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Taiwans Topology: the second half to lead the industry growth of domestic demand in China

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Topology Research Institute (TRI) pointed out that with the Chinese government policy of expanding domestic demand activation of 4 trillion, and PCM1754DBQR datasheet and the "home appliances", "TM", "energy-saving products Waste Management", "Top Ten Industry Promotion Plan "the implementation of such schemes, in February of this year before stalling in danger of the Chinese economy has played a bad vibration function, the overall effect, emerging in the first quarter.

TRI said that since March this year, from the amount of exports, retail sales of social consumer goods, urban fixed asset investment, manufacturing PMI index has gradually warmed see signs of the Chinese domestic consumer market will lead the recovery key. TRI researcher Zhang Ruihua that, 3G, LCDTV, NB / Internet, LED, and PCM1754DBQR price and automotive electronics will be the second half of this years top five highlights of the Chinese IT industry, although the financial turmoil, but the strength of domestic demand with strong action and PCM1754DBQR suppliers and substantial government support, Xu still brought good business opportunities.

3G service activation, customers tens of millions of breakthrough

With Chinas telecom industry restructuring and the issuing 3G licenses, Chinas three major telecom operators and gradually expand the network terminal equipment provisioning tender in May this year, China Mobiles TD-SCDMA, China Telecom, China Unicoms CDMA2000 and WCDMA have switched activate the pilot business services, China will officially enter the second half of the first year of 3G services.

TRI estimates, policy support and industry in full sprint, the 2009 China 3G subscribers have the opportunity to break million mark, came to 1,340 million scale, but also 3G mobile phones will reach 1,300 million units in sales. Currently, there are many mobile phone equipment manufacturers in Taiwan to join TD Union, including Inventec, BenQ and HTC, CDMA and WCDMA in Taiwan also have their own input, such as HTC cell phone purchase order has been China Telecom, the future will 3G market opportunities for further cooperation.

Chip parts, mobile phone chip market share in China over Qicheng of MediaTek, in collaboration with Datang Telecoms TD-chip solution ahead of the pack; VIA also strengthen technical cooperation with China Telecom to upgrade CDMA2000 handsets and VIA in Internet competitiveness and opportunities. In addition, the brand manufacturers in Taiwan and China Internet carriers have become increasingly close co-operation, such as China Unicom and Acer, Acer and MSI with China Mobile, China Telecom with Asus and Acer, and BenQ, telecommunications terminal equipment manufacturers tied to catch about the ride, both for brand extensions, or 3G terminal equipment driven telecommunications services, will reach a win-win situation.

2009 highlights of the second half of the Chinese market focus: 3G services after another commercial (Topology Research Institute, 2009/06)
bullish continue, China LCDTV market is stable Growth

2009 LCDTV market, good news in the second half continued in China, in addition to the festive season, the TV gradually activate the countryside and extend the implementation in the country, another wave of trade-brewing sales thrust into the city sky. The current upper limit of the countryside has increased prices to 3,500 yuan, the second half of the main dimensions are changed by the 26-inch 32-inch, plus LCDTV prices continued to decline, will stimulate sales growth and accelerate LCDTV CRTTV the substitution effect. Therefore, Topology Research Institute estimates that in 2009 China LCDTV market will reach 2,100 million units in sales performance, growth of 53.8% compared to 2008, Chinas rural marketing system to take shape, the foreign-funded enterprises also took the opportunity to re-card position.

Makers in Taiwan, the upstream industry and the end products of the complement, and promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation; machine and brand factory due to the policy of large home appliances chain channels to reduce the need, AOC (SINS / AOC) In the two rounds of bidding are Capture the Flag color TV, BenQ LCDTV with 5 bid, the successful grab opportunities. In the panel, the Chinese brand TV transfer to the procurement center in Taiwan, the current market share has surpassed five as far thrown South Korea in the post, AUO and Chi Mei Optoelectronics to benefit significantly; other components industry Zheyi rain stick, such as the LCD driver ICs wonders, Novatek and control IC for MediaTek, Morningstar can share pie.

