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1 cent difference between breaking seven yuan to meet the "six" times

The yuan mark for the third day after breaking the integer has infinitely close to the 7.0 mark, into the "six" era just around the corner. Yesterday, another sharply higher against the dollar, breaking 7.02 mark again, the three trading days Crack four Guan. From the China Foreign Exchange Trade Centers latest figures show yesterday, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar rose above 7.03 in the previous session and then broke on the basis of 7.02 to 7.0130 hit a new high since the exchange reform, single-day appreciation of the 122 basis points. 2008 years, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar has been rewriting the record high of 28, accumulated during the year rose by more than 4.1%. Analysts believe that domestic inflation in the inhibition of RMB appreciation is being given on an increasingly important rol...
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1 quarter, PC shipments worldwide increased 12.1% year on year the top three unchanged

According to market research firm iSuppli recently published study reported that first quarter of 2008 worldwide PC shipments to 69.9 million units, compared with 2007s 62.4 million units the first quarter increased by 12.1%. HP, Dell and Acer continue to maintain the top three, with no change compared to the previous quarter. In the past five years, worldwide PC shipments in the first quarter year on year average growth rate of 12%. Thus, the growth rate of the first quarter of 2008 are normal. HP PC shipments in the first quarter of 1320 million units, compared with same period in 2007 increased by 23%. The rate of growth in the global top ten PC manufacturers is the highest growth rate, so that HP continued to maintain the first rank, the market share of 18.9%. The first quarter of Dells global PC market share in the fourth quarter...
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1.52 billion acquisition of electronic integrated circuits in China Equity

6 23 News, China Electronics announced that the total cost of 1.52 billion yuan to purchase Chinese largest electronics of all shares will be allotted a share of 2.5 Hong Kong dollars to pay 608 million new shares, new shares than shares per share on Friday to close at 1.94 yuan, a 28.87% premium. New shares to 3.94 billion shares which will be dispensed to 64.5% held by the seller UW China Huada, 4560 issued to holders of shares will be allocated 7.5% of the Beijing UW starter Principal, and the remaining 1.68 million shares will be issued to other shareholders who. Zhangaigongsi batch of new shares were issued by the allotment and later on the price of shares of the enlarged issued share capital of approximately 23.27%, 2.7% and 9.97%. Chinese IC design for a large electronics company, mainly engaged in IC design and sales, and elect...
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10 OEM semiconductor spending reached $ 91,000,000,000 manufacturers

A market research firm Gartner provided by the latest statistics report shows that in 2007 the global semiconductor market, OEM manufacturer of the top 10 of total consumption reached 91 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for nearly one-third of the semiconductor market revenue, in the Among these devices, personal computers and mobile devices, consumer accounts for the lead. Gartner market research company director Alfonso Velosa, in 2007, strong revenue growth and product shipments, driven 10 OEM manufacturers of semiconductor consumption threshold to 59 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 1 billion dollars. However, average selling price (ASP) has been reduced, especially in the key PC and mobile phone market, to some extent limit the growth in consumption of these companies. HP to become the number one consumer class semiconductor m...
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10.8 billion investment to stimulate the Japanese economy into a hero LED

Trapped in its own economic downturn, the Japanese government earlier announced a total of 920 billion yen (about 108 billion U.S. dollars) in new economic stimulus package. It is reported that the financing of the stimulus from the 2009-10 fiscal year budget for the Government is prepared to fund the program plan submitted to Congress on September 10 for approval and implementation at the end of September. Order to avoid appreciation of the yen led to the factory moved overseas, resulting in "industrial vacuum", the Government decided to establish if it is determined in the domestic light-emitting diode (LED) and lithium battery production base related to environmental protection, the government will set the subsidy system to This to promote the enterprises to domestic investment. LED lamps Japan many times and business subsidies intr...
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11 LED lighting market that the company views

Presents: Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Water 1, If you receive a large area of the project will not use LED? Not, will depend on the specific circumstances, such as cost, design creativity, and the owners preferences. 2, LED where the more general use? Use of the current urban landscape lighting more, followed by the display, such as the Olympic Games opening ceremony of the "axis." 3, you think that what is now developed to the LED status? Much higher luminous efficiency than ever before, there have been single high-power LED, but the luminous efficiency is still relatively low, it can not replace other light sources. 4, LED future market? LED has a bright future as a new light source, although the function of white LED lighting replacement in meeting other sources still have a long road, but in the urban landscape lig...
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11.6-inch Netbook Acer poor sales forced to cut production

- > Sina Technology News June 2 at noon, according to Taiwan media reports, Acer introduced a 11.6-inch netbook Aspire One AO751h the poor sales, forced to reduce the number of orders issued on behalf of the factory. Taiwan media reported that Quanta is a 11.6-inch Netbook Acer OEM manufacturers, due to high prices and not portable and other factors, the consumer 10-inch netbook favor with Canada, which led to launch Acer Internets first 11.6-inch lower than expected sales, Acer had reduced their orders sent to the number of foundries. Intel executives responsible for Internet PC makers have publicly urged not to launch 12-inch netbook, because consumers will not like. 11.6-inch Acer poor sales of Intels prediction seems to have verified. "The Internet" was originally known as ultra-low-cost portable notebook, two of his selling poi...
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1-10 months to run electronics and components industry data Reviews

Sales value of electronics and components industry increased month by month high point, the Ministry of Industry announced on 3 December 2009, January to October of electronic information industry the completion of major economic indicators, electronic devices and electronic components manufacturing industry the beginning of the manufacturing sector sales value has come out of the crisis, increased month by month and reached a high point since 2008. Industry trend of steady rise of uncertain discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits behind, is still a downward trend, but the decline are narrowed. Decline in exports continued to narrow, 1-October total exports of electronic information products decreased by 18.35% year on year, portable computers, mobile phones, liquid crystal display panel is still the main export products...
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1-10 months total import and export of electronic information products $ 754,800,000,000

According to the Ministry of Information Industry and the latest statistics, this year, Chinas electronic information products export trade has maintained rapid and steady growth, but since the second half of the increase over the same period last year dropped significantly. 1-10 months, total import and export volume of electronic information products 754.84 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 17% over the same period last year decreased by 6.9 percentage points lower than the national import and export of goods by 7.4 percentage points. Statistics show that 1-October, exports of electronic information products 440.14 billion U.S. dollars, up 20.5%, an increase over the same period last year, down 6 percentage points lower than the national foreign trade export increased by 1.4 percentage points, accounting for 36.6 of foreign trade e...
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112 below the nominal value of the Funds most cattle has shrunk 20% of the Fund in 2008

Late yesterday by the A-share market barely meteoric rise, stocks are still showing Pudie trend of open-end fund net value of 2 is mixed, representing the broader market funds and a few blue-chip bond funds increased slightly, but stocks Pudie on devastated the other funds, including representatives of small cap stocks top small plate fund decreases, the concern is that the Chinese market last year, most cattle also fell 3.77% Fund, a decrease of the top, this year has shrunk by 20% of the net. Funds, according to Panorama network statistics show that after falling, as of April 2, below the face value of the open-end funds reached 112, in addition to nearly 50 regional funds in the face value of hovering, ready to be broken, on April 2 of the performance, small-cap stocks in the fund on behalf of the general decline of the top, small pl...
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