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2009, outstanding performance in the Asia-Pacific semiconductor suppliers

From research firm iSupplis statistics show that in 2009 the semiconductor industry as a whole is in decline, but based in the Asia Pacific region has achieved semiconductor suppliers contrarian up. Top Asia-Pacific suppliers to focus product ISuppli survey results show that in 2009, is headquartered in the Asia Pacific regions semiconductor suppliers in aggregate operating income grew by 2.3%, from 43.5 billion in 2008 rose to 445 million. In contrast, global semiconductor revenue in 2009 dropped 11.7%, from 260.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2008 fell to 229.9 billion U.S. dollars. "Bleak situation last year, the chip industry, and suppliers of the Asia Pacific region has managed to achieve growth, because they focus on the top semiconductor products and benefit from strong demand in the region," iSuppli Market Intelligence Services to D...
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2009, set-top box sales growth is slowing down

In the international financial crisis, consumer electronics manufacturers and digital television manufacturers will usher in a difficult 2009. According to research firm forecasts IMSResearch not consider the U.S. digital television conversion projects in 2009, set-top box sales in U.S. fall by 5% than in 2008, although the set-top box sales compared with 2008, still 9.3% growth. IMSResearch forecast 2009 global sales of set-top boxes than 5% growth in 2008, while sales fell 2% than in 2008. IMSResearch AnnaHunt research director of consumer electronics, said: "Despite the international financial crisis has caused some operators in developing countries and regions, the financial pressure, but most operators still running their digital strategy, including the need to purchase the HD and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) set-top boxes. " Anna...
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2009, several major automotive electronics industry focus

Pay in force: Independent Business and the International Automotive Electronics Technology gap Automotive electronics consists of two parts: one is the car audio and video entertainment systems, GPS and other vehicle-based electronic devices, the other part of the automotive electronic control devices, including electronic fuel injection systems, ABS and so on. In contrast, the latter technology is more complex, more sophisticated and more critical. Domestic automotive electronics business mainly involves the field of automotive electronics, and the uneven level of manufacturers, few large enterprises. In the field of automotive electronic control, the automotive industry developed with a clear first-mover advantage, the monopoly of the core technology of many electronic products. China was at a disadvantage, especially in the engine a...
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2009, the overall LED industry will maintain positive growth

2009 the first half of the global economic recovery in the economy is still not clear, the strength of consumer demand is not strong, end-consumer demand for electronic products is still weak. Downturn in the global economy can not be instantaneous recovery, but the Topology Research Institute (TRI) estimates that in 2009 the overall LED industry is still positive growth, the strength of its supporting industry growth is mainly from LEDNB permeability increase. This dark and unknown market conditions, the occasion, Huang Yalin Topology Research Institute that has energy saving advantages of LED industry in the government and manufacturers to find innovative products and business opportunities for stimulation, to beat this years core industry markets ; this year, there are three LED industry will be the development of explosive, respecti...
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201% surge in net profit in fiscal year, said Yang, "Lenovo has completely changed"

"Over the past year, Lenovo has wrought major changes happening again." 5 pm yesterday, the beginning of last year and this years first quarter earnings conference, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang deeply sighed. According to Lenovo Group CFO (CFO) Wong Wai Ming, as of March 31, 2007 ~ 2008 the company reported a full year total revenue 16.4 billion, up 17%; annual net profit of 484 million, compared with the previous fiscal year 161 million grew 201%. China is still the engine To product growth, the Lenovo Group of notebook computers continue to play a performance engine of growth. Company from 2007 to the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008 sales of notebook computers rose 38%, reaching 2.3 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the quarter, 61% of total sales. Desktop sales are basic account for another 38%, sales increased by 9% year on year, s...
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2010 connector market in China will reach 25.7 billion

As consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications, the rapid growth in end markets and the global production capacity of the connector to keep the transfer to China and Asia, Asia has become the connector market, where the most potential, and China will become the global connector capacity of the fastest growing and largest market. It is estimated that the future growth of the Chinese connector market rate will continue to exceed the global average, the next 5 years, the Chinese connector market size will reach 15% average annual growth rate, by 2010, Chinas market capacity will reach 257 connector billion. Electrical connectors supporting areas of the main transportation, communications, networking, IT, medical, home appliances, matching the level of product technology areas and the rapid development of the rapid growth o...
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2010 Industry Outlook contains six potential of semiconductor lighting

Editors Note: Between the end of 2009, the investment review process, both investors earned disk full bowl full year rose more than 150% of the automobile, non-ferrous metals and electronics industries, there are also little gain in low-income 50% of the power and engineering and construction. Has suspended three-year stock market rose 2158.95% return of the Shun Fat Sunny, more or more than 600% of the Great Yuan and the Hai Tong Group shares also fell after the opening market losses caused investors Yin Die shares. For 2009, have lost a joy, and face the future in 2010 we are full of expectation and hope. Order to improve the chances of investment success, "Securities Daily" Market Research Center, after a lot of interviews and analysis, hot spots appear in the current market and the future may become a hot spot of the industry and...
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2010, the gradual recovery of the global electronics industry

Imbalances development of the industry is becoming a new bottleneck Electronics industry into the threshold of 2010, there are indications that recovery in the global electronics market is growing. Major electronics industry market research firm expects the market gains in 2010 may reach 10%. However, industry development, industry production capacity is becoming a bottleneck. Increase over this years flat-panel TVs 40% China Electronic Chamber of Commerce to the latest data show that in 2010 Chinas consumption of flat-panel TV market will continue to maintain strong consumer demand, estimated annual demand of urban households will exceed 28 million units, the optimistic estimate more than 32 million units, compared with 2009 increase of 40% or more. The end of 2010, will form the 76 million sets of flat-panel TV family holdings. Stro...
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2011 LED-backlit LCD display will become the mainstream

Said, according to market sources, LED-backlit LCD monitors in 2010 is expected to become the mainstream of the global LCD market, this time in 2009 than previously expected has been postponed. Sources, notebook computers and LCD TVs account for the strong demand for LED current supply most of the LED, while the remaining LED backlit display panel is not enough to meet demand. Sources said, the price will be LED-backlit LCD display Another obstacle become the mainstream of the bottleneck. The source also said that 18.5 in. LED-backlit display panel with CCFL backlight spread between about 5 dollars, and a 18.5 inches LED-backlit LCD CCFL backlit display retail price higher than about 30-50 dollars. Sources said that at present, LED backlit notebook computer notebook shipments accounted for 60-70% of total shipments, while in 2010, LED...
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2012 MEMSESC sensors will increase to 715 million sales

According to market research firm iSuppli Corporation, the new regulations issued by the government ,2006-2012, driven by the global system for automotive electronic stability control (ESC) of the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors to nearly double sales. 2012 sales from the global MEMSESC sensor 378 million in 2006 to grow to 715 million. 2012 Global shipments of complete systems from the ESC in 2007 2,310 million rose to 4,770 million. A directive requires the U.S. government in 2012, all the weight is less than 1 million pounds of cars must ESC, while Europe will require all new cars are subject to in 2014 previously installed ESC. 2012, ESC systems in Europe and America will account for about 90% of production. Welcome to reprint information from the electronic market network-dimensional database (
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