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2008 PV giant Q-CELLS net profit 187 million euros

By the international financial crisis, the German economy fell sharply in 2008, especially in the fourth quarter of its gross domestic product (GDP), decreased 2.1%, the highest since German reunification in 1990 the largest drop in auto, steel as the representative of the industry suffered heavy losses. But in times of adversity among the solar PV industry in Germany is still hot, photovoltaic business in good condition. According to the Investment Adviser of the Ministry of the latest energy industry data analysis shows that in 2008 the worlds second-largest German solar cell manufacturer Q-CELLS net profit of 187 million euros, an increase of 28.5%, while in 2007 the companys net profit 146 million euros. In addition Q-CELLS 2008 sales of 12.5 billion euros, compared with 859 million euros in 2007. Sub-regional perspective, 2008 is ...
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2008 Q2 silicon wafer shipments up 6%

SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) today announced quarterly analysis of the silicon wafer industry, second quarter of 2008 worldwide silicon wafer area shipments increased by 6% over the first quarter. The second quarter of the total area of silicon wafer shipments of 2.303 billion square inches in the first quarter to 2.163 billion square inches. In the second quarter of 2007 compared to the second quarter of this year silicon wafer area shipments increased nearly 5%. The data in the report as polished silicon wafers, including the original test wafers and epitaxial silicon wafers, and wafer manufacturers to end users of non-polished silicon wafer products, but does not include silicon for solar cells . "As the global economic downturn, the first quarter, less shipping area; and shipping area of the second quarter, up 6%, in line ...
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2008 Review of electronic information industry standardized event

2008, the standardization of electronic information industry adhere to the "departmental, departments together, the Department of Provincial linkage" triple step, to co-ordinate the development and technological innovation, patent disposal, test verification, industry promotion, promoting and applying the five areas In integrated circuits, software, digital TV, digital home, semiconductor lighting, security and other areas of electronic products a series of standardization activities, great achievements, great job. One, "IGRS" lead 3C coordination with the international standards, industrial development opportunity to win IGRS standard international proposals to support the high rate of 96% of the votes to pass the final draft standard ISO/IECJTC1 vote. Thus, the IGRS standard officially become the worlds first field of 3C collaborativ...
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2008 sales decreased 5.7% silicon wafer market position is essentially the same supplier

Market research firm Gartner said wafer demand in 2008 is calculated in terms of sales fell 5.7% to 11.8 billion, mainly due to stagnant demand in the second half. This is the first time since 2001, annual sales decline. From the supplier ranking in SHE is still ranked first in Japan, a market share of 33.3%, an increase of 0.8%, Sumco SHE is the amount of narrowing the gap between the two share only a difference of 0.8%. SHE annual sales revenue fell 3.4%. Siltronic AG of Germany is still ranked third, but revenue fell 27%, so its market share fell from 3.3 to 11.5%. This reflects the proportion of Siltronic company 300mm wafer as before the two companies. These companies are subject to the negative impact of demand in straight sets. MEMC Electronic Materials is still ranked fourth, but its revenue fell 24% market share slipped to 7....
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2008 sales of photovoltaic equipment industry reached 1.766 billion yuan

2008 the first half of the countrys rapid economic development in the context of electronic equipment industry growth of 26%. But in the second half, in the international financial crisis, the industry growth slowed significantly. Preliminary statistics, in 2008 within the electronic equipment industry, a total of 75 major units in sales revenue of 8.27 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3%, lower than the 2007 growth rate of 30.9%. Downturn trend in the industry as a whole, the PV equipment industry is thriving. 2007, China engaged in the production of photovoltaic modules a total of more than 200 companies, by 2008 that number has soared to nearly 400. In 2008 the first time Chinas PV production capacity of more than Germany, the highest in the world. Production of PV modules in 2007 already reached the world at the time, PV module produ...
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2008 should be able to control the air-conditioning rose 8% -10% less than in

