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360 million project located in Xian Aerospace LED lighting base

Nanya Technology Co., Ltd. Xian new energy production base, and the word special power Tongchuan Lin Co., Ltd., recently signed a contract settled in aerospace base. It is understood that the two companies to invest 300 million 6 million yuan, is expected to be fully operational income of 40 billion yuan after the semiconductor lighting industrial projects, in Shaanxi Province to speed up development for semiconductor lighting and solar photovoltaic industry is of great significance. Semiconductor lighting and solar photovoltaic industry in Shaanxi Province is the future focus on the development of new energy projects, according to the provincial government plan, Shaanxi Province, in 2012 these two industries to achieve the goal of 200 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the establishment of Xian semiconductor lighting and solar photovoltaic indus...
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360 security guards by the injection of 3.6 billion will set up a separate company

Yesterday, the odd tiger announced, the odd tiger shareholders to inject 360 million yuan to 360 security guards, and spun off from the odd tiger, set up a separate company to operate. It is reported that, in line with the independent operation of the new company, 360 security guards opening of the new compact domain name. Meanwhile, the original 360 security guards will serve as head of Fu Sheng, general manager of the new company. Dominated areas in the capital, said Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the odd tiger, 3.6 billion will be mainly used for research and development and human spending, 360 security guards in the next two years aims to create a free first-class security platform. Establishment of the new company, 360 security center platform, there will be 360 security guards, 360, 360, software, Wikipedia, and safe and a series of se...
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37 billion U.S. dollars global market services, set up solar panel lab CSA

Recently, the worlds leading testing and certification organization officially announced the formation of CSA International Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory, dedicated to testing and certification is considered to homes and businesses and alternative energy solar panels and equipment. CSA International, Mr. Randall W. Luecke, President, said: "PV market is growing rapidly, an increase of over 110% in 2008. The new laboratory will help to improve the industrys testing and certification. In addition, governments and enterprises In co-operation, joint development of alternative energy programs, to promote economic recovery and reduce the impact on the environment. CSA Internationals testing and certification with professional knowledge, can help manufacturers to existing qualified, and the new alternative energy technology to market. " The ...
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3C electronic products sale "three sins": the biggest problem is the attitude of indifference

3 14, in the second session of the consumer electronics service work at the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Committee of Consumer Electronics General Zhou Ming said after-sales service, the current consumer electronics products of the polarization serious after-sales service, after-sales poor service to enterprises there are three major issues including the maintenance of arbitrary collection of fees. Biggest problem is the attitude of indifference Zhou Ming, after-sale issues for consumers more indifferent attitude is the biggest problem. Some companies think that their brand ring, the product worry about sales, so the indifference of the product after-sales service, and some large enterprises and even ignored the complaints of users. Enterprises do not perform three packs Many enterprises violation of the provisions of the phe...
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3C power management market to seize the main service and innovative brand Taiwan

Recent years, the power management semiconductor market has been one of the hot, its growth rate is also higher than the semiconductor market as a whole. With the increasing energy demand, power management devices market will be further expanded. In the field of power management chip, a large number of Taiwanese firms active in, after years of hard work they have been formed in some applications the characteristics of their products and competitiveness, this version of China Taiwan region have invited companies to explore the main power management focus and its application development strategy. ANPEC Electronics Marketing Deputy Director of the ancient King King Power IC products should be the pursuit of high value-added In LDO (low dropout regulator) and analog IC (integrated circuit) part, in order to achieve energy conservation, in...
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3COM Huawei launched a new program to give up the acquisition of a 5% stake and part of the patent

Huawei has been stranded together Bain Capital acquisition of U.S. cases occur 3COM ray of dawn. Reporter was informed that Huawei and Bain over the next few weeks to re-buy network equipment manufacturers to submit applications for 3COM. Acquisition program in the new Huawei 3COM will give up could have been a 5% equity holdings of the terms, retaining only 16.5% of the shares, and give up some of the patents owned by 3COM, but still maintain the overall 2.2 billion dollars acquisition. 3COM in the March 7 meeting of shareholders of the acquisition agreement for the new vote. On the acquisition of Huaweis new program will, a securities analyst believes that if you want approval from the U.S. government takeover, 3COM network security software business must be separated TippingPoint, and even may have to give up all 3COM U.S. business....
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3Com to terminate the acquisition request 066 million U.S. dollars to Bain termination fees

Because by the United States Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) and the members of the opposition, the U.S. private equity firm Bain Capital (Bain Capital) has decided not to join forces with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. plans to acquire 3Com. 3Com was announced Friday the acquisition side, Bain Capital of 22 billion acquisition of the companys proposal has been approved by shareholders, and under the merger agreement, Bain Capital to obtain $ 66,000,000 in termination fees. Bain failed Huawei acquisition Bain Capital announced on March 20 to abandon the acquisition of 3Com, this means that this transaction is ultimately lasted nearly six months ended in failure. This news, 3Com shares on Thursday fell $ 0.24 on the Nasdaq, to close at $ 1.98, down 11%. Huawei and Bain Capital in September last year, 3Com announced the acquisit...
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3Com, Accton and NatSteel analog modem to establish strategic alliance

3Com Corporation announced June 12 to finalize as early as March 20 this year, proposed in the 3Com Corporation, Accton Technology and NatSteel Electronics strategic alliance between the analog modem plan. New Alliance to establish a new company, called US Robotics, will be held September 2, 2000 became fully operational. US Robotics analog modem business of the company will be based on development and marketing will also be a series of Internet access solutions to meet the consumers, SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) and the companys extensive needs. Accton Technology Corporation, vice president and US Robotics board member Paul Kim said: "analog modem technology is still a widely used technology, and market projections indicate that in the coming years will still be a continuing large-scale growth. Therefore, as be the best for the...
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3D development if we can be truly awe of humanity

- > This title looks somewhat strange, or nothingness, can not see, or even touched, but it is the present global 3D stereo industry is facing a primary issue. No doubt, 3D industrial development boom is rapidly spreading. First, 3D technology has become a current hot spot of the film industry in Hollywood again sought under 3D movies has always been advertised from the commercial art can adjust the taste of the Cannes Film Festival, the first choice of a three-dimensional animated "flying Pixar "as the opening film; second, WEB 3D technology is becoming the darling of the Internet, Google, Microsoft, Internet World Expo have set foot in the Internet development and application of three-dimensional; third, three-dimensional television, stereo digital photo frame, three-dimensional digital camera, three-dimensional digital camera, a l...
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3D display with the green technology industry to lead the new trend

Issues with the continued spread carbon reduction and immersive images in pursuit of realism, 3D display technology, energy saving and environmental protection has long been a rivalry between the firms in the technology will fight, of course, this year the "Taipei International Optoelectronics Week" and "FPD Taiwan," the focus. Especially in the display industry costs and productivity gradually escape the occasion of competition, environmental protection, energy saving and high added value and the panel technology, the display will be the development of a new generation of the spindle. Green Optoelectronics Technology Solar energy combination, LED and precision optical products such as energy saving as the main axis of the "Taipei International Optoelectronics Week" lively debut last week. To echo the theme of green optoelectronics, ma...
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