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2009 semiconductor industry forecast bleak in good condition RF chip market

Market for the semiconductor industry in 2009, a bleak forecast, but analysts believe the mobile phone is relatively good market conditions, is expected to maintain the RF chips do not fall, making such chips bounced up faster than other areas . The overall chip industry analysts now forecast that the recession more than a 20% rate would be even greater; but IMSResearch TomHackenburg analysts noted that many indications, RF semiconductor market in 2009 may only be a small decline of 1% , and in 2010, more than double-digit growth resumed. Hackenburg said that as the 3G/4G communications technology continues to evolve, the wisdom of various high-end mobile phones along one after another, the purchasing power of consumers to mobile phones in the recession of the "resilience" relatively better-off, RF chip market will also be benefit. Wh...
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2009 Shanghai International Information Fair Opens

From today until March 19, 2009 Shanghai International Information Expo at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Urban economy and the current fair Information Committee, Pudong New Area Peoples Government, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), Messe M√ľnchen International (MMI), China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) and other joint contractors, one in the form of multi-show, the total will reach 11 million square meters, Shanghai is by far the largest IT trade fair. In the global financial crisis, the cold, semiconductors, electronic circuits and other sectors are suffering a huge impact. It can be said of the 2009 Shanghai International Information Expo IT in the context of financial crisis, an industry event. It is understood that this letter Fair "contrarian expansion", a total of four professional ex...
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2009 Shenzhen, China Optoelectronic Display Week Buzz climax optical display industry

By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Division, Department of Information Industry of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City Branch letter and Shenzhen Bureau of Development and Reform Bureau co-sponsored the "2009 Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week (hereinafter referred to as" CODE2009 "or" Photonics ") scheduled for May 21, 2009 -26 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. by the Shenzhen Municipal Association of flat panel display industry, optical display unit of the relevant government authorities, industry associations and industry leading companies jointly undertaken CODE2009, to" show "for the core, more than 300 domestic and foreign enterprises will showcase optoelectronic display flat-panel FPD (flat panel) displays, LED display, LCOS (reflective projection) shows, laser shows and o...
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2009 strategic trends in the wireless industry concern 5

Just past 2008, causing the collapse of the global financial system and the global market downturn haunting the financial crisis, the CEO of each company and market analysts are talking about the origins and outcome of this crisis, and their will the future impact of the wireless industry in 2009 will have five key strategic trends of concern. Trend 1: Wireless phone and service market is driven by consumers and by the global economic slowdown Wireless industrys tremendous growth over the past 20 years has caused many industry insiders think, looking back, even in times of economic crisis, sales of wireless handsets has continued its upward growth momentum, is what caused the breach laws of economics to happen? 2008/09 the global financial crisis will probably tell us the answer: wireless phones and services market is actually a consu...
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2009 Test and Measurement Development

Although the global economic situation cost for a strict budget constraints, test engineers face the challenge today is how to find more efficient testing methods. National Instruments (NationalInstruments, referred to as NI) 2009 that will greatly improve the efficiency of test and measurement system, three major trends - the software-defined instrumentation systems, parallel processing, and wireless and semiconductor test new methods. They will help engineers in reducing the total cost of the test conditions, the development of faster, more flexible automated test systems; around the world and all of the industrial sector companies will realize that by using these methods and techniques to obtain a huge advantage. "Not optimistic about the current status of the global economy makes more and more companies seek to test the engineering ...
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2009 TFTLCD materials and components will be the first decline in output

According to DisplaySearch recently released the 2009 report of the first half of TFTLCD materials and key components, in 2009 TFTLCD materials and components will be the first decline in output, the annual output value of only 490 million, down 8 from 2008 %. DisplaySearch said that since the second half of 2008 TFTLCD panel makers began to cut capacity utilization, a corresponding reduction in shipments, directly upstream of the supply of materials and components have some impact. Other hand, to maintain certain cash position to cope with the downturn, panel plant in addition to reduced capacity utilization, but also reduce inventory levels, which will make materials and components manufacturers and even more panel plant capacity lower utilization, and low prices, therefore, DisplaySearch estimated that in 2009 the output value of ma...
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2009 turning point in Chinas IC industry

There is no doubt that this crisis on Chinas young semiconductor chip design industry is a huge challenge: to export-oriented electronics industry to reduce the impact by the market; in the capital impact of the crisis, coupled with the sodium Nasdaq-listed Chinese stocks, "failed" performance led to the capital of Chinas IC industry, "ignoring" some of the leading VC firms, "bad money" out; also designed the companys customers in China are mostly small companies in the Under the influence of the economic crisis, the impact of small companies will undoubtedly be even greater. In October 2007, I predict 2008 is the fate of Chinas IC design industry, when the great controversy caused by the industry. Looking back in 2008, this view is undoubtedly correct. Experienced life and death years, then in 2009 it? Now I think that 2009 will be the t...
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2009 urgent attention is needed LED lighting market

2006, Chinas LED production value of 140 billion yuan, the scale of 0008 years of application market reached 54 billion yuan, is expected by 2010 the size of the domestic LED industry will be over 1000 billion yuan. Among them, the lighting market is 25.4 billion U.S. dollars, and lighting equipment / devices market size $ 106,600,000,000. Lighting, commercial lighting market, the global total electricity consumption 43%, the highest proportion of the retail, office, warehousing purposes, educational buildings, health care and other applications together, the total electricity consumption 70% of commercial lighting market. LED is a semiconductor light emitting device, is recognized as the most promising in the 21st century high-tech products. Our urgent attention in 2009, the products, LED lighting revolution in the cause, but also to p...
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2009 will be launched larger LED Products

According to Securities Daily reported on February 18, the State Council executive meeting examined and approved in principle "the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan." According to professional analysis, "planning" one of the key projects supported "IC upgrade", will focus the development of LED, LED products, the Government will also provide subsidies. LED is considered to be the next generation of LCD TV backlight, with the Chinese color TV enterprises have cut into the production module and LED backlight, leading the LED flat panel flat-panel industry will be upgraded with its energy-saving, environmental protection and color performance and other aspects of the absolute advantage of becoming the future of the Tablet trends. The earlier launch of LED LCD TV Hisense Electric, launched in 2009 will be ...
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2009 will usher in the market for electronic measuring instruments and a spring

2008 years is a troubled year, the arrival of the financial crisis sweeping the world, even with all the commentators have been predicting that 2009 will be a year of transition, there is no sharp rebound in the economy, there is no rapid recovery of strength, all the markets are uneasy in the aftermath of the crisis in order to be stable, as the representative of the scope of electronic measuring instruments market has heard a voice: in 2009, electronic measuring instruments market will usher in another spring . The basis of which the following two: First, in 2009, the world economy entered a slow growth or negative growth in the orbit, the company will open the largest capital cost savings, and electronic measuring instruments for the necessary equipment, the supply is not competitive is not strong, it is easy to form in 2009 the mono...
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