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3 trillion investment target for 2020 under: Solar million kilowatts

5 12 May, the National Energy Board of new energy and new energy Renewable Energy Division Director LIANG Zhi-peng in the "Renewable Energy Finance Forum" confirmed to this reporter, the first draft of new energy development plan has been finalized, and completed the Development and Reform Commission and the relevant enterprises to the various comments, the current given to various ministries for comments. Upon completion of the program, and final changes, choose the introduction. China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization of renewable energy professionals Li Junfeng, secretary general said the revitalization of this new energy plan and had the same number of industrial planning, the main contents of the three years 2009-2011 the task of the new energy industry, "The new energy is the biggest feature of the revitalization ...
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3.1 billion Google acquisition of Double-or will lead to Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo

Yesterday, Google announced the completion of the online advertising company DoubleClick (double click) the acquisition. Earlier, the European Commission in-depth antitrust investigation decision to approve Google 3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick. Meanwhile, Google CEO Eric. Schmidt disclosed that the acquisition will be overwhelmed by layoffs. Schmidt said the possible job cuts after completion of the acquisition, and layoffs may be mainly conducted in the United States and may also in other regions. It is reported that in the United States, is expected to be completed in early April revised staffing, and other areas later. Internet expert Lubbe hope that DoubleClick only Yahoo, Microsoft and Google useful Googles victory further consolidated its leading position on online advertising. Analysis pointed out that since Google in o...
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3.15 Rights: Konka LCD service is a "decoration"

Approaching 3.15, and as consumers is not always feel that their rights should be given up? Not intentionally, but always thought inadvertently rights, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Words, it happened that I was experiencing such a return. Has long been home to buy a gift for seniors, after thinking that buying a LCD TV, with both practical and atmosphere. March 2, I specifically went to the States United States stores in Beijing, one of the largest selection of Gome stores Jung LCD TV, after repeated comparison selection, chose a 32-inch LCD TV Konka brand, price is 4680 yuan, and paid delivery contract on March 6, the day the goods are safe to, delivery man dropped the words: "We just delivery, call to find the sale and installation of Konka, their problems will not be responsible for out of the box!" to ...
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30 enterprises Sony Blu-ray DVD U.S. investigation of alleged infringement by

According to foreign media reports, Sony has recently met with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation, because of its Blu-ray DVD player and other products suspected of infringement. Addition to Sony, the ITC investigation has been a total of 30 enterprises. The grounds that their products suspected of infringing the short wavelength light-emitting diodes and laser diode patent infringing products include the Sony Blu-ray DVD player included. It is reported that Columbia University Professor Emeritus Ge Te Lu De Luo Schild (Gertrude Neumark Rothschild) in February this year, the 30 companies had filed a lawsuit demanding that the U.S. banned the import of a range of products infringe its patent. Addition to Sony, has been investigating the company as well as Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Pionee...
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30 years of reform and opening up the electronic information industry by leaps and bounds

30 years of reform and opening up, Chinas electronic information industry has made remarkable achievements in 2007 and 1977, compared to 30 years in the scale of the industry turned more than 12 fan, ranking first in the domestic industrial sector, manufacturing scale out the worlds first Second, the industrial added value of 1.3083 trillion yuan, equivalent to 30 years ago, 472 times the average annual growth of 22.8%; tax profits 312.7 billion yuan, equivalent to 1421 times 30 years ago; exports of 459.5 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the countrys total exports 37.7%; the countrys total GDP, industrial added value rose from 0.7% in 1977 to 5.3% in 2007. After 30 years of reform, opening up and development, Chinas electronic information industry has initially established a professional categories is relatively complete industrial ...
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300 domestic enterprises fate of dilemma PV

By the financial tsunami, rumors since last October, the country has more than 300 photovoltaic modules business failures out of business, leaving only 50 or so. "PV components businesses have closed down the 300 family? I think the number exaggerated." February 19, a domestic PV business executives expressed doubts. In its view, although the late start of domestic enterprises PV modules, PV industry chain is also affected by the financial crisis the biggest part, but three months of the financial tsunami, "estimated that only 100 firms closed down 100 companies to temporarily suspend production, 100 companies in a semi-shutdown state. " Same day, the China Renewable Energy Society of Professional Committee of photovoltaic Zhao Yuwen, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Province, Wei Qidong Photovoltaic Industry Association, are told this new...
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300mm ultra-thin SOI Soitec its 22nm technology to support fully depleted devices

France Soitec SOI technology provider announced that its 300mm ultra-thin SOI (UTSOI) wafer platform supports 22nm node and below, the application of fully depleted devices. Soitec said the ability to create ultra-thin top silicon layer (20nm) SOI wafers, uniformity of up to less than 5 angstroms, and can achieve high yield mass production. Soitec also said that customers can develop based on the demand parameters, cost, and SOI wafers quite mainstream. "Ultra thin body SOI for the flat area of the device provides a solid foundation for the designers under the premise of preserving the performance of substantially reducing power consumption and leakage. The technology simplifies the overall structure of CMOS technology, which reduces the cost of . "Soitec company COO Paul Boudre said. ...
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301 to investigate the impact of the U.S. market even more in China

Last weekend, should apply for the United Steelworkers, the United States Trade Representatives Office announced the launch of the Huaqing Jie energy-related policies and measures 301 investigation. Chinas Yao Wenping, vice president of mechanical and electrical consultation, said the survey of the U.S. market even more in China. In addition, Chinas exports to the U.S. corporate solar modules, the production capacity of more than 50% of enterprises are U.S. listed companies. Chamber of Commerce that the United States conducted 301 investigations in China will ultimately harm the interests of U.S. investors. According to data from the Electrical and Mechanical Association: 1-8 months of this year, China exported to the U.S. solar panels only 4.57% of global exports, totaling less than 5 million, of which 75% of the processing trade, raw ...
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33 GB test selection committee this month, national standards for mobile TV

National standard on mobile TV debate has continued, the recent news that the national standard committee has shortlisted five companies sent a letter, which calls for 10 days before this month will be submitted to the relevant standard test. Followed by the National Standards Commission, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science, Film and Television Development and Reform Commission jointly with the jury about the 15th of this month submitted to the standards of the 33 test, which means that who gets mobile TV GB be announced. It is understood that the final selection with independent intellectual property rights to participate in the mobile TV standard Tsinghua Legend launched DMB-TH, Beijing introduced a new shoreline T-MMB, SARFT CMMB launched ASTRI and wide standardization in China Association launched CDMB, also previo...
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36 companies get together and buy back last month, the total accounted for 25% of Lenovos buy-back

With the securities market to gradually pick up, a wave of recent Hong Kong stock market repurchase get together "wave." In the past only in April, there is a total of 36 listed companies in Hong Kong conducted a 212 pen stock repurchases, which Lenovo Group (00992.HK) spent a total of 155 million Hong Kong dollars month for stock buybacks, accounting for the month of Hong Kong equities repurchase of the total funds 1 / 4. Analysts pointed out that Hong Kong stocks surge appears repurchase major shareholders of listed companies issued a positive signal, in general help to improve investor confidence in the companys investment, but does not rule out a handful of small companies stock price speculation suspect. According to report statistics, just past the April total of 36 212 Hong Kong listed companies repurchase stock pen, involving a...
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