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2009 China launched a grand selection activities for electronic components

Message yesterday afternoon, leaders at all levels in the HC electronic network of common concern and support, "2009 China Top Ten selection activities for electronic components," the official business meeting to the general electronic components, causing the concern of many components business. In more than two months of meticulous preparation process, the HC component electronic network on the depth industry market research and learn the many views of industry experts, while the strong support of all enterprises. It is reported that the authority to create the industrys top ten contest, March 10, HC electronic network is organizing the "2009 China Summit Forum of electronic components preparatory" to invite the electronic information industry leading authority Luo Peilin Guo to dozens of state and other industries HC network of exper...
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2009 China Top Ten selection of the electronic components industry is about to start

Affect Chinas electronics industry, "2009 China Electronic Components Industry Development Summit Forum and the ten selected activities" will be held in March 2009 was officially launched, this theme will focus on "crisis convergence way out" three aspects, and its aims to promote Chinas electronic components industry, the environment healthy and sustainable development, strengthening of Chinas electronic components business of brand building, upgrading and promotion, to form Chinas electronic components industry, the competitive atmosphere of good will to improve the level of Chinas electronic information industry development play an active role in promoting. Ten electronic network with the previous selection is different is that this top ten selection of electronics components, semiconductor two areas, industry experts, consultants hu...
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2009 chip market share, revenue fell a rose into the Intel

Affected by the economic rebound, the market research firm Gartner recently increased again, the global chip market in 2009 to 226 billion U.S. dollars is expected, but compared to last year, the figure still fell by 11.4%. Gartner had that decline in October to reach 17%. Gartner said Stephan Ohr, research director of semiconductor, semiconductor showing the earliest signs of warming is the PC market, mobile phones, followed by the automotive industry. But business investment spending is still very conservative, very slow recovery. Gartner also predicted that chip giant Intels market share will increase slightly to 14.2%; by the price of memory chips, Samsung and Hynix this years revenue will increase 2%; STMicroelectronics, Infineon and other revenues will be declined. Gartner said the lower input of the memory manufacturers this ye...
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2009 cross-strait LED and solar photovoltaic industry Matchmaking Symposium held

Recently, cross-strait 2009 LED and solar photovoltaic industry Matchmaking Symposium held in Xiamen hotel, the three projects signed on the spot, leading enterprises in Taiwans LED packaging industry, Micron Technology billion investment in R & D offices in Xiamen. Situation the global economic downturn, Taiwan optoelectronics industry development hand in hand even more important, matchmaking has attracted from both sides of the LED, solar photovoltaic industry experts, entrepreneurs, nearly 300 people, Taiwans "Optical Father, "Dr. Shi Dacheng made at the meeting" LED lighting, a new paradigm, "the keynote speech, but also leads to experts and entrepreneurs on both sides of the full synergies between Fujian and Taiwan to promote further cooperation in the optoelectronics industry thinking and discussion. It is understood that, as a l...
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2009 device installed global PV industry revenues will be significantly reduced 40%

Investment Advisor in the Research Department of the latest energy industry learned that because of solar power in Spain by funding cuts and the global credit crunch caused by the slow progress of the new solar project development in 2009, installed equipment, the global PV industry revenues will be significantly reduced to 40% 18.2 billion U.S. dollars, while in 2008 this figure was 30.5 billion. Investment Advisor in the energy industry analyst, said Jiang Qian, since the end of 2008, the global PV market suffered a huge blow, although China and other countries during 2009 is expected to warm the economy, the global solar market is expected to return to temperature, but Overall, the installed global solar market this year can not speed over the same period in 2008. From the European point of view, the Spanish government has subsidized...
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2009 End of Year Inventory: Ten global PV industry events

For the global solar energy industry is concerned, 2009 was a year full of drama. Many solar manufacturers and suppliers have trouble. At present, it seems that bad luck will stay away from the industry, the New Year will usher in a new atmosphere, which is the solar industrys most anticipated scene. Ups and downs of an industry will bring a number of related events. Recently, the American network Seeking Alpha Industries Review in 2009 the top ten global PV industry events (in alphabetical order), I believe this will help readers sort out the solar energy industry event in 2009. 1 solar panel price volatility As a result of market demand, the credit crunch has shrunk rapidly in 2009, solar panel manufacturers and suppliers are forced to lower prices by 50%. And solar-related factories have to lay off workers, cut production, even to r...
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2009 FPD and semiconductor industry outlook

Taiwan is the IT products manufacturing center, creating a "semiconductor" and "FPD flat panel display," two "trillion dollar industry", this report by analysis and comparison of TSMCs fourth quarter performance, summarized in Taiwan manufacturers in 2009 two "trillion dollar industry" development outlook. Semiconductor foundry. TSMCs fourth quarter revenues were down year on year three into a chain to 64.56 billion Taiwan dollars, net profit of 12.45 billion Taiwan dollars, down 64% year on year, the chain reduced the rates are as high as 59%, while lower gross margin and ROE, profitability trends to deteriorate. UMC trapped fourth quarter loss of 23.5 billion Taiwan dollars, annual results reported loss. Semiconductor packaging and testing. ASE in the fourth quarter loss of 800 million Taiwan dollars, annual sales fell 50%. ASE 2008 ...
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2009 global chip sales will reach 196.2 billion U.S. dollars market

7 Yue 8 news, Mike is well-known text of the chip market analysts before the expected global chip sales this year from the previous 192.5 billion U.S. dollars raised to 196.2 billion U.S. dollars, the increase rate was 1.9%. According to foreign media reports, Covent predicted global chip sales this year will be only 182.1 billion U.S. dollars, down 26.8%. Covent chip market forecast will be improved in the second half. He said global chip sales in June to reach 18.29 billion U.S. dollars, down 28.3%. ...
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2009 global imbalance between supply and demand analysis of polysilicon reshuffle imminent

2008 the solar industrys hottest topics than polysilicon material shortage problem, highlights the market demand for this addition to heat, but also coveted by the high profits for many new entrants to get into solar PV market. Polysilicon is a high technology and capital are the industry threshold, while driving up the price caused by lack of material, so that by 2008 investment in warm polysilicon plant, part of the plan will come from solar power plants in order to keep the supply of raw materials carried out by vertical integration. Looking polysilicon raw materials market in 2009, manufacturers of raw materials out of the new capacity will continue, New trial production of polysilicon manufacturers have joined the ranks, but also add a new source of raw material market, in addition to global economic recession led to a sudden drop ...
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2009 GPS chip integrated into trends and wireless communications

2007 annual is GPS (GlobalPositioningSystem) ushered in popular applications a year, in addition to the navigation device hot, GPS and other end applications expanded gradually in general, GPS chip is optimistic about the heat and light in 2008, however, the situation is not If expectations. Application of GPS chip main PND (PortableNavigationDevice) product rapidly in Q1 sales fall, inventories rise in pressure, GPS SiRF chip leader also issued a profit warning, under the revised financial projections. Since the 1st quarter of 2008, SiRF had a net loss after tax of 4 consecutive quarters, the financial gap to expand, even higher stock prices fell sharply, from nearly $ 30 in late 2007, is now below the $ 2 barrier. GPS chip industry in 2007 after tidal wave of consolidation, including Broadcom (BroADCom) acquisition GlobalLocate, NXP a...
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