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2008 development trend of the market drive the subtle changes

Energy drive as a product with high-tech, high value-added, cost-effective return on high-tech products, in line with national industrial development policy. Drive high growth through 2007, 2008, the development trend of the market has become more subtle, the majority of suppliers on the impact of macro-control of the market expressed anxiety. 2007 in the second half, the state began tightening the money supply, causing some tension in the user enterprise funds, thereby affecting the part of manufacturers to cash some difficulties. Tightening Initially, only affect the collection, this time by the spread to the main channel. When lack of funds began to affect business investment and production users when to actually start reducing its demand on the market, this time really be affected suppliers. Monetary tightening would be small OEM c...
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2008 global LCD TV shipments decreased by 6%

U.S. market research firm iSuppli U.S. time November 26, 2008 cut 2008 global LCD TV shipments forecast (in English published data). The results reflect the impact of the recession. The original forecast shipments to 99 million units, the reduction of about 6% to 93.4 million units. In addition, the 09 year forecast annual shipments have increased from 100 million down 24 million units by about 10% to 100 million 12.6 million units. Although the company cut the value of the original forecast, it is expected that the market will continue to grow. Down after the 2008 shipments increased 18.9% than the previous year, 09-year forecast is also an increase of 20.5%. 09 LCD TV market in the U.S. and Europe because of the impact of the recession and financial retrenchment policy and the expansion of most emerging markets such as inflation, sal...
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2008 Jan-Mar economic operation of electronic information industry

2008 first quarter, Chinas electronic information industry-wide snow disasters to overcome the adverse effects of economic development, the industry maintained a steady momentum to further expand the overall size, the main economic indicators remain good development. 1-3 months, large-scale manufacturing of main business income of 1.06081 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.6%, industrial added value of 244.32 billion yuan, an increase of 22.2%. One, the economy features 1. Further expand the industrial scale, the growth rate was slightly increased. Large-scale manufacturing in the first quarter sales revenue of 1.06081 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.6%, compared with January-February increase of 2.3 percentage points over the same period last year increased by 3 percentage points; added value up 22.2% over the 1 - February increased b...
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2008 Jiangsu Jing silicon solar cell production over 1400MW

Investment Advisor in the Research Department of the latest energy industry data show that in 2008, Jiangsu Province, silicon-based solar cell production reached 1417.68MW, ranking first in the country. Five overseas listed companies Suntech, Trina Solar, Solarfun Power, China Sunergy, CSI Canadian Solars production capacity in 2008 was 497MW, 209MW, 189MW, 110.92MW, 108MW, the province ranked the top five. Is the sixth Crystal Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou billion, capacity 99.665MW, the other listed companies overseas Technology Co., Ltd. Jiang Yin Junxin capacity 65.32MW, ranking seventh. Followed in descending order, the Oubei Li New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. of 40MW, Changzhou downwind of 30MW, Zhangjiagang City Optical Co., Ltd. Yong to 24MW, Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tianbao 18MW, solar power products is s...
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2008 LCD concerned about where the hot spots?

2007 Nian , LCD (liquid crystal display) in the performance indicators of competition has changed from "Response Time Wars" evolved to "contrast the race." Driven by the major manufacturers, large-screen LCD has strong debut to the heady 19-inch widescreen LCD a lot of pressure, the other, "wide gamut", "dynamic contrast", etc., increasing the exposure , and the advent of LED displays to the general CCFL products also caused some threat. In 2008, LCD exactly what deserves our attention where it? Competition heating up for a contrast of hot 2007 years to LG, Samsung, AOC, represented by display manufacturers around the high dynamic contrast ratio, launched an unprecedented fierce competition, for example, in March last year, Samsung introduced a 19-inch with 4000:1 contrast ratio P screen LCD 971P +, and in August, LG will be "sharp th...
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2008 LED lighting industry booming in superior performance in many fields

2008, the number of major series of events affecting the development of the domestic semiconductor lighting industry, environment and atmosphere, but also created opportunities and challenges. Currently, the domestic situation is good overall development of LED industry. The successful application of major projects 2008 Nian , LED lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting and even indoor lighting and other aspects have been widely used, its application scope and depth than ever before. Especially in some major landmark, model, international project has made significant achievements and become a model for LED lighting reflects the advantages, a strong impetus to further development of LED lighting. 2 26, U.S. CREE company and the Tianjin Development Zone and Tianjin University of semiconductor lighting co-sponsored R & D Center of C...
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2008 nearly half of the global semiconductor equipment sales to reduce

According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese semiconductor manufacturing equipment 14 Association released data show that in 2008 the global semiconductor equipment sales for the 221.9669 billion, compared with the previous year decreased 47.9%, first decline in nearly three years. The main reason is the rapid deterioration of the economy led to sharp drop in semiconductor prices. This is the second only after the IT bubble burst in 2001, the second largest decline. Japanese market sales 54.7577 million, down 41.9%. However, by country and regions, Japan, Taiwan, after a lapse of more than 1 year Lieshou Wei again. The Association said: "Although the momentum of recovery in new orders, but the short-term market conditions remain difficult to improve." ...
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2008 Olympic Games on Chinas electronics industry what it means?

August 8 this year, to 24 in Beijing, China. There are 7 cities in China with the Olympic events, including Hong Kong. Government expects the tourism, retail, construction, broadcasting, transport and IT industries can be a lot of it by their profits. iSuppli believes that Chinas consumer electronics market will increase significantly because of the Olympics, especially in the emerging local technology more will take the wind soared. National Development and Reform Commission is a body under the State Council, whose function is to study and develop economic and social development policies. According to NDRC reported that in 2007 gross domestic product (GDP) annual growth rate of 11.4%. National Development and Reform Commission estimated that in 2008 the Chinese economy from the "export-driven" to "consumer-driven." The 2008 Beijing Oly...
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2008 Power Technology Trends

All kinds of mobile communication devices, portable entertainment devices, white goods, automotive equipment, the rapid development of electronic devices, they are increasingly stressed the multi-function, small size and green environmental protection and other features, which will drive power | voltage regulator Management technologies to flourish. In particular, to meet the 3G / smart phones, portable media players, GPS navigation devices, MP3 players, represented by the portable consumer electronic products, for long battery life, large screen color lcd screen, high functional integration and small form factor and other needs, LED driver IC, battery charge management IC, LDO, DC / DC converters, power management unit (PMU) and other power product innovation. IIC-China in 2008, the power technology exhibition, exhibitors BCD Semicond...
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2008 profit growth of negative growth in electronic components

Electronic components industry profit growth of negative growth: 1 November 2008, Chinas electronics manufacturing industry sales income of 7,689.99 billion yuan, up 18.33%; to achieve a total profit of 29.905 billion yuan, down 3.07%. Negative growth in profits. Electronics industry profit growth continued to slow: 1 November 2008, Chinas electronics manufacturing industry sales income of 5,402.48 billion yuan, up 21.74%; to achieve a total profit of 17.704 billion yuan, an increase of 11.88%, the profit growth slowed down significantly. Financial crisis affecting the global semiconductor industry: the financial crisis has seriously affected the global semiconductor sales, November 2008, global semiconductor sales 20.8 billion, down 9.96%, a decline of 7.29%. 2009 the global semiconductor industry will see a negative growth: As the f...
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