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VIA United won five of the cottage online orders into the telecommunications

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On the desktop side by Intel and IR2133S datasheet and AMD VIA suppressed for nearly a decade, in October last year, chose a "non-mainstream" of the road, the establishment of GMB Union (Open Mobile Platform Strategic Alliance), attack cottage access to this market .

"It is because of the success of GMB Union, the current VIA processor, the netbook market (including the brand and IR2133S price and white box) of the share of over a third." June 12, VIA Wenchi Chen, general manager, said, "GMBs General achievements, VIA 2009, market focus is to increase cooperation with mainstream OEM manufacturers efforts to break Intels monopoly barriers to mainstream x86 processors in the full open market situation. "

Wenchi Chen made the remarks really have enough clout in the June 2 opening of the worlds second largest in Asia, "Taipei International Computer Show" on, based on the VIA Nano (Nano) platform, Lenovo Netbook was put on the stand, Samsung and IR2133S suppliers and Tsinghua Tongfang were also based on the VIA Nano processor platform launched 12-inch and 13-inch netbook. And another PC giant Dell, it is the release of its new VIA Nano processor, low power servers, cut into the $ 400 the following low-cost server market.

"With Lenovo, Dell agreed cooperation is achieved, following VIA HP, Samsung, Tsinghua Tongfang processor brand PC Factory orders, re-brand customers in the first-line access to important breakthrough." Chen Wen-chi said the deal with VIA Nano brand PC devices will be listed in the third quarter, a lot, now includes Acer, Toshiba, Sony and other PC makers as well as domestic Great Wall, here, also are interested in new products to consider VIA, VIA will also take in the Internet Intel to dominate the situation in the field of the first to break into the mainstream x86 processors.

Together cottage online

"Not very many people used computers, not everyone needs the graphics card and Blu-ray disc player." VIA CPU, Asia Pacific vice president Huang Yi family believes it is the lead from the field in the Internet MediaTek white card phone strategy to help find effective market VIA breakthrough, "only pushed the first domino piece, it can get inside the circle is the Intel monopoly." Huang Yi-house call

DRAMeXchange research data that the cottage this year, the Internet will reach 400 million units shipped, an increase of 60%. Internet prediction about this years global notebook PC market to 20.6%, of which the cottage online about 8% of the global Internet. This is a group of data can not be ignored.

Huang Yi family also recognized in a variety of channels, with the resumption of supply of Intel, VIA in the cottage of the market share has declined. In the fourth quarter, VIA cottage occupied almost 80% of the Internet market share. However, Huang Yi family, said the development of the VIA GMB Union members have more than 100 this year, the next focus is to strengthen the products and services, and access to more mainstream brand PC vendor support.

Home based on the description of Huang Yi, the current members of the GMB Union, launched the Internet this can be described as fascinating and charming: the basis of professional business people, do not use computers, children, different ethnic groups, tailored to the most suitable device, the hardware specifications will no longer is the only measure.

Addition, Huang Yi family also revealed that since July 1, the VIA GMB Union, formally introduced the service industry model links, Blue Express will be the first to join the GMB Union, service enterprises, as the GMB Union, third-party end-products service. Intel dominates the circle


"The current market of hard times, we certainly hope to have a good product to choose." Lenovos consumer notebook business-related, told reporters that the association between internal hopes of pushing the product to restore the decline, and therefore decided to use the VIA Nano platform .

Dell consumer business, a senior also privately pointed out that the current situation from the point of view, 12-inch netbook will be the next wave of the Internet mainstream. Intel in this market segmentation strategy specification is currently very contradictory, good value for money Atom (Atom) platform is limited to less than 10 inches of the Internet to do this for more than 10 inches CULV (consumer-level Ultra Low Voltage processor) worse off than cost-effective platform.

"VIA processor is now used to break the deadlock in this market the only way to clear if the 12-inch Internet instinctively push up the shipment online, will set off a boom in the industry to follow up. When the company asked Intel to relax the back hand Atom platform restrictions or cost-effective platform to enhance CULV, bargaining chips will more. "The Dell executives said.

HP vice president and China (including Hong Kong) Zhang Yongli, general manager of HPs Information Products Group, points out that 12-inch thin and light notebooks There are two major consumer groups, first, business people, one fashion. The emergence of the Internet, business people has not been much impact on the market, but the fashion market was affected by a lot. Many consumers, especially women fashion crowd is not too much focus on performance, so he turned to the Internet.

"In order to meet the needs of users and the market, PC makers are also increasingly need to have more different options, it is not determined by the Intel one." VIA CPU Wu, director of product marketing division hope that billion, Intel deal device in the share of the notebook computer 90%, in order not to affect a new product to existing products, it is very difficult. And want to expand this new product, and then let competitors come in, but at the same time able to maintain its gross margin, the more difficult.

"So Intel to artificially create some limits, or their products is very easy to commit to the water wells, but this is the essence of relying on its monopoly restrict competition in the market, the result is the lack of difference between PC vendors and competitive, end-users can not get more personalized, more cost-effective products. "Wu million hope said.

This, the Intel Mobile Products spokesman Chen Peijie explanation is that Intel does not limit the size of the Internet, but PC manufacturers recommend 10 inches or less create the Internet this product, because the design of the Internet is greater than 10 inches beyond the the Atom Atom own performance will lead to a bad user experience.

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