

In the LCD TV market, price declines of up to three percent of the pressure, the global LCD TV brands for the sake of market dominance and profit margins, the layout of all new products actively, in addition to 240Hz, with a BD function ,14-bit PixELPure 5G video chip , Ultra Slim, support USB2.0 and heating equipment, but for the most LED TV market expectations. According to statistics

topology, LCD TV brands in 2009 launched a total of 22 LED TV, the Samsung the most active, up to 8. From 2007 till now, two years prices have fallen sharply white LED light source of about 150 to 210 U.S. dollars, led edge-lit LED backlight models rapidly increase the proportion of TV, and panel makers Samsung, LGD, AU Optronics, Chi Meis positive input, LED TV has driven towards parity with the dimensions of centralization trend. Photo by Victoria

that the parity of LED TV market to promote the greatest pressure will come from the active participation of the Chinese brands. Chinas Hisense launched as 42-inch and 55 inch LED TV in the price 37% cheaper than the Samsung 42%, while China brand factories TCL, Skyworth, Konka, and the second half will also be launched LED TV.

Perspective on the current situation of market competition, LED TV sales in China no patent issues, the next LED TV sales in China is expected to grow substantially.

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