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2007 China Communications Power Supply Market: 3G power structure and stability

2007 Nian communication power supply market benefited from the development of the four elements: TD-SCDMA commercial trial, 2G expansion, service outsourcing, overseas-scale breakthrough. The communications equipment industry have a certain seasonal, usually 1,3-quarter low season, and 2,4-quarter high season, so communications with the seasonal fluctuations in power are also characteristic. Overall, sales of communication power in 2007 is expected to reach 296,000 units, sales reached 4.04 billion yuan. Year 2006, sales increased 8.9%, sales grew by 10.3%. On the communication power supply market in China in 2007, is still a mainstream product-48V, +24 V products followed, the main reason for the now-48V telecom equipment products mainly, +24 V products are mainly for maintenance and fixed line users in the use of small devices, int...
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2007 China metal through the "standard year"

"Third-rate companies to do product, second-rate brand companies do, do the standard first-class enterprise" - which is prevalent in the manufacturing industry has been saying. This argument can be roughly the standard measure of weight in todays enterprise and value. Respected for the standard business, also suitable for industry. Can be said that review in 2007, Chinas hardware industry and the companies jointly through a part of its standard years. Standard, the hardware revision number of criteria for when the It is understood that the new project in 2007 the industry standard for project: "stainless steel utensils," "no fumes wok", "home of stainless steel sink," "stainless steel kitchen equipment" four. The "steel pot with a household," "shaving blade, knife," "Domestic gas instantaneous water heater pressure switch", "Domestic g...
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2007 fund losses across the board 11 or over 500 million yuan of profit

Authority estimates that last year, net profit of 58 fund companies should be over 14 billion yuan. Asset Management the top ten largest fund companies earned a net profit of the entire fund industry accounts for more than half of net profit. The same time, with 2006 still reported more than a dozen fund companies, compared the situation of loss, the fund company to profitability almost across the board. With the gradual disclosure of listed companies in 2007 annual report, shares of some listed companies fund the companys profitability is also unveiled. Authorities estimate that last year, net profit of 58 fund companies should be over 14 billion yuan. 11 companies or over 500 million yuan net profit "Just know last year, fund companies make more money, but it did not expect to earn so much." Laments the case of a broker who. Round...
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2007 Global Dynamic hard board manufacturers

I. Introduction 2007 industrial output value of the global hard board for the 30,515 million dollars, the annual growth of 2%. Because the products fall into the mature stage, the base has a large, coupled with the application of the corresponding products are not a lot of growth, so growth slowed more in detail shown in Figure 1. For reasons discussed by several. Product areas: the growth of the mobile phone market this year, slower than in previous years, the performance of the NB product fermented until the second half, second half of the effect of gradually revealed in addition to Vista, the parity Computers are also just started shipping, the growth for the industry contribution is small; material surface: continuation of last year the price of copper this year, copper prices fall about a high of about $ 7,500, the price adjustm...
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2007 global semiconductor equipment sales of $ 42,770,000,000 6% increase from 2006

SEMI recently released the 2007 global semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales totaled $ 42,770,000,000, compared with 40.47 billion U.S. dollars in 2006, an increase of 6%. The result is a report of the Global Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics (SEMS Report) According to a member of SEMI and the SEAJ comprehensive from the data provided, statistics, covering seven major semiconductor manufacturing regions and 23 kinds of products. "By the construction of 300mm wafer capacity and high-density memory to promote manufacturing investment, the global semiconductor equipment industry was the second highest sales in history." SEMI president and CEO Stanley T. Myers said, "China Taiwan market and eye-catching performance of the Chinese mainland market, China Taiwan market more than the Japanese market, and the Chinese mainland market...
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2007 global solar cell production growth

March 24, 2008, the international solar energy consulting firm, released its latest statistics, in 2007 the global solar cell production reached 3436MW, 2006, an increase of over 56% market share of Chinese manufacturers in 2006 from 20% to 35% . ...
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2007 inventory: media giant to accept control of the Internet to sell digital content

The traditional media, 2007 is to regain control of their digital content very important year. Some media companies have made in this regard with considerable success. Example, NBC Universal aside the YouTube and iTunes, started on its Web site,,, on sales of digital download TV shows. Radiohead music industry album sales are through the Internet. This change is particularly prominent this year. Digital downloads and file-sharing technology has affected the music industry. In the still booming online video space, it is illegal to upload to and other Web TV and movie clips. This trend can not be prevented short-lived fad. Hollywood started to accept this reality, and as a propaganda tool by However, Viacom Chairman Googles YouTube subsidiary filed a 10 billion dollars in copyright infringemen...
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2007 Operation of Instrument Industry

One operation (A) of the production growth accelerated. Addition to August fell slightly by seasonal effects, the Bank has added value year on year increase of 28% or more, as recent high. Among them, the industrial automation and instrumentation and control system increase over the scientific instruments, meters and other commonly used application equipment, various types of special equipment height of about 2-3 percentage points. (B) to maintain a high level of industry profits. Industry profit growth is still higher than last year, but the growth rate showed a decline trend. From a structural perspective, the profits of foreign-funded enterprises accounted for about half of the entire industry, and increase well above the industry average, domestic profit growth showed a downward trend. (C) export growth significantly. Exports y...
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2007 put it firmly in the third quarter of domestic flat-panel TV market Qicheng

Latest from the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce data show that in just the past third quarter of 2007, the Chinese market in flat-panel TV market share of domestic brands has been close to 70%. Head of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said the survey shows that cost-effective and attention to technical content are made by consumers flat-panel TV the main reasons: for example Skyworth "CooCaaTV" cool opening series - the worlds first decode HD RM / RMVB format LCD TV streaming media file; Konka "i-sport36" series - to remove trailing jitter Sports HD LCD screen; addition Hisense, Prima and other liquid introduced new products, are reflected in China TV companies to develop high-grade, advanced technology products determination. By Xiamen Overseas Chinese, for example, "eleven" during the 42-inch LCD high-end sales accounted f...
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2007 Q4 44% of Taiwans NB shipment growth record

In accordance with international data (IDC) announced the latest quarterly survey of Taiwan notebook industry, in 2007 the fourth quarter of Taiwans notebook industry shipped 28.19 million units, compared with growth of 44% over the same period last year, a new history of the goods high. QoQ growth amounted to 11.6%, higher than originally expected. IDC said that in addition to benefit this part of the rising market demand and stimulating effect of the Christmas holidays, the brand manufacturers of consumer models in the fourth quarter due to continued selling is also a positive promotion. Part of the overall production value, although the price trend to continue for notebook computers, but as the market demand for notebook computers is still high, the overall growth of output and thus able to homeopathy. Overall this season output valu...
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