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Wenxue Li: seize the opportunity to revitalize the electronic components industry

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"Electronic information industry restructuring and LT1495CS8 datasheet and revitalization plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") has officially announced the "plan" put forward, the next three years, the electronic information industry should focus on computers, electronic components such as the revitalization of the nine key areas of expansion . Government support measures will be introduced in seven areas, for three years to ensure stable development of electronic information industry, speed up structural adjustment, promote industrial upgrading. Plan within three years of electronic information industry GDP contribution to the growth of not less than 0.7 percentage points. Chinas electronic information industry is one of the top ten industrial revitalization program. Chinas electronic information industry to address the long-term development, "planning" to determine the revitalization of the nine key areas, namely computers, electronic components, audio-visual products, integrated circuits, new display components, software, communications equipment, information services, information technology application; in the next three years to ensure that computers, electronic components, audio-visual products, steady growth in three key industries, breaking integrated circuits, new display devices, the software industry, the key three core technology, communications equipment, information services, information technology applications cultivate new growth point areas.

Electronic components are included revitalization of the field of nine, but also was included in three key industries, shows that the Government of the electronic components industry attention. As in the components industry for many years the work of people, both excited and LT1495CS8 price and deeply felt responsibility. Chinas electronic components industry is currently in the electronic manufacturing industry ranks second only to computer manufacturing. Many of our categories of electronic components production has ranked first in the world, Chinas electronic components industry in the international market and LT1495CS8 suppliers and a very important position. However, the 2008 U.S. financial crisis impact on the world economy, also spread to Chinas electronic components industry. 4th quarter of 2008, Chinas electronic components industry exports have declined sharply. Especially in December 2008, 14 major categories of electronic components 69 subclass products, the trade volume $ 6,106,000,000, compared with December 2007 down 26.02%. Total exports 3.213 billion U.S. dollars, down 23.05%, a decline of 14.52%; imports $ 2,893,000,000 total use of foreign exchange, down 29.06%, a decline of 14.05%. Q1 2009, sales of electronic components industry fell 18%, gross profit decreased 65% year on year, exports were down 30.74%. Among them, the situation of production and foreign trade in March although the better, but did not see a fundamental recovery. Released at this time "planning" is undoubtedly the electronic information industry of great inspiration, is also a great inspiration of electronic components industry. "Planning" is targeted, it caused the current financial crisis, sharp decline in external demand, the global electronic information industry to adjust the depth of the situation, take active measures to maintain steady growth of the industry. "Planning" the introduction of support measures from the seven areas, namely the implementation of measures to expand domestic demand, increase the national investment, strengthen policy support, and improve investment environment, support competitive enterprises mergers and acquisitions, and further explore the international market, strengthen the independent innovation capacity building. "Plan" put forward to speed up product upgrading of electronic components. Whole needs to give full play the guiding role of supporting the adjustment of machine components around the country the product structure, improve chip components, new power electronic devices, high-frequency frequency devices, semiconductor lighting, hybrid integrated circuits, new lithium-ion batteries, thin film solar battery and a new printed circuit boards and other products R & D capacity, initially form a complete package, mutual support system for the electronic components industry. Can be said that "planning" for the next three years, the development of electronic components points out the direction. As for the electronic components business, we must seize this opportunity for domestic and foreign markets as needed to promote technological transformation of enterprises, the establishment of innovative business enterprises. To make a realistic appreciation of their own, according to the degree the current situation when the matter the trial, to determine their future business strategy; enterprise development strategy is to cultivate the basic content of the core competitiveness, and leading product is the essence of competitiveness, innovation is competitive soul. Enterprises must enhance the technological content of products, increase the added value, and promote product upgrading of electronic components to speed up replacement. As a trade association is concerned, we must actively promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, and promote enterprises bigger and stronger, optimize the industrial structure. Market downturn, the enterprise integration of resources just a good time to cut those low economic efficiency of business uncertainty, the limited resources used for the most competitive business up; seize the opportunity to raise industrial concentration and deepen specialization, optimize the industrial division of labor model.

Components industry entrepreneurs will have to concern the development of new industries, such as: third generation wireless communications, broadband networks, triple play, high-definition terrestrial TV, mobile TV, medical information, etc. Another example is clean and renewable energy , energy-saving technologies and products, environmental products and environmental protection equipment, and energy conservation and new energy vehicles, etc., under the guidance of the national science and technology strategy related to supporting positive developments in electronic components. Whole needs to give full play the guiding role in terms of the electronic components industry is very important. The development of new machine will lead the development of new electronic components, the whole of the market strong, the electronic components market will be good. Currently, the country adopted measures to stimulate domestic demand, such as: home appliances, computers, motorcycles and cars to the countryside, the state subsidies to farmers, has achieved initial success in stimulating domestic demand; and we have been pleased to see that role is expanding . "Planning" say, accelerate third-generation mobile communication network, next generation Internet and broadband optical access network construction, development and characteristics to adapt to a new generation of mobile communication networks and mobile Internet needs of the new business, new applications to drive systems and the upgrading of the end product. Speed up the construction of 3G communications, optical cable industry is already the beneficiary of a; This year, made a three 3G licenses, 3G communication accelerated, speeding up the construction work of the base station, making the order of the communication cable industry is very full, and most of are working overtime to try to steal the contract to complete the orders. Many optical cable companies say, we did not feel the financial crisis. In fact, this is the policy of our government rescue package of measures to stimulate investment in the communications industry, brings to the electronic components business opportunities.

Third generation mobile communication network to speed up the construction industry has benefited from electronic components; the same time we also look forward to digital TV as soon as popular broadcast HD programming as soon as possible. "Planning", the "digital transformation to promote the audiovisual industry. Rich digital programming resources to promote high-definition broadcast programming." Audio-visual industry in Chinas electronics manufacturing industry is a relatively large industry, the industry can drive the development of many industries, For example, transmitter, set-top boxes, display devices, supporting components, metal and non-metallic materials. Policy measures home appliances is very good, but it can only pull low-end consumer, and this consumption will not last very long. And actively promote the transformation of digital audiovisual industry, to speed up the broadcast HD programming, not only can make people see the high-definition television programs as soon as possible, but also for a long time, driving high-end market demand, making the industry sustainable development, stimulate growth in related industries, Electronic components can lead to sustainable development. However, to pull the high-end market, they have to actively cooperate in all aspects; rely on the Ministry of Industry and electronic manufacturing efforts are not enough. Unfortunately, my digital TV terrestrial transmission standard has finally been honed through the years, it has been very slow progress in digital TV broadcasting. To high-definition flat-panel television receiver standard has long been on the market, and consumers are waiting for high-definition television programs. Therefore, we urge more high-definition broadcasting sector early broadcast television program for stimulating domestic demand and make due contributions; new electronic components for more opportunities.

I believe in the "planning" under the guidance of the lead in emerging industries, Chinas electronic components industry will be able to overcome the current difficulties, and promote product upgrading of electronic components to speed up replacement; the revitalization of the electronic components industry to meet the electronic information industry, the arrival of spring.

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