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12 companies in the first quarter IPO financing of 4.964 billion U.S. dollars overseas

ChinaVenture report released yesterday showed the first quarter of this year, Chinese enterprises IPO (initial public offering) number 34, financing $ 12,634,000,000. Among them, 12 enterprises in the overseas IPO, financing $ 4,964,000,000; 22 enterprises in China IPO, financing $ 7,670,000,000. 34 Jia IPO of 10 furniture companies in the VC / PE (venture capital / private equity) background, compared with 23.1% same period last year, including six in the domestic IPO, an increase of 20.0%, financing 235 million; 4 in overseas IPO, down by 50.0%, financing, $ 1,230,000,000. ChinaVenture analyst at Mao G, said the first quarter of VC / PE background IPO companies is mainly due to the recent decline in global capital market volatility, some VC / PE background delayed the listing companies. ...
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120/230V AC input LED bulbs will become the mainstream of future market

LED lamp manufacturers are developing 120/230V AC input 12VAC LED bulbs and LED bulbs input (such as MR16 lamps and similar products), each LED bulbs have a very good reason for the rapid development. MR16LED bulbs and CFL bulbs has a huge advantage, because the CFL bulbs can not do small. For this reason, based on the MR16 LED bulbs than any other energy efficient technologies. Todays CFL bulb (even if the efficiency of its future better) than, 120/230VAC input energy efficiency MR16 LED bulb is best. MR16 LED bulbs The main drawback is the electronic transformer. Today most of the bulbs installed MR16LED not use electronic transformers from 120/230V AC magnetic transformer to generate 12VAC. The problem is electronic transformer for halogen lamp design, and therefore usually will bring most of the electronic transformer LED lights fl...
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1-4 months of electronic information industry realized main business income 1.4656 trillion yuan

January-April 2008, Chinas electronic information industry maintained a steady trend whole, to further expand the overall size, the main economic indicators remain good development. 1-4 months, large-scale manufacturing of main business income of 1.4656 trillion yuan, up 19.8%; industrial added value of 337.98 billion yuan, an increase of 23.1%. Slightly higher growth rate of industrial scale industry continued to expand, the growth rate steadily rose slightly. 1-4 months this year, large-scale manufacturing to achieve the main business income 1.4656 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.8% over the first quarter increased 1.2 percentage points over the same period last year increased 2.8 percentage points; added value rose 23.1%, than the first in the first quarter by 0.9 percentage points increase over the previous year by 5.7 percentage p...
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14 Taiwanese PCB, IC substrate manufacturers of more than billion in revenue last year Comments

Unimicron 15 announced consolidated revenue of 47.281 billion yuan last year, both sides sit tight in the Taiwan Printed Circuit Board (PCB), integrated circuit (IC) substrate leading factory, in turn invest in the mainland factory universal fermentation, the listed counters and emerging PCB plant last year, a total of 14 sales of more than million dollars. Unimicron announced last December 15, consolidated revenue 4.035 billion yuan, about 14.36% lower than in November, but higher than 8.68% in December the previous year; consolidated revenues 47.281 billion yuan last year, annual growth rate of 24.73% . Unimicron both PCB, IC substrate, two types of products, combined revenue of 37.908 billion yuan last year, with the same production of PCB, IC substrate South electricity less the same, plus reinvestment if IC substrate plant operato...
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14207 670 billion direct losses in Sichuan enterprises

14207 670 billion direct losses in Sichuan enterprises 16:00 yesterday, the State Council Information Office held a press conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Xi Guohua, Vice Minister, Sichuan province has 14,207 industrial enterprises were affected, with direct economic losses 67 billion yuan, death 1387 people, injured 9798 people....
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14th International Exhibition held in Shanghai Integrated Circuit

It is understood that Shanghai is the current "International IC China Conference & Exhibition" four-city tour, the last stop, showcasing the worlds top technology companies and manufacturers of electronic components of the latest technology. Atmel exhibitors including the United States, Thain, Fairchild, Intel silicon Seoul, Microsoft and other famous enterprises. The exhibition also held at the same Industry Summit and technical seminars, industry and experts will focus on power management, digital consumer electronics, telecommunications infrastructure, medical electronics, automotive electronics and other electronics industry is currently the hottest topic in-depth Discussion. President of Global Sources Electronics Business Unit, Saunderson said that China in the global electronic design industrys position is continuously consolida...
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150 vendors competing for test and measurement market in China

With the maturity of the Chinese mainland market in 2007 and 2010, oscilloscopes, signal generators, arbitrary waveform (function) generator (AWG) is expected to grow more stable pace, about 9% annual growth rate . In the meantime, logic analyzer, multimeter, power meter, LCR (inductance, capacitance, resistance) meter, and spectrum analyzers and other test equipment, the growth rate remained moderate in 2007 and 2010 annual growth rate of about 6% . Test and measurement market in China has more than 150 vendors to provide different areas of test and measurement products, competitive intensity is obvious. Before several major suppliers are: An Jielun (AgilentTechnologies), Tektronix (TektronixInc), Fluke (FlukeCorp), and Keithley (Keithley) and other companies, these companies account for approximately 55% of China market share of more ...
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16-Bit Linear, 130Msps ADC

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology Corporation) introduced a new 16-bit, 130Msps ADC (ADC) to enhance the companys high-speed (ADC) leading position, which for the most demanding bandwidth, low-noise signal acquisition application. LTC2208 ADC meet to maximize high-sensitivity receivers and data acquisition system performance of the key requirements. The device of excellence 100dBc spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) with 78dB signal to noise ratio (SNR), it can interfere with the signal and the large presence of blocking signals to distinguish low-level signals. LTC2208 is the fastest on the market high-performance 16-bit ADC. LTC2208 series with two simplified receiver design and improve system performance, unique features, ADC to the digital receiver technology into innovation. The first circuit is an internal transparen...
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17 industry giants seek to push a unified standard cell phone charge

Order to reduce waste to increase interoperability, 17 leading handheld device manufacturers, operators, including Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola announced Feb. 17 Micro-USB charger with all models of mobile phones as a standard interface. GSM Association and 17 mobile operators and manufacturers, announced a new mobile phone will work for the implementation of a common cross-industry standard charger. "2012 Micro-USB charging solution will be all over the world," GSM Association introduced the. Show in 2007, a new cell phone charger unified interface MicroUSB, left and right sides of the black charger interface for the user can see the shape According to reports, since January 1, 2012, all new phone models in the market, the vast majority will support the universal charging connector, and most listed charger will meet the Open Mobil...
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17V industrial applications for the launch of TI Analog Current / Voltage Output Driver

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced a programmable logic controller for industrial (PLC) and other industrial applications and process control equipment controlled current / voltage output driver. XTR300 output voltage up to ± 17V, current of ± 24mA, can satisfy almost any standard analog signal transmission requirements. As the device voltage or current output can be digitally selected, eliminating the need to occupy the space of discrete circuits (discrete circuitry) system and awkward jumper pin configuration. XTR300s internal fault detection circuitry may be digital display line / load faults, including cable or remote load (remotely-locatedload) in the short-circuit or open circuit. To sense output voltage, the device uses an instrumentation amplifier, the amplifier is connected with 4-wire load connections can be achieved in ord...
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