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2 online cell phone store to open up the collective founding the e-commerce war

Traditional cell phone store is opening up online sales battlefield Recently, Guangdong Mobile Telecommunications professional to spend thousands of stores in the domain of e-commerce million test the water, and previously co-Hang mobile phone chain, Long Guangdong well-known communications professional to create online mobile phone stores also purchase store, specializing in cell phone store " Online purchase "war rapid warming, a group of professional cell phone store e-drama is being played the Nuggets. Collective founding the e-commerce It is reported that in the domain of telecommunications will use its main advantage to B2C (Business to Custom, business to consumer) and B2B (Business to Business, Business to Business)-based mobile e-commerce market, not only to individuals on the network Consumer sales of mobile phones, but also...
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2 trillion yuan photovoltaic industry will be dancing on the wire

New Energy and Industrial Revitalization planning upcoming aroused widespread concern in the industry. "The current Energy Board for final approval, then submitted to the State Council. A total investment of about 2 trillion or more, renewable energy, to obtain a number of large investment projects, investment in wind and solar energy will exceed the original plan." National Development and Reform Commission energy of the Director of the Centre for Renewable Energy Development of Wang Ying in the "China Joint Business Daily" reporters interview said. This or that high-risk, high input wire on the PV industry will continue to dance. Only from the energy industries, since the end of 2008 Chinas capital market, the new energy photovoltaic industry sectors performance is astonishing. And the ratio of wind energy, solar energy in China has e...
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2,000 cheap price air conditioning appliances arrived in Chongqing rumor smashed

season before the advent of air conditioning prices from manufacturers to roar up, and behold, yesterday came news of home appliance stores: cheap air conditioning units have arrived in Chongqing in 2000, prices fell from 2% -5 % range. Air conditioning prices rumors again shattered. United States, said Wu, head of air-conditioning, the arrival of cheap air conditioners in Chongqing, 1P hang around the minimum is only 1,490, 1.5P hang low price will be 1900 yuan, 2P Guiji price not exceeding 3,500 yuan. Previously, 1P hang up the mainstream has not been below 1,500 yuan price, 1.5P hook is sold around 2,000 yuan. why the air conditioning down not up recently? Part of the store said, because the air conditioning will be implemented next year in March a new standard of energy efficiency, when the air conditioner energy efficiency st...
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2.34 billion yuan to be voted producing solar cells Xiangtan, Hunan

Global network, according to reports PV, Xiangtan, Hunan Province has, through investment, the introduction of the two enterprises in Xiangtan Hi-tech District, 2.34 billion yuan investment, mainly produce solar cells. It is reported that, according to the relevant investment agreement, the day Lien Ze Investments Limited will invest 620 million yuan construction of solar photovoltaic projects. The first phase investment of 240 million yuan, the new two 25MW solar cell production line; and Brilliance China Investment Co., Ltd. will invest 1.72 billion yuan, with an investment of 500 million yuan to build 50MW solar ingot pulling 50MW solar cell production line and sheet production line. Xiangtan Hi-tech Zone hopes to introduce more businesses in this production of solar photovoltaic equipment to allow the formation of the relevant Indu...
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20 billion hardware market base to build the water dragon

Water from Long Hardware Fair news, Zhejiang South County property companies signed an agreement with a large enough investment 20 billion yuan, will be big enough to fight the dragon of water hardware market most modern, high standard, multi-functional hardware market group. Group covers an area of 2,800 acres of the market, the construction period of 60 months, divided into four construction, the new five professional market, supporting the construction of metal Convention Center, R & D center, logistics and distribution center. After the completion of the market, the annual turnover will reach 100 million yuan, annual profit and tax 300 million yuan. ...
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20% of flat-panel TV prices plunge down to 3,000 yuan in 32-inch

Prices continued to rise and the white are different, but flat-panel TV market trends lower. Reporter yesterday from Dongguan and fashion Suning Appliance informed that, at present, whether it is a joint venture or domestic flat-panel TV prices have declined sharply compared with last year decreased by 10% of domestic flat-panel TVs to 15%, part of the joint venture brands fell 20%. "32-inch LCD TV Qunianmeitai yuan in 5000, has dropped more than 3,000 yuan", fashion, electrical appliances market, said Deputy Director of Development, 42 inch TV also fell to 11,000 yuan by the years more than 6,000 yuan, and 52-inch LCD TV last year, the basic price of 30,000 yuan, is now only able to buy more than 20,000 yuan, the overall trend of decline of view slightly larger LCD TV, domestic brands are also sharply lower, the decline in basic and jo...
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20% paid clicks growth of Googles stock rose a record

Search engine giant Google (Google) 2008 first quarter earnings report released last week, results exceeded market expectations, in particular, has suffered its challenge before the "paid clicks" total increase of about 20%. Therefore, investment banks have raised Google stock rating and target price, Google stock closed at $ 539.41 on Friday, or nearly 20%, the highest the stock from the second public offering in early 2004, the biggest daily gain since the record. Soaring spectacle Google stock in after-hours trading on Thursday, rose 17% had not only day to recover the market value of $ 28,000,000,000, but also shares regain back 500 U.S. dollars / shares high. Meanwhile, Google warrants a single day on Friday, rose 17,530 percent, soaring staged a miracle, the biggest increase of 175 times the United States, the biggest profit of a...
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2007 362% export growth Yixing cable

Over the years, as Chinas international cable City, the National Torch Plan of wire and cable industry base in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, the export base of wire and cable, wire and cable State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, located in Yixing, Yixing cable manufacturing industry is to scale, the advantages of clustering enhance international competitiveness, and began to stride towards abroad. Chinas cable industrys first ten billion enterprise - Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. is located here, its cable products are developed by the European and American customers, year after year export rate of more than 100% surge. Yixing Inspection and Quarantine, according to statistics, in 2007 exports reached Yixing wire and cable $ 112,460,000, an increase of 362%. 2007, the RMB exchange rate despite the rise in export tax rebate rat...
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2007 Amoi huge loss of 800 million new coach Lu Zhenyu pushing the New Deal

Mountain, another mountain. Shares in the waveguide (600130.SH) reported a nearly 6 billion a week after the huge loss of earnings, Amoi Electronics (600057.SH) also reported a huge loss of 802 million yuan for 2007 earnings. 4 30, 2007 Amoi Electronics reported a release in 2007, operating income of 3.452 billion yuan Amoi, compared with 5.427 billion yuan in 2006, down 36.39%, net loss of 8.029 billion. Amoi released 2007 earnings at the same time, also issued a "risk on the stock exchange delisting notice warning special treatment" (the "Notice"), "announcement" that the company in 2007 annual audit report found that in 2007 net profit of Amoi is negative, while by the end of 2006 the profit after accounting corrections retroactive adjustment is negative. According to the "Stock Listing Rules", Amoi stock began to be implemented fr...
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2007 Analysis of Imports and Exports of electronic components

According to the latest version of the Customs 2007 catalog, China Electronic Components Industry Association, the Customs Information Centre on the electronic component import and export data for a certain type of adjustment, which changes in the larger class of hybrid integrated circuit is reduced, and the battery type is an increase of five small class product, which allows us to provide the data to be more adapt to market changes. The current classification of products in 14 categories of 65 subclasses. Table 1 shows the details. 1. Import and export trade volume increased steadily In the domestic market and international market under the double impact, Chinas total import and export of electronic components continued to grow steadily. China has become the largest producer of electronic components, a variety of product output has l...
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