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Wuhan Optical Valley LED industry has entered a rapid development track

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Back "thoroughfare of nine provinces" information hub for strength and LTC1050CN8 datasheet and intellectual resources, the countrys third-largest bank, "Optics Valley of China" never a lack of opportunities for the development of new industries . The latest one, is the LED (light emitting diodes) the new light industries.

On the LED, Edison invented the light bulb industry as following after another man lighting the landmark invention. This energy can be transformed into optical semiconductor materials, small size, low power consumption, long life, low in calories.

LED lighting industry is a new development effort is the fourth industrial revolution the world an important part of the application of new energy revolution as the main sign. It is generally the new energy revolution, out of economic crisis as a major breakthrough.

Unlike in the past, this time, including the Wuhan Optical Valley of China, including the LED industry, the worlds major countries on the same starting line. Particularly exciting is that the "chip development - wafer production - Chip Preparation - chip package - applications" LED full industry chain is the initial shape of Wuhan Optics Valley. Opportunity in hand, Optics Valley of the "light" can be brighter? The test is the "Optics Valley of China" the ability to grasp the opportunity.

LED power-saving 80% of the "city of ten thousand ten" scale up market expectations

If not the financial crisis, such as the LED lighting industry has not yet fully mature, will not cause peoples special attention. It is because of the financial crisis, LED industry, hidden behind the broad market prospects, as well as the immediate energy savings, a strong stimulus to the market senses. Compared with traditional lighting, LED lighting can now saving 80%, the future is expected to increase to 90%. It hopes the industry, with its unparalleled advantages, the rapid phase out traditional incandescent light to create a huge domestic market.

Nature, it also plans a national focus to stimulate domestic demand in the industry. Obama shouted the United States government has been chipping away many times, the Chinese Ministry of Science and LTC1050CN8 price and the Office of National Semiconductor lighting set up only a few years to launch "Ten City, ten thousand" project, to guide major industrial development.

This raises Beijing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Harbin, Nanchang, Suzhou and LTC1050CN8 suppliers and other cities of the fierce competition. "Ten City" competition, Wuhan, time is not involved in early development speed very quickly. Wuhan Optical Valley Electronic Co., Ltd., is engaged in a high-power white LED packaging and application product development and production enterprises. Xu Jie, Technical Director, said: "Optics Valley of LED industry, the government played an important role."

2004 years ago, the Optical Valley Electronic main business is operating a wireless transmission system bus. Use the system to the LED display, sourcing from the south. At that time, LED strong market prospects for emerging trends.

Addition to electrical lights, the phone displays, computer monitors, LCD TV LED as backlight source are required; city decorated with lights, neon lights used in commercial shops , more and more inclined to replace with the LED. Traditional neon neon, power consumption is not that high-pressure tube filled with toxic gases.

Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shanghai and other places, competing for the development of LED industry, the city of Shenzhen, the industrial scale for over more than 200 million. This scenario, deeply stimulating to go visit the Optical Valley Electronic leaders and officials of the East Lake High-tech Zone.

Support in the East Lake High-tech Zone, in 2004 Optical Valley Electronic Optical Valley venture capital firms to obtain tens of millions of capital, transformation of main LED encapsulation and application. Building, East Lake High-tech Zone, Wuhan City is the first LED lights decorating the building, the lighting project to the Optical Valley Electronic commitment. 5000 in Wuhan city bus display, but also by the Optical Valley Electronic available.

Later, with LED technology continues to break the world, the light intensity gradually be overcome, be enhanced brightness, applications began to extend to the lighting field, and its inherent Province electricity, durable benefits to stand out. Wuhan Optical Valley

LED industry, from the rapid development into the period. The United States, Europe and Japan announced that out of incandescent lamps, LED lighting, a global industry focus. "From the history of LED industry point of view, Wuhan Optics Valley is entered at a higher stage." Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Di source across the Country General Manager, said.

