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2009 LED lights onto the golden period of development enterprises

Mention the hottest LED products in 2009, certainly a lot of people will say that LED street lighting. Yes, companies active in the global R & D, the 2009 will be a year of rapid growth of LED lighting, the scale of the global LED street lamp shipments expected by 2008, rapidly rose to 900,000 of the 2.1 million in 2009, 2009 penetration expected to exceed 1%. LEDs advantages do not say, now restricted the development of LED lamps biggest problem is the cost of the general publics first impression of the LED is expensive, but considering the electricity, life, maintenance and other overall costs, LED is a good move to save money. LED lights enterprises that with the worsening international economic crisis this year, in 2009 the market will inevitably reduce the prices of raw materials, which also makes the LED lights and accessories man...
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2009 Ministry of Industry to promote independent innovation policies

Ministry of Industry in 2009 to promote the implementation of national policies to encourage innovation and support independent research and development and joint research to support cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral integration of innovation, to promote the production and research with a combination of accelerating scientific and technological achievements into practical productivity. Li mentioned technology research focus areas include materials, equipment, consumer goods, electronics and information fields. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology planning, in the field of raw materials, focusing on iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemical industry, new materials and new product development to meet market demand; in the equipment area, focusing on metallurgy, petrochemical and other advance...
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2009 mobile phone semiconductor industry is still a difficult year, local Dawn

From the end of 2008, many analysts and media have for the semiconductor market in 2009 outlined an unusually bleak prospects. Although the total view, the entire semiconductor industry will usher in a tough year, but the economic downturn on the different products and the impact of the industry is very different. Indeed, memory and some have been commercialized (commoditized) semiconductor market will suffer 30-40% of the sharp decline. However, high-performance market such as 32-bit and 64-bit processors, and 32-bit and 64-bit kernel ASIC, ASSP and FPGA are expected to fall only about 5%. In many applications, the semiconductor device market is expected to slightly increase. IMSResearch analysts TomHackenberg the semiconductor-based mobile application market is full of confidence. Tom said: "The handset semiconductor market will be ve...
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2009 Munich Shanghai laser, optoelectronics exhibition - the leading Chinese optical industry

By the Munich, Germany Munich, organized by International Expo Group Shanghai Laser, Optical Fair (LASER World of PHOTONICS China 2009) will be held in March 2009 from 17 to 19 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center held a grand again. The exhibition of information as the Shanghai International Expo (SIIEF) an important part of this year, will continue to jointly Munich Shanghai Electronics Show (electronica & Productronica China 2009), China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition and the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Exhibition and Seminar will join us once again showed the largest electronics industry in China Expo event. Favor of the exhibition industry platform In the current background of global economic downturn, China is the rise of the laser and optoelectronics industry is also due to some dec...
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2009 Open Source China Open Source World Summit was held June 29

- > By the China OSS Promotion Unions "Open Source China Open Source World" Summit Forum and the Roundtable will be held 29-30 June 2009 at the Beijing Science Park Hotel held. Linux Foundation President, Ubuntu Linux Founder, OpenOffice open-source community a group of international experts, including President contact, while also sharing the domestic open source businesses, communities, the main users in the development, promotion and use of valuable open source software experience, many IT executives of multinational companies, technical officials, who will bring us such as mobile terminal platforms, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology of the latest trends. This meeting is considered in the current financial turmoil, economic crisis, under winter warmth, as we present more open source technologies, open source proje...
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2009 performance of well-being of Chinas industrial electronics markets mixed

According to iSuppli, while Chinas industrial electronic equipment industry is difficult to get rid of the impact of global recession, but because of the industry served by a variety of applications, expected in 2009 will continue to maintain overall growth. ISuppli forecasts that Chinas industry in 2009 the overall turnover of electronic equipment market will reach 40.9 billion U.S. dollars, up 8.9% compared to 2008. The growth rate is lower than in 2008, highlighted the negative impact of global recession. Industrial electronics is the most diverse areas of the economy. According to iSupplis definition, industrial electronics, including: medical electronics, manufacturing automation, semiconductor manufacturing, test and measurement, security systems, military and civil aviation applications. With such a wide range of applications, i...
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2009 Power Industry Development Summit Forum held in Shenzhen

- > Information Industry Research Center, CCID Consulting By a CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. China Power Supply Society and co-sponsored the "2009 Power Industry Development Summit Forum" will be held June 19 in Shenzhen. The Summit will be the power industry sector throughout the country for the first time around "market development and industrial upgrading" of the high level of organized, high-level conferences. To 2009, the special context of the macroeconomic environment, the forum focus on "innovation, energy efficiency, integration, upgrade," the theme of wide range of domestic well-known power supply manufacturers, industry experts and industry users to discuss the power market in China the process of development and industrial upgrading, and frontier issues facing the hot, clear development of the industry context. Technological...
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2009 Q4 global semiconductor production capacity of 10.7% year on year reduction

By Semiconductor International Capacity Statistics (SICAS) released the 2009 fourth quarter related to capacity and utilization of the latest data, extract some data to illustrate this. Picked from SICAS 2009 Q4 2008 Q4 compared with recent data, has the following to illustrate various points; 1), the total wafer production capacity and 08 Q4 09 Q4 or decrease compared to 10,7% 2), the global foundry production capacity of 09 Q4 08 Q4 compared with the increase of 10,6% 3), 2008 Q4 is less than 80 nm when the worlds total production capacity of more than 44% of total capacity, and by 54% during 2009 Q4, reflecting technological progress accelerated. In 2008 Q4 If we can not less than 60 nm production, and to the 2009 Q4 is less than 60 nm technology, the global production capacity has risen to account for 35,4% of total capacity, eq...
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2009 Second China Market "trading firm faith" selection start voting

2009 Nian 3 15, the second session of the Chinese electronics market "trading firm faith" selection voting started. Chinas electronics market "trading firm faith" assessment activities at the start of this year on February 25, in the recommended application stage, by the National Association of electronic parts, electronic physical market, electronic trading platform for online jury for selection, reporting, As of March 15 reported to participate in the selection of good faith JCP enterprises amounted to nearly a thousand, after rigorous screening and evaluation of the jury, the final 277 companies short-listed electronics. This selection is divided into three phases, namely primary (80 strong), check (50), re-check (20 strong). At the same time to different stages of the jury will reward the winner. Selection methods and evaluation ...
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2009 Semiconductor and electronics industry needs to calm in the face

Financial crisis is hitting the real economy, as a major driving force for high technology, semiconductor and electronics industries are facing a market downturn. Recalling the history of the semiconductor industry, cyclical fluctuations are always unavoidable topic, but this time more strongly point only. Faced such a crisis, people in the semiconductor industry, how uncertain situation in the survival and development? Repeatedly experienced the peaks and troughs, perhaps we have more confidence, experience through the "winter", calm face of 2009, to meet the industrys spring. Kwan Yue Health, Applied Materials Investment (China) Co., Ltd., President 2008 year for challenging us all year. Our semiconductor, display and related services business is affected to some extent. But at the same time, our solar business in 2008 but has made g...
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