The Internet, commercial NB blessing, the Chinese market gradually warmer NB

With the economy back to temperature, expand the scope of the National Computer to the countryside and the "TM" subsidies blessing, is expected to restart in the second half of the companies IT product procurement plans are expected. The Chinese Government is to "protect eight" macro-control targets, government departments and state-owned enterprises are expected to gradually open the NB orders, NB main light commercial, life, mainstream price of 4,000 to 6,000 yuan, will be the second half of the important consumer engine . Topology Research Institute that the 2009 sales will top the Chinese NB million units, an increase of 25% of 1,130 million units in size. In addition to the commercial NB

outside, through the brands, channels and telecom operators to jointly promote, market acceptance of the Internet in this rapid rise, custom and non-custom, are all very brisk; cottage access to the shipment, At present the export share of about 1:2, the next three years, domestic sales channels will be activated, is expected to gradually than export. Taiwan can sway in this arena is also a considerable space, Acer is now 21 bid computer products to the countryside, there are 27 models ASUS; both with MSI, BenQ custom Internet in 3G, it also has some permeability; massive amount of tens of millions of units, but also triggered a Taiwan OEM / ODM contract manufacturing and component procurement opportunities.

City ten thousand ten, the Chinese LED demand triple jump

LED has been one of the Chinese government focus on promoting the project, from 2009 to 2015 for a period of seven years of Chinas "city of ten thousand ten" project planning, and has been including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Ningbo, 21 urban applications, the future needs of each LED nearly 4 billion. Topology Research Institute assessment of the Chinese LED market in 2009 grew 61.96% to reach 74.5 billion yuan, will be completed by the end of more than 1.4 million LED lights, watching 2.5 million in 2010, and 2015 extended to 30% of the general expectation lighting market, the scale of up to 5,000 billion yuan.

Two sides jointly announced the LED has six-point consensus, hope to establish normal industry communication and cooperation mechanisms, to build a chain of LED lighting industry, and industry alliances, join the city ten thousand 』『 ten pilot projects. And also will be a total configuration of R & D, construction of LED lighting patent portfolio and intellectual property rights reciprocity mechanism and working mechanism of the development of standardized testing and industry standards and verification platform. This LED-related industry in Taiwan, it is very clear release has considerable investment value.

Rebound in Chinas automobile market contrarian, electric vehicles and components needs Wang

Depot in the United States repeatedly passed temporary closure of crisis, Chinese auto sales have repeated success, with the automotive industry revitalization plan and subsidy policies, and in March released the car to the countryside to promote the activation, the first quarter of 2009, Chinas auto sales (2.6 million) for the first time surpassed the United States (2.2 million), the largest automobile market. Therefore, for the automotive components and automotive electronics industries to strong demand, the overall business not only come directly from the OE market, after sales service is also expected to be long-term benefit.

Taiwans auto parts and automotive electronics manufacturers layout of the Chinese market has long been Jieyou production facilities throughout the country, in addition to the traditional plastic, sheet metal parts and tires, the vehicle safety system in the same cause and the king of electric vehicles, vehicle information and entertainment systems ELEGANT and route Yan, body systems and Delta, Central Power and so on, are in the Chinese auto market niche that the future car to the countryside after the needs of automotive electronic equipment, gearing up to meet. Zhang Ruihua

Topology Research Institute researcher believes that more and more important in the Chinese domestic market development trends, the absence of Taiwan enterprises do not have the conditions, opportunities for Taiwans IT industry will focus on the panel, IC, the Internet and the LED above One panel is expected to improve cross-strait relations and China catch the LCDTV alternative wave to become the preferred sourcing industry in China. A series of Taiwanese manufacturers in China to expand domestic demand, should seize the opportunity to seek appropriate entry point, through the cross-strait consultation and collaboration platform, cross-strait division of labor play a complementary mechanism, not only in the foundry and components procurement to Exhibition Director more should be regarded as the Chinese domestic market into the training in Taiwan where the brand.

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