Across the Country is the Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance experts, major U.S. electronics company AlphaPhotonics former chief scientist, R & D blue LED. In 2006, across the Country and his management team, is eager to develop the local industry in Wuhan Hi-tech LED lighting, state-owned holding group the case, to set up Wuhan Optical Valley Di source. Across the Country Team

the arrival of high-end optical valley itself is a sign of intervention LED industry. Across the Country before the arrival of the domestic LED industry has experienced two stages of development. "The first stage is the phones backlight industry; the second stage is a computer, TV LCD."

First two phases, 90 years from the last century, began to develop, Wuhan Optical Valley did not catch up. Used for lighting, LED industry is the third stage. Around 2007, Australia, Canada, the United States, the European Union, Japan and China Taiwan and other places, one after another announced plans to phase out incandescent lamps. The development of LED lighting to become the global industry focus.

Wuhan Optical Valley is at this stage, into the LED industry. Obviously, the parties are optimistic about the development of LED lighting industry in Optics Valley prospect. Di source from the composition of the total assets of 230 million yuan of view, the Ministry of Industry, Optics Valley Fund, World Fund for the United States and other institutions, have the number of expensive inputs. Ministry of Science and also in the form of projects, has invested 30 million yuan.

Optics Valley of the "light", how much market penetration

Di source product direction, is the high-power LED chip manufacturing and R & D, in the industrial chain, but also the core of the whole industry chain and the most valuable section.

Across the Country, said: "Di source has become the worlds three major professional high-power LED chip supplier, and the remaining two are the United States and the Prius Xuming . "He believes that in recent years, LED lighting technology has made breakthroughs in LED lighting market in 2009 was the first year of launch. Prior to that, because of price reasons, LED lighting not large-scale promotion.

To set up a 135-watt LED lamps, for example, the cost of 5,000 yuan. Even common household type of LED light bulbs, priced as high as 50 yuan, twenty times the ordinary light bulbs.

On the market, across the Country to judge is: "LED lighting applications, mainly in the street and other public welfare purposes. Which is part of the market, rely on government subsidies in order to form. "

He hoped that subsidies in Wuhan this year commitment to the 10,000 to 30,000 LED lights on a little share of the total as much as possible. This relatively stable sales, the companys sales this year from last years 30 million yuan to 1 million key. However, across the Country against the rapid expansion of the companys production capacity. "Not money, but can not keep up the current market demand." He said, a factory in Shandong breath ten imported the most advanced chip production equipment, now they are found to be trapped by these devices.

He said that the patient should grasp the rhythm of the market. In the LED industry, there is a "Moores Law", LED light output intensity will double about every two years, while the price will fall by half.

Across the Country believe that within two years, Di source must be able to reduce the cost of the current 1 / 4. "By then, technology is more mature, LED lighting will be widely accepted, the family will form a consumer market."

LED industry in the first two phases of lost development opportunities, the outlook for the third phase of a broader, East Lake High-tech Zone to show potential in the must posture. On the one hand, the LED lighting into the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of the important areas of development, the introduction of "light on the application of new products to promote the implementation of views"; other hand, the rewards to the new light source lighting demonstration project, the highest individual awards can reach millions of dollars.

Support universities, research institutions and enterprises, to develop high-power semiconductor white light sources, new LED lights, reducing the cost of new technology; formation of industry alliances and enhance the District in supporting collaboration, restructuring the industry chain, the formation of integrated innovation, build a smooth logistics channels.

These far-sighted policies and measures, not only stimulated the development of local enterprises, but also have a strong industry cohesion. In 2007, the United States Haishi investment 400 million yuan photovoltaic production ultra-high brightness of lighting products; the same year, Foxconn invest 100 million U.S. dollars, the construction of LED projects in the Optics Valley; 2008, Di source 2 billion investment to build the most advanced chip production base of high-power semiconductor lighting; U.S. ESLR, Jia Wei of Hong Kong and other famous enterprises, but also bring information to come.

May of this year, that time has come to East Lake High-tech Zone Optical Valley of domestic and international Introducing the LED industry. Currently, the Optical Valley in LED related products of 20 enterprises, located in the main production areas on the LED. Optics Valley has become one of the few with a complete LED industry chain one of the regions.

Last year, the Optics Valley of LED output value of 10 billion. This year, the electronics industry downturn in the overall case, LED industry, adverse economic growth, the output value is expected to more than 20 billion.

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