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2007 Q4 Taiwan notebook shipments up 44%

In accordance with international data (IDC) announced the latest quarterly survey of Taiwan notebook industry, in 2007 the fourth quarter of Taiwans notebook industry shipped 2,819 million, compared with growth of 44% over the same period last year, a new history of the goods high. QoQ growth amounted to 11.6%, higher than originally expected. IDC said that in addition to benefit this part of the rising market demand and stimulating effect of the Christmas holidays, the brand manufacturers of consumer models in the fourth quarter due to continued selling is also a positive promotion. Part of the overall production value, although the price trend to continue for notebook computers, but as the market demand for notebook computers is still high, the overall growth of output and thus able to homeopathy. The fourth quarter of the overall out...
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2007 Review and Prospect of Chinas MCU Market

As the worlds most important production base of electronics manufacturing in China in 2007, not only in "quantity" on the rapid growth in the "quality" of the structure also escalating, thus driving the market demand for MCU upgrade. From the MCU market, Chinas MCU market in 2007 maintained a high growth rate, an increase of close to 20%, the market size of more than 2.5 billion, and the size of the next few years this market will continue to maintain rapid growth. The performance of different market median differences are significant. From the breakdown products, in 2007 the median MCU different significant difference in the Chinese market performance, namely: 16-bit and 32-bit product market growth, 8 compared with 2006 is further stabilized growth rate, while four demand in the MCU product upgrades and product prices continued to de...
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2007 Review and Prospect of Taiwan electronic components industry

2007 the output value of Taiwans electronic components at home and abroad to NT 7,305 million, representing growth of 10% in 2006, of which the compound semiconductor components and energy components of the growth rate is higher than industry average. 2008 Nian be sluggish global economic growth, making information and communication slowdown affect downstream applications, growth will slow down Taiwans electronic components is estimated that only 8% growth over 2007, amounting to NT 7,897 million dollars. By low-cost of electronic components, and the impact of raw material prices continued to rise, value-added rate of Taiwan electronic components industry since the year 2004, after showing a downward trend, but growth in value year after year, driven by industrial added value growth trend continues, it is estimated added value of el...
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2007 Review of test and measurement equipment industry

The bus was four thousand years Test and measurement industry has has two IEEE bus standard, that is, IEEE488 (GPIB) and IEEE1515 (VXI), there are two industry standards, that is, PXI, and LXI. At present four kinds of bus co-exist, have their own characteristics, each user. HP GPIB is alone in the early 1970s, the development of table instrument bus, still used today than thirty years. In 1985, TEK has introduced modules such as the VXI instrumentation bus, when the industry began to talk to the GPIB bus on the future of universal measuring instruments based on two decades the average life expectancy projections, GPIB bus entered the decay phase. In fact VXI-bus GPIB bus has not been strong impact, because the instrument bus modules on the backplane of the chassis needs to achieve, for the separation of instruments does not apply to th...
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2007 social ownership of clocks and battery demand

2007 Chinas output of electronic table about 1.1 billion, approximately 2.5 billion social tenure. Electronic table usually configure button batteries, such as battery life measured by one year, you need to consume batteries 2.5 billion / year. 2007, Chinas electronic clock output of about 450 million, about 1.35 billion of social tenure. Electronic clock is usually configured V LR6 alkaline zinc-manganese batteries or ordinary V R6, such as battery life measured by one year, you need to consume batteries 1.35 billion / year . ...
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2007 Standard parts with exports amounting to $ 3,250,000,000

According to statistics, in 2007 China Machine Components Industry 9.81 billion U.S. dollars of imports, up 23.7% over the previous year, exports 9.837 billion U.S. dollars, up 34.8% over the previous year, exports slightly larger than imports, a surplus of 027 million U.S. dollars . Growth of major export good. Standard parts export value up, reaching 3.25 billion, up 37.9%; followed by the bearing, the export 1.552 billion U.S. dollars, up 25.02 percent; again the industrial chain, and export 758 million U.S. dollars, up 17.8%; seals export 254 million, an increase of 34.8%. Three types of export growth: hydraulic components and equipment trade short-tailed bird? .43 Billion, up 55.7%%; pneumatic components and devices exported 049 million U.S. dollars, up 47.7%; mold exports $ 15,320,000, an increase of 59.2%. Import growth of the ...
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2007 Top Ten "cool" IC Chunghwa Cigarette!

Through EEs website editors and enthusiastic readers selected the positive vote, we named its 2007 semiconductor company introduced 10 unique chips, some of these products reflected in the related fields of technology and performance advantages, while others realized the application of innovation, hoping to give local engineers to provide a reference, also hope to provide a reference for the local IC manufacturers. Related links: 2007 Top Ten analog mixed-signal IC and digital IC selection Analog / mixed-signal chips Silicon Labs quad-band radio chip Si4734/35 Radio market has been the evergreen tree of the global electronics industry, but also a number of semiconductor companies can not give up a piece of the market. Silicon Labs released in 2007, covers short-wave and long wave Si4734/35 band is fully integrated AM / FM radio chip...
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2007, the electronic components industry has maintained fast development

As a pillar industry of national economy, the domestic electronic information industry in 2007 to maintain a relatively stable development, the growth rate showed a slight upward trend from month to month. As of the end of 3 quarters, the whole industry realized main business income of 3.45718 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.1%, the electronic components industry has maintained fast growth for 9 consecutive months of higher than the industry average level of development. Electronic components industry, small industry, from May leapt to second place, to the September total revenue of 564.06 billion yuan, an increase of 26.9%, higher than the industry average of 7.2 percentage points, the proportion of total industry 18.3%, compared to the beginning increase of 1.5 percentage points. Electronics industry to September total sales revenue of...
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2008 air war revival, competing manufacturers and channel pricing

Who fired United States? You pay close attention, you will see that the United States on March 12 countries together 17 organizations to support services such as air-conditioning business activities of the ten commitments, although a continuation of the new year on stage to attract the eye of the conventional approach, but do not have this year referred to. The day of the conference, the executive vice president of Gome Group, Wang Junzhou clear: "Gome and China Paradise, medium and large appliances will be strongly suppressed the individual channels and brands to raw material prices as an excuse to lift prices behavior." "Individual channel and brand," Who are? Day, Haier, Midea, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Glanz, TCL, Daikin air-conditioning on the domestic market enterprises mainstream scene, and one missing Gree. United States ...
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2008 Appliance is a comprehensive price inflation has been inevitable precursor?

Procurement of raw materials and upstream cost increases, has forced the most competitive prices with the home appliance enterprises, which may be a precursor to full inflation. 3 12, Gome 18.6 billion to purchase a large one, to curb the spread of more than 40 days of air conditioning "price" rumors. Holds 18% market share in appliance stores of Gome firmly to "badmouth": air conditioning prices will not rise this year. However, the Southern Weekend reporter survey found that many appliance manufacturers have raised new ex-factory price. Even some manufacturers through the alteration of the original product model, then the way to new "dark rose" debut. "Any individual is capable of reversing the momentum of this round of price increases, because the whole industry chain are rising." A domestic appliance king of CEOs of leading enterp...
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