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2012, the global Internet advertising market will reach 147 billion U.S. dollars

The Interactive Advertising Bureau released the preliminary forecast that U.S. Internet advertising revenue in 2007 to 211 billion U.S. dollars, up 25% in 2006. Interactive Advertising Bureau, said the fourth quarter of 2007, U.S. online advertising market, revenue from the third quarter to 52 billion dollars to 57 billion U.S. dollars. Market research firm Kelsey Group, said the latest research report published in 2007, U.S. Internet advertising revenues of 22.5 billion U.S. dollars. (Market research firm IDC forecasts U.S. Internet advertising market in 2007 was 25.5 billion revenue. Kelsey Group also provides a global Internet advertising market forecasts. The research firm said that global Internet advertising market in 2007 revenue of 450 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 600 billion U.S. dollars global advertising market to 7....
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21th International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition will be opened in Beijing

The 21th International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ChinaMed2009) will be held March 19 to 21 at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) to carry out. Chinas medical equipment industry, as the most influential exhibition, ChinaMed2009 to various medical institutions in China and the global medical equipment manufacturers to build highly efficient and robust interactive platform to enhance the level of medical technology in China, promote the development of Chinas medical industry, improve the peoples health and quality of life. ChinaMed by the Peoples Liberation Army General Logistics Department of the Ministry of Health, the China International Trade Center Co., Ltd., Hui Tong Xing Ye International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Messe Düsseldorf (China) Co., Ltd. is jointly o...
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22 nm process technology to expose the 15 major challenge facing

Held recently in San Francisco meeting of the international electronic components (IEDM), the number of relevant advanced logic process technology, are focused on papers published in the 32 nanometer node, and only a few companies such as IBM published several 22 nanometer technology paper; In fact, many leading semiconductor manufacturers are carrying out research and development of 22 nanometer process, which in this area what the technical challenges? 1. Costs and affordability IC research and development needed for the production, process technology, design for manufacturing (DFM) and other parts of the costs continue to soar, and the biggest problem is, into the 22 nm node, whether the scale of mass production to achieve economic balance? 2. Microfilm (Scaling) Scaling process has reached the limit, so the next step is the chang...
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22nm TSMC stationed delayed childbirth transmission equipment

22 nm process micro-imaging equipment industry exposure came Device Mapper progress deferred, Mapper and TSMC is currently in the new co-generation semiconductor exposure equipment industry one of the most closely, Mappers progress so that the original expectations have been stationed in the deferred TSMCs 22 nanometer multi-electron beam (Multiple E-beam) equipment back extension. TSMC is currently active in the deep ultraviolet (EUV) and to seek multiple electron beam exposure technology more cost competitive, Mapper technology bottlenecks, TSMC technology process will be buried unknown. It is understood by the economic impact of conservative investors, capital expenditures, new equipment, industry Mapper in the 22 nanometer process technology investment after the exposure are also affected, so the exposure for the advanced semiconduc...
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24 e-investment in the mainland delegation arrived in Taiwan: the most interested in LED

6 Yue 24 morning news, according to Taiwan media reports, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said Wang Ning, executive vice president, will lead today, Haier, Hisense and other electronics companies have over China to visit Taiwan, looking for investment opportunities for Taiwans electronics industry. E-group members are most interested in Taiwans LED industry, interested in buying LED-related equipment, products, and even factories. Ning emphasized that this organization visit the mainland to Taiwan electronics companies, Mainland capital to invest in Taiwan as part of the plan, as to what to invest in the electronics industry and the company, he did not disclose more information. The Taiwan delegation and early June the first batch of mainland China to Taiwan are essentially different purchasing groups, focusing on finding invest...
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24 Taiwan stock market high-end shocks, LED mixed population

Global stock markets are doing well this week, but the Taiwan stock market as the leading international stock market wave, so to show high volatility of the situation. Thursday (24) and landing in the U.S. stocks cut stamp duty on shares, the index opened higher oscillation present, but the recovery will not compete with price, and closing the index turned from red to black, was down 18 points to close at 8990 points, amount to 1495 billion yuan. Shares in the electronic part of the exchange loss of all the attention will eventually spread in the sun, but the current stock index published by the Friends of HTC and all performed well, the first quarter of EPS11.98 HTC yuan, AUO EPS3.41 per Dengjun performance better than expected, but the stock price reaction is stronger than the current HTC fairly obvious AUO, AUO is able to facilitate ...
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250MW of solar polysilicon and solar cell business Creek started the project in Shandong

Initial investment of 11 billion Sheng Long 250MW Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. polysilicon, 100MW solar cell and PV module project, the recent Economic Development Zone in Shandong to start. First production expected in late 2009, after the completion of the annual sales income is expected to achieve 60 billion. This is currently the largest solar polysilicon to start the project, which also reflects the context of the financial crisis, the PV industry contrarian up a powerful driving force. The project Sheng Long Energy Technology Co., Ltd. invested a total planned investment of 9.0 billion, plans to occupy 700 acres, built in three phases completed in 2012 will reach 2000MW total solar polysilicon, 1000MW solar cells and light V component production capacity. Which construction scale of the project a solar polysilicon 250MW, sola...
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263 fastest-growing network of approved end-listed Shenzhen SME board landing

Yesterday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced that two hundred sixty-three Network Communications Co., Ltd. (the "263") listed on the program to obtain issuance examination committee passed into the public notice period. 263 stakeholders told the "Business News", the company will choose the right offering price, depending on market conditions as soon as listed on the Shenzhen SME board. 263 prospectus said the companys total share capital of 120,000,000 shares, of which the first issue of 3000 shares. Chairman Lee has 263 27.63% of the shares, as the controlling shareholder and actual controller. Is worth noting that, 263 the past three years, operating income decreased year by year in the case of profits year by year. 2005 to 2007, revenues were 4 billion, 325 million and 3.2 billion, while net profit was 8.94 millio...
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263 today, the Commission will accept public application review issuance examination committee

Last week, the SFC Web site disclosed two hundred sixty-three Network Communications Co., Ltd. (the "263") starting prospectus draft report. According to the plan, the Commission issuance examination committee will be listed today on the 263 applications for review. 263 listing prospectus, the issued shares of Chunghwa Express Corp 3000, was released Artificial joint sponsor securities. Recent years, the 263 profit rising trend year by year. Which from 2005 to 2007 net profit was 8.94 million, 13.53 million and 63.45 million yuan. Prospectus, as of last year, there are 263 shares of old and new shareholders retained earnings accumulated more than 7,000 yuan. Zhang Jinghai, vice president of 263 after receiving the "Business News" interview, he explained that currently has established 263 enterprises of the two core businesses: teleco...
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