Suning held in Guangzhou yesterday, "Suning Appliance Air Conditioning Industry Summit 2008" to invite the mainstream air-conditioning giant and air conditioning industry experts to discuss trends in 2008. air conditioning prices will rise this year According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that, following the record year 2007 the highest CPI, the January 2008 CPI index for the history of the past 11 years record. Associated with the air conditioning industry, iron ore prices rose 65%, driven steel prices soaring; and international crude oil prices break through 100 U.S. dollars. 2008 Nian white goods industry "recognized" cause of the three prices: one is white with copper, steel and other materials more, both of raw materials prices rose 8%; Second, crude oil prices, oil products prices, and also so that transport ener...
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2008 smart phone market share rapidly increased to 14%

Market research firm ABI Research recently published a report, despite the global handset market in 2008 because of the economic crisis suffered sharp decline, but the smart phones in the global handset market share has accounted for 14% growth is very positive. According to foreign media reports, ABIs research shows that because of the advanced features of smart phones and by consumers. In 2008, smart phones accounted for in the global handset market share of 14%, the figure is expected to grow to 17% this year. ABI analyst Kevin Burden said the overall decline in the global mobile phone sales to grow the premise of the smart phone. Burden global handset sales this year from 1.21 billion in 2008 to 11.7 million units, a decrease of 2.5%. ABI statistics show that in 2008, sit tight Nokia is already the leader in the global handset mar...
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2008 Taiwans LED production value of maintaining the global packaging industry ranked second

Optoelectronics Association PIDA pointed out that the financial crisis, Taiwans LED industry, including chip and package in 2008 the total value of about 820 billion Taiwan dollars, and in 2007 considerable. LED chip, the output value of which 31.6 billion Taiwan dollars in 2008, the annual reduction of 4%. LED packaging production value of NTD 50.3 billion, the annual increase of 3%, about 1.532 billion U.S. when the NT, to maintain the output value of the global LED packaging industry ranked second only to Japan, 3.011 billion U.S. NT. PIDA that was originally expected in 2008 the output value of Taiwans LED industry is expected to reach NTD 100 billion mark, but by the financial turmoil, the actual only reached 82 billion NT dollars, roughly the same in 2007. Easily than in the past 2 years the growth rate of more than 20% in 2008, c...
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2008 Top 10 rankings released Suntech solar third in the world

PhotonInternational According to the latest issue of magazine lists the top 10 in 2008 world solar cell of the top 3 considerably Germany Q-Cells, the United States and large Lushang De FirstSolar, outside the mainland company in addition to Suntech, JA, Yingli in 2007,2008 into the same top 10 list, analysts said that in 2009 affected by the large environmental impact, though each continued to increase output, but also enhance the competitive level. 2008 Global top 10 solar cell factory in Germany, respectively Q-Cells, the United States FirstSolar, Suntech, Sharp, JA, Japan, Kyocera, Tianwei Yingli, Taiwan, Motech, SunPower and Sanyo United States, which , compared with estimated 2008 output of each factory figures, many manufacturers estimate the actual output ratio is low. Solar energy companies, said that is was mainly the 4th qua...
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2008 total output value of Taiwan enterprises VoIP equipment $ 500,000,000

MIC under investigation for Information Industry, the global enterprise VoIP market is expected to reach 15.5 billion by 2011, including equipment market reached 110 billion U.S. dollars, the telecom services market revenues of about 4.5 billion, of which about four in North America into the market. In addition, VoIP equipment in 2008 total output value of Taiwan enterprises expected to be approximately 501 million, to 2012 to reach $ 1,172,000,000. III Tseng Chi-MIC industry analyst, said in 2012 there will be 40% of SMEs using business VoIP, enterprise voice and video conferencing on demand will gradually increase, as users shift work patterns , VoIP services will increasingly focus on the development of real-time communication, to meet the needs of different places meeting of workers, but will also go beyond the pure IP mode Hybrid m...
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