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08 consumer loyalty again dominate the top Google and Samsung

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. consulting firm Brand Keys has released the rankings of consumer loyalty in 2008, the results of Google and Samsung dominate in their respective fields. Report, according to Brand Keys, in mobile phones, Samsung highest brand loyalty, which is Samsungs seventh consecutive gain the award. Ranked second to tenth place were: BlackBerry, Treo, Motorola, Nokia, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson (tied), Siemens. In the search market, Google is no doubt topped the list, Yahoo ranked second. The third to eighth, respectively, AOL, MSN, ASK, Netscape, and Altavista. ...
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08 IC design companies in Taiwan ranked the top ten released MTK total revenue and then nearly 5

Taiwan IEK the latest news, in 2008 Taiwan IC design companies top ten rankings released, MediaTek is no suspense topped the list. But worth mentioning is that, compared with 2007, his followers and MediaTek is a growing gap, MediaTeks sales and then a 5, which is second to sixth in total revenues considerable. In 2007, MediaTeks sales revenue equal to the second and third the sum of the two (see table below). (Note: Morningstar is not included in the actual announcement by the company shall prevail; Source: ITRI IEK (2009/01), as well as the company website) Taiwans IC design industry as the boss, in 2008 Q4 despite suffering from the global economic crisis, but the 2008 year is still to produce a MediaTek good. MediaTek full year 2008 net operating income of 90.4 billion Taiwan dollars 2 million yuan, 80.3 billion NT in 2007 9 million...
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08 LCD monitor market in China brewing baptism shuffle

2008 years of Chinese own-brand LCD monitor market is very difficult year, regardless of manufacturer or the channels are under tremendous pressure, the price dropped lower and lower, the market brewing reshuffle. 2008 the first three quarters, China displays its own brand market is down situation, sales reached 9,269,000 units, down 5.5%. Which sold 8,486,000 units LCD, an increase of 13.2%. Not from the distribution of the size of LCD you can see, 19 LCD ratio to 62.5%, leading the LCD market. More than 19 LCD 19 LCD and the composition of sales, accounted for the absolute mainstream widescreen LCD; 19 LCD Widescreen sales in the proportion of 90.2%; more than 19 LCD in the widescreen 97.2% share of sales. 2008 first three quarters of the market structure of Chinas own-brand monitors 2008 own brand in China in the mainstream LCD ...
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08 solar cell production accounts Jiangsu Qi Cheng

"Create a sustainable renewable energy market - the financial crisis, the development of PV industry in the context of the international seminar" recently held in Nanjing, the investment adviser from the Department learned of the energy industry, solar cells, Jiangsu Province in 2008 production accounts for 70% share of total output, a real solar largest province. In recent years, driven by leading enterprises, the rapid development of photovoltaic industry in Jiangsu Province, China in the production of scale leading force in the development of photovoltaic industry. By 2008, Jiangsu Province, Suntech has been, Changzhou Trina, Nanjing electricity six photovoltaic companies listed overseas, of which 5 to enter the world top 20, in addition to more than 280 listed companies for the photovoltaic, characteristics of the backbone enterpris...
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09 Chinese analog semiconductor market remains slow growth

IMS Research the latest market research results show that although Chinas 2009 Analog IC and the data converter market will grow sharply than in previous years, but the market will remain slow growth. Downturn in the global semiconductor industry environment, the Chinese market is particularly of concern. 2008 Chinas analog IC and data converter market amounted to 39 billion U.S. dollars (based on the invoice to date). In 2009, the market is expected to grow by 8% sales amount to 42 billion dollars in size. It should be noted that the analog IC market over the past five years, China has maintained rapid growth. From the field of consumer electronics and computers has been Chinas strong demand for analog IC market, the main driving force. However, the impact of the global financial turmoil, the demand in this area will significantly dec...
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09 International Consumer Electronics Show opened in Shenzhen

- > Yesterday morning, the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Fair (ICEF 2009) and Optical Display Week 2009 in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center opened, the total exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, more than 370 Chinese and foreign consumer electronics exhibitors. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Xu Qin, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Division Xiao Hua, TCL chairman Li Dongsheng and so has the company at the opening ceremony. Representative of the fair organizing committee Xu Qin, the municipal government to show leadership here, guests and overseas exhibitors and buyers, a warm welcome. He is introduced as one of the fair professional development branch of the International Consumer Electronics Show, after two years of development, South China has increasingl...
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09 Motorola handset business spin-off companies or with Chinese companies

Motorola announced plans in 2009, the company split into two independent listed companies, a focus on the mobile phone business, a main TV set-top boxes and network equipment business, while the mobile phone business will be split search for a new CEO. By this news, the closing price of Motorola rose 2.66% Wednesday to $ 10.02. Some analysts believe that the declining performance is to promote Motorola mobile phone spin-off of the main reasons. Motorola interview stakeholders, said the plan to disclose the impact of the China business. Surpassed the sale of spin-off Gebu Lang, president and CEO of Motorola, said, through the creation of two industry-leading companies can gain greater flexibility and more appropriate capital structure and more focused management, as well as more targeted shareholders investment opportunities. Under th...
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09 Munich Shanghai Laser & Opto Electronics Show show will debut

Organized by Munich International Exhibition Group, a three-day domestic and international electronic and laser professionals to exchange and gathering - the Eighth Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich, Munich, Shanghai fourth laser, optoelectronics exhibition about March 17, 2009 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center began. Show organizers that recently held press conference in Shenzhen, stressed that this exhibition is not a procurement type of event, but for the exploration industry to build knowledge and techniques of effective international platform to achieve the creation of their own brand and image. Difficulties and opportunities The financial crisis setback for the entire electronics industry sores, including China and other countries to implement more measures to stimulate the economy, technology continues to upgrade, ...
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09 Second Chinese electronics market "transaction integrity enterprise" start voting selection

2009 Nian 4 1 May, the second session of the Chinese electronics market "trading firm faith" selection voting started. Chinas electronics market "trading firm faith" assessment activities in the primaries this year, March 15 start, in the primary stage, by the National Association of electronic parts, electronic physical market, online trading platform for electronic monitoring jury, review. As of April 1 JCP reported to the Senate in nearly a thousand enterprises in the selection of good faith by vote of Internet users, and ultimately 80 companies to enter electronic check. This selection is divided into three phases, namely primary (80 strong), check (50), re-check (20 strong). At the same time to different stages of the jury will reward the winner. Here we first of all to congratulate the 80 strong entry through the primary e-busin...
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