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News that Oracle is trying to sell Sun hardware business

Oracle senior official efforts to Sun Microsystems Inc. officials believe they like hardware. Sun once explained this to be implemented through the acquisition of open source software around its servers, storage and network collapse "redefine the industry." However, Theregister site said they saw evidence that Oracle does not change the hardware from its long-term commitment. Oracle is only a few weeks this spring raised the activities of the argument. Now, Oracle seems to no longer insist on Suns hardware business commitments. According to sources close to Oracle, said the official announcement after the acquisition of Suns intent and Sun employees to ensure that it once again after the hardware like Sun, Oracle has continued to sell to potential buyers Suns hardware business. Sources said, Oracle is Suns hardware business and the pr...
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BOJ to test equipment sufficient reason for a new leaf

Increasing living standards, social progress, the fact that people are not satisfied with the original way of life, or want to be better off than the original, so they find ways in the spiritual, material and other aspects of reform and eliminating the old, create and use the new. We can not say that this is the "grass is always greener" credit. "Grass is always greener" is often defined as people between jobs, "the mountain that looks high." However, it is precisely that we are sharp enough to new technologies. Able to do this, to meet emerging technical requirements and market demand. In the current period of economic downturn, companies are after the economic crisis for the development of a rainy day. Therefore, the use of advanced testing equipment to improve efficiency and productivity across the enterprise demand more strongly tha...
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Intel chip factory in Dalian put into operation in 2010

General manager of Intels chip plant in Dalian Ke Bijie 19 in "China International Software & Information Service Fair" on the announcement, under construction in Dalian fab (Fab 68) will use 65-nanometer process technology, this 300 mm chip plant put into operation in 2010. Intel chip plant in Dalian, a total investment of 2.5 billion, after the 1992 siting new Intel be the first chip factory is Intels first in Asia to establish 300-mm chip manufacturing plant. 65nm technology is currently approved by the U.S. government can be of the highest level of production technology. After the financial crisis, Intel announced the closure of Shanghai packaging factory, which is building the industry worry that the chip plant in Dalian have also been some impact. But Ke Bijie said the building chip plant in Dalian is not affected by the global e...
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Mobile texts from the whole network: the network has reached most of the opening index TD

Whole network in the current diagnostic tests, most of the citys TD network has reached or exceeded in the development of the open network movement indicators around the "TD network quality to enhance the General Assembly war" have moved into the closing stages, to varying degrees, into a more depth optimization. Next, even longer, more arduous work of TD network optimization, challenges remain. Present, the city built 38 TD network launched in February "TD-SCDMA network quality to enhance the General Assembly war" coming to an end, the goal of this campaign is at the end of June "TD and the GSM voice handover success rate and stable quality more than 90%, TD drop rate steady at 3%, quality of service to the existing network quality standards, the success rate of end-use applications with the existing network unchanged. " It is reported...
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LED backlight module panel market prospects

Opportunities and Challenges: Currently using LED backlight panel is mainly used in portable computers LED backlight supply chain and panel suppliers have made efforts to promote the application of LED backlight panel LED backlight panel, in addition to the challenges facing many design, material and cost is the key to whether or not universal Market data: LED backlight panel shipments in Q1 2009 amounted to 10.6 million, representing 63% growth the previous quarter, representing a substantial growth of 780% over the same period last year LED backlight large-size panel shipments in the year 2009 will reach nearly 100 million zero 4.5 million, and Q4 of this year will climb to 25% penetration Estimated 2009 notebook panel shipments in Q3, LED backlighting will exceed shipments of backlight CCFL, LED market share of 53% According to...
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Node switching costs to upgrade Moores Law was broken in 2014

Moores Law as the basis of semiconductor development scale, there are already 40 years old, but according to market research firm iSuppli expects this law will face the end of 2014, because the cost of chip manufacturing equipment obviously does not apply to smaller than 18 nm process mass production equipment. Technology breakthrough with the 18-20 nm node, the rising cost of chip manufacturing equipment, making Moores Law in the laboratory and in front of the entire semiconductor industry based economic failure. ISuppli semiconductor manufacturing research director Len Jelinek said in a statement, "In these nodes, the (semiconductor) industry will amount to the beginning of a semiconductor manufacturing tool that is not too expensive for the mass production stage, because cost is too high, the application of little value. " Moores La...
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MIT made the U.S. electronic components manufacturing technology scalable breakthrough

U.S. researchers have developed a theory and window insulation peeling off stickers similar way, precise control is expected to contribute to a scalable electronic components (stretchable electronics) manufacturing. Scalable electronic components allow electronic devices embedded in clothing, surgical gloves, electronic paper or other soft materials, but not easy to make, because the internal components of the electrical wiring will be reversed when the material is damaged. Like graphene (graphene) of such ultra-thin, flexible and resilient material, which is scalable as the ideal candidate for electronic components; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers conducted a successful term experiment, can stretch and compress the surface of the film stratification (delaminated surfaces), and to measure the bubble caused by (bl...
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Suntech PV modules built in cooperation with the UL testing laboratory

Chinas first top level of the PV module testing laboratory has been built in Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., Underwriters Laboratories (UL) grant institutions witness the test procedures in the laboratory (WTDP) certificate. This world-class, Chinas largest PV module testing laboratory located in Wuxi Suntechs headquarters. Laboratory two hours of indoor and outdoor, indoor area of 1400 square meters, the outdoor area of 7,000 square meters. Including pulse and steady-state laboratory with a solar simulator, multiple walk-in environmental test box, mechanical load, hail testing machine, EL (electroluminescence) and high-precision infrared cameras and other sophisticated detection equipment that can detect and assess the PV group Quality and performance parts for all indicators. All the laboratory equipment and testing procedures are in...
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ATLab Inc developed Resistive Multi Touch Technology

Recently, ATLab Inc announced the successful development of resistive multi-touch technology. This product is HWIT (Han wool Information, Ltd) companies use ATLab Inc. Provides sophisticated touch technology and products produced with the traditional distinction of the ITO modules. This product has resistive touch screen, and properties of low-cost advantage of more than Apple iPhone. Today, multi-touch programs are photoelectric, capacitive and resistive. One single point of photoelectric touch (Optical single touch) has to TIR (Total Internal Reflection) mode of commercialization, the optical multi-touch has been the successful development of New York University, is now used in Microsofts Tablet PC on. Resistive touch technology is a single point has been widely used in various types including the Samsung Haptic Phone Smart P...
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Inside the mysteries of 6 major industry event held soon PRD Electronics

ZTE and other major system vendors on what domestic IC demand and suggestions? GB market, what opportunities and challenges? Intel does not play, the cottage and the MID Internet how to do this, domestic IC Transcend MP3/MP, hold up the sky? Experts feel the pulse of the eight after the conclusion of the semiconductor industry and solutions for that? Hua Hong NEC, Founder Microelectronics BYD Microelectronics and why the development onto the three different models, who is more promising? 8 years later, the ministry set up a large IC design bases of 8 go? These allow the industry the focus of attention and focus are the upcoming June 25 to 26 in Shenzhen University Science Building Auditorium at the "2009 (seventh) of the Pan-Pearl River Delta demonstrate innovative applications of integrated circuits and Summit Forum" to be topic of disc...
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