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2008 U.S. appliance market by 7.3% than the previous year, reaching 173 billion U.S. dollars

The U.S. appliance industry group Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) in the U.S. time July 22, 2008 announced a U.S. household electrical appliances market-related findings. The results showed that 2008 sales of household appliances by 7.3% than the previous year, reaching 173 billion U.S. dollars, in 2009 to more than 183 billion U.S. dollars. Good reasons on market trends, CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro explained, "the economic downturn, consumers will think that saving gasoline and home entertainment and office and other reasons to buy home appliances. Deterioration in the performance of other sectors circumstances, the home appliance industry has performed well, that is the reason. " CEA had announced in January this year, home appliance sales forecast 2008 results, and raised the forecast of 20 billion U.S. dollars. Rise r...
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2008 Who Controls the Asian electronic test equipment

autumn season, is the harvest time. Recently, the local leader of electronic test equipment manufacturers RIGOL one after another in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, held in 29 cities nationwide roadshow to introduce the companys flagship products, including the DG3000 series function / arbitrary waveform generator and DM3000 series digital multimeter, digital oscilloscope together with the original constitute the basic scheme of electronic testing. RIGOL can be said that "decades sword", profound knowledge, years of research and development, the accumulation of technology and market, and finally improve the product line, became the first to provide fully independent research and development of electronic test equipment manufacturers. Start talking about the hardships of the past decade, RIGOL, vice president of marketing at Weise...
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2008-2009 Survey of Chinese embedded development practitioners

Survey Background It is estimated that the global size of the embedded software market, more than 100 billion U.S. dollars, and each year more than 30% of the rate of growth. In China, the embedded market has more than 500 billion the next three years Chinas embedded software industry will continue to have up to 40% annual growth rate, and by 2010 the embedded software market in China will reach 1,000 billion yuan . Attractive market makes global IT giants moving into the embedded market, national policies are also implemented on the embedded software industry, "value-added tax concessions" policy tilt. Embedded has become a huge industry full of opportunities and become a pillar of the entire software industry! people-oriented technology, the embedded industry is in its "broad applications, talent demand, high wage employment, industr...
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2009 and the results of the latest technology lighting industry Record Forum

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Asia-Pacific region is undoubtedly the most important purchase lighting industry event, tens of thousands from around the world lighting industry, retailers, wholesalers , architects, building planners will gather in this search for products, customers, and new trading partners. 2009 Nian 6 9, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre at the grand opening. The lighting industry prosperity by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt organized to carry out building electrical exhibition period. Fourteen years as a continuous holding of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 2009, a total of 1,543 homes exhibitors from 26 countries and regions, exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, covering 11 halls. Two LED thematic Museum, Mus...
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2009 annual meeting of the China Electronics Technology

"2009 Annual Meeting of China Electronics Technology" recently with the "73 th China Electronics Fair & 2009 China Digital Communication Exhibition" held at the same time the opening ceremony, will also hold the "2008 Electronic Information Science and Technology Award" activities. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shenzhen top leaders, many of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, university presidents, industry associations and experts, will visit the scene, and the award-winning business and industry join the festivities, and discuss creative plans. Face in the global financial crisis, the Chinese became the focus of world attention, Chinas electronic information industry as a strategic national economy, fundamental and guiding pillar industries, is becoming concerned about the hot spots. ...
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2009 APEC summit held in Guangzhou

- > 5 18, "2009 APEC (APEC) SME Summit - the Pearl River Delta sub-forum" held in Guangzhou, which is the first time in September this year in Hangzhou, China held the Third APEC SME Summit The first version of the local area. As one of the organizers, said Ali Baba side, as the financial crisis spread, the economic situation every day, every quarter, will have changed profoundly in 2009, the economic trend of the next few years will be a decisive year, APEC SME Summit held at home, to allow more domestic SMEs benefit from it. Guests on the development of SMEs are in possession of a positive point of view, Jin Bei, Nai awake, Chen Chun-hua, and other famous economists direction for the development of SMEs that growth and globalization of SMEs is closely related to the out of the crisis generally good. Known management expert, South ...
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2009 AUO Technology Trends Forum held to promote green innovation TFT-LCD industry

"Green innovation and commitment to win-win" as the theme of 2009, AUO Technology Trends Forum was successfully held in Suzhou today, the worlds top three, Taiwans largest TFT-LCD design, research and manufacturing company AU Optronics green innovation and a positive response to the economic crisis, the successful experience of the global commitment to cultivating an important manifestation of the Chinese market. Relevant government departments, representatives of industry associations and research institutions, as well as from across the country more than 200 customers and business partners attended the forum to discuss the latest industry and technology trends, and the current economic crisis, TFT-LCD industry how to develop in-depth exchanges. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Director Xiao Hua Electronic Information Di...
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2009 automotive electronics continue to deepen the car navigation market prospects

2008 Chinas automotive electronics industry has developed rapidly, but the adverse external environment worsening, and many other factors make the prospects for 2009, industry concern. In order to more clearly grasp the background of financial crisis in 2009, under the context of Chinas electronics industry, this article go to well-known research firm analysts, and readers to share their expertise on the automotive electronics industry analysis and outlook. Domestic automotive electronic process will continue to deepen the turmoil in the industry CCID Consulting, automotive and semiconductor business Director Lee Shu-Chong Recent years, China addition to increased production outside the auto industry, passenger cars obviously accelerated the pace of product upgrades, and in the course of this round of product upgrades, domestic automo...
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2009 automotive electronics industry focus

Pay in force: Independent Business and the International Automotive Electronics Technology gap Automotive electronics consists of two parts: one is the car audio and video entertainment systems, GPS and other vehicle-based electronic devices, the other part of the automotive electronic control devices, including electronic fuel injection systems, ABS and so on. In contrast, the latter technology is more complex, more sophisticated and more critical. Domestic automotive electronics business mainly involves the field of automotive electronics, and the uneven level of manufacturers, few large enterprises. In the field of automotive electronic control, the automotive industry developed with a clear first-mover advantage, the monopoly of the core technology of many electronic products. China was at a disadvantage, especially in the engine a...
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2009 China International Semiconductor Technology Conference successfully held in Shanghai

By the SEMI, ECS and Chinese high-tech group of experts jointly organized by the China International Semiconductor Technology Conference March 19-20 successfully held in Shanghai. Nobel Laureate in Physics, IBM Fellow Georg Bednorz, Intel senior fellow Robert Chau, IMEC CEO Gilbert Declerck, Praxair CTO Ray Roberge keynote for the General Assembly, for the 550 participants of the international semiconductor industry who introduced the most cutting-edge nanotechnology technology, microelectronic technology trends. The successful convening of this workshop is to enhance the technological level of Chinas semiconductor industry will be the most advanced technology and ideas into China has played a positive role. This session a total of nine technical sessions, covering all areas of semiconductor manufacturing, including the former Road, lit...
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