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0.13-micron CMOS technology, UMC launched 192GHz VCO

United Microelectronics (UMC) today announced the adoption of its 0.13-micron RFCMOS technology have been manufactured oscillation frequency of 192GHz push-push VCO. 192GHz silicon reached a maximum oscillation frequency of the current record. The chip from the University of Florida Gan Siwei Electrical Computer Engineering of the Seoul branch of silicon microwave integrated circuit design and System Study Group, the team in June 2005 designed by UMC to produce a record set at 105GHz VCO device. voltage controlled oscillator is widely used in virtually all RF and wireless systems. Such a high frequency oscillator, for example, the UMC made by the 192GHz VCO, may allow for advanced remote sensing and imaging applications to achieve the detection of chemical substances, detection through fabric, Imaging through fog and clouds, and the dete...
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07 1.7 trillion production value of Taiwans FPD large LCD panels for the main

ITRI IEK ITIS according to statistics released plan, in 2007 Taiwans flat panel display (FPD) industry output value reached NTD 1 trillion 7,501.2 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6% in 2006. In which the output value of NTD 1 trillion panel industry 2,849.0 billion yuan, the major TFT LCD panels for large-scale industries, the output value of NTD 1 trillion about 87.03 billion yuan, compared to 2006, output increased 42%; followed by small and medium sized TFT LCD panel industry, the output value of NT 1,271.2 billion, compared to 2006, output increased 69.3%, it is the fastest growing segment of the display industry. Addition TN / STN panels NT 67.34 billion yuan industrial output value, declining by 3.6%, the TN / STN statistics over the years since the present recession, the annual output value for the first time the phenomenon. The ...
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07 Annual Report of the electronic components industry and 08 for a quarterly performance review

2007 concern 34 years, we listed the electronics industry achieved a total revenue of 54.499 billion yuan, an increase of 13.88%; net profit of 2.758 billion yuan, an increase of 1040.75%. E-plate net profit was mainly due to substantial growth in liquid crystal display sub-sectors rebound in 2007, due to significantly improved profitability. Excluding the loss of industrial vacuum devices, and volatile performance of liquid crystal display two sub-sectors, electronics segment operating income increased by 18.94%, net profit rose 21.65%, lower than the A-share market overall 25.75% of listed companies 55% revenue growth and net profit growth. 2008 first quarter, a total of Listed Companies electronic components operating income 13.636 billion yuan, an increase of 30.11%, lower than the A-share market on average 58.06% increase in net pr...
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07 Chinas electronic information industry highest in the world 5.6 trillion

2007 sales revenue of Chinas electronic information industry fifty-six thousand billion yuan, the industrial scale in the world, information on the proportion of GDP, industrial added value reached 7.9 percent. Ministry of Information Industry Economic System Reform and Economic Operation Bureau WANG Bing, deputy director, said in his speech, Chinas electronics industry maintained a rapid growth last year, but he said Chinas electronic information industry, although the highest in the world series , then it is only quite strong, in critical areas to master the core technology and independent intellectual property rights very little, the whole product key components required, electronic materials, professional equipment, instruments still need a lot of imports, the cost difference between the industry low, the profit margin is only 3.5 p...
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07 global mobile GPS navigation device shipments grew more than 1 times

According to market research firm Canalys recently published study reported that in 2007 the global mobile GPS navigation devices shipped 39 million units, compared with 16.8 million units in 2006, has more than doubled. Canalys said, smart mobile phone GPS device 2007 is the fastest growing market. The fourth quarter of 2007, dedicated portable personal navigation devices shipped 15.5 million units in 2006 to 620 million units over the same period has increased significantly. Analysts said, personal navigation device market continues to be an important factor in the success of the U.S. market. Including Garmin, Magellan, Mio, Navigon and TomTom al manufacturers, including temporary price reductions are for seasonal promotions in the United States to promote sales growth. However, despite the promotional price will allow these companie...
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07 global semiconductor sales revenue from January to November increased 3.4% year on year

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) revised the 2007 global semiconductor sales forecast, forecasting a significant correction of the error, saying the number of DRAM memory market is expected to be higher than the prediction error caused the main reason. World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) published in 2007 1 to 9 month sales data for DRAM memory market is growing. It is unclear how the WSTS or SIA appears the errors. WSTS and SIA have not explained the reason. SIA said that the revised data is November 2007 1 Zhi DRAM memory market report sales figures than the original increase of 13.5 billion U.S. dollars, which is 4.8%. Therefore, the semiconductor sales revenue over the same period the total number of reports have the same increase in the number than the original 1.35 billion, or 0.6%. Thus, in January 2007 to Nove...
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07 LCD high raw material value of the first row of backlight module

DisplaySearch TFT LCD recently published semi-annual report pointed out that the key components of raw materials cum, 2007 for the TFT LCD panel makers is a fruitful year, and thus led to the upper reaches of glass and color filters produced in the second half of 2007 the shortage, while in 2007 all the materials and key components of the vendors also have very good results. However, most materials prices continue to decline, especially the many new companies joining the field of optical thin film faced fierce price competition. Panel manufacturers in 2007 because of the amount of investment in new capacity is not high, DisplaySearch TFT LCD materials in 2008 is expected to increase only 6% more than in 2007, the overall estimated value of 550 billion dollars. Observed DisplaySearch, TFT LCD materials and components market is gradually ...
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07 new projects in electronic components distribution

2007 Nian additions to fixed assets from January to November, the electronic components industry accounted for 58.6% share compared with October 2007 decreased by 2 percentage points, electronic components industry, new fixed assets fell 21.6%, electronic device industries, an increase of 17.7%, which Optoelectronics | Laser Devices | laser devices, electrical lighting manufacturing industry growth rate of new fixed assets in about 90%. Distribution of new projects are: electronic components industry, 851 new projects, representing a 06-year increase of 53; electronic components industry, 367 new projects, representing an increase of 06 to 40, the electronic components industry is still new projects is the most concentrated areas. ...
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08 accelerated the opening of the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Globalization brand

Reporter learned from Guangzhou, June 8, 2008 to 11, Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou in 2008 to be held in Guangzhou International Lighting development. Then, will showcase cutting-edge technology in 2008 and the lighting industry and supporting the development of the situation to the lighting system solutions. The exhibition area of 86,000 square meters, from 22 countries and regions, 1,300 exhibiting companies, will gather the domestic manufacturers of lighting products and professional exhibitors. Local lighting giant Guangdong Foshan Lighting, NVC lighting, Op lighting exhibition, also will debut. It is understood that the Guangdong lighting industry as the worlds total production capacity of 60% of the large province occupying distinct advantage in the lighting industry, with the platform, the Guangzhou ...
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08 became more balanced supply and demand in the second quarter panel prices rose slightly

In accordance with international data (IDC) 2008 in the first quarter of the global large-size LCD panel demand and supply quarterly show in the first quarter in the global large-size LCD panel oversupply situation, but no huge changes in the downstream market demand, coupled with a large 08 The total size LCD panel production capacity is limited, panel supply and demand is expected to become more balanced from the second quarter. In addition, since the second half of 2008 the gap between supply and demand will rise with the expansion of the downstream market demand, it is expected that panel prices rose slightly from the second quarter and peaked in the third quarter, and in 2009 demand in the LCD TV market lead, yet to be panel plant in production capacity to fill demand gap, it is expected that the second quarter 2008 after market de...
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