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3D TV industry to build interoperable environment for upcoming video eyewear industry standards

Order to create interoperability with 3D TV industry environment, the U.S. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) plans to use stereo 3D video glasses set standards. President of market research firm InsightMedia ChrisChinnock that almost all of the 3D video device has its own set of glasses, and is not compatible with each other. Led by a Chinnock, for a year, industry groups and 40 members of the 3D @ Home, will list the technical characteristics of the existing 3D glasses to help the work of CEA to promote technical compatibility; In addition, the group also will present the user on 3D glasses demand draft. CEA plans to active and passive individual 3D glasses to establish separate standards, and in the May 12 meeting to discuss this issue formally. The 3D @ Home will provide the information will be included in consumer devices now ...
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3G crowded on the card: Huawei is the big winner

Today, MSN saw a friend wearing the suffix "3G is the fault of the fire." However, the depression and the Comparison of the economic crisis, 3G telecom market in China this year really is a fire. Competition from the 3G licenses, the first 3G commercial pilot, 3G testing machine, 3G marketing major offensive, telecommunications companies want to launch a netbook, to the beach landing on the card ... ... heat remain. Topic gradually smooth 3G, 3G Internet access and 3G on the card as a bull trend of public opinion. Topic of getting into the micro view, and gradually into the lives of ordinary people, this makes me want to end up before a battle chain of some rhetoric, "the last mile, a decisive battle in the end, 5 meters impression so." In fact, China Mobile and China Telecom in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities operating room to open...
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3G crucial year: a new pattern can usher in a new atmosphere?

China Telecom restructuring the dust has settled, creating the three full-service provider, China Telecom industry thus entered a new "Three Kingdoms" era. Under a new era of telecom competition, both on the whole business of the "all" project competition, but also on the move, particularly the arrival of 3G in this round, "single" power of the competition. Daquan business operators were three match three mainstream 3G standards worldwide - TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, the formation of the future full of possibilities, a new pattern of Chinas 3G development. Under the new pattern of three strength of the game, will bring thousands of 3G in China will be weather. Yang Zemin, as the Department of Telecommunication Research Institute in the "3G in China" 2008 summit said, 2008 will be 3G telecom operators into a crucial year. "Two-three patt...
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3G equipment leasing to help industry to achieve the first year of historical change

5 Yue 14 Ri , 3G license after the first large-scale mobile phone industry trade shows - the seventh Tianjin International Exhibition and Forum Mobile officially kicked off. Although in the global economic crisis, the mobile phone industry at a low negative background, the large-scale commercial launch of 3G, or so exhibitors on the integration of industry resources, were welcome to pick up the cell phone industry confidence. The four-day event brought together, including operators, handset machine manufacturers, value-added service providers, parts, equipment, software development, including mobile phone manufacturers in the chain of nearly 300 companies. In order to solve the mobile phone manufacturers suffering overcapacity, market saturation and the impact of financial crisis, the adverse situation of the triple, Tianjin Mobile Ex...
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3G generation panel production line for low to bring new opportunities

3G licenses early this year, an official release in China, China started to enter the 3G era. 3G mobile phone display response speed, resolution, color saturation, higher demands, display technology can meet the demand for 3G mobile phones, 3G mobile phones can bring to small and medium size panel makers new market opportunities? Experts believe that, 2G to 3G transition, the display is technically much of a problem does not exist, and if the tide this year as scheduled arrival of 3G mobile phone replacement, 3G will be the new low-generation panel production line to bring the development of new opportunities. Display technology to meet the 3G requirements 3G phone with 2G mobile phones should be the biggest difference is the network transmission speed, according to the human eyes persistence of vision theory, the picture 25 frames per...
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3G Internet in this "shell" contest or "core" of the competition?

Notebook with the Mobile 29, became the first built-in TD-SCDMA 3G wireless Internet access module, on 14 June, TD Internet this product has taken the lead in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Gome stores began selling, and in TD Internet sales in Beijing are in full swing to prepare for them, and now from the 3G technology applications in Beijing at their doorstep a step closer. "All of a sudden avalanche of 3G advertising, what limit network speed, the signal immediately, anywhere in the coverage of special to my heart, just as long as I carry a laptop to connect to achieve all the wonderful harvest, and I want on the 3G era, just do not know in the end is not an special luxury thing. "Cc consumers a way to explain his own people in and around the anguish for the 3G: want to go 3G this trendy look forward to a beautiful piece of "high road" exper...
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3G investment is expected to improve the fundamentals of electronic equipment manufacturing

Electronic manufacturing profits of industrial enterprises with the downward trend in growth, profit growth is also slowing down there, developing into steady growth. National Bureau of Statistics data released Sept. 26 showed that 1-August, industrial enterprises above designated size  the main business income of 500 million yuan profit of 1.8685 trillion yuan of enterprise, an increase of 19.4% compared to 2007 1 - August fell 37.0% year on year growth of 17.6 percent. But, electronic communication equipment manufacturing industry increased 18.2%. This indicates that the expansion of the electronics manufacturing industry to achieve the same in size, profitability, increasing pressure, the trend of slowing global economic development impact of its growth. However, can not be ignored, with the 3G era, a new round of investment will be...
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3G iPhone in May this year, listing Distribution 8,000,000 in Q3

3 Yue 29 news, according to foreign media reports, Bank of America (Bank of America) analyst Scott Gregg (Scott Craig) recently said that Apple will launch in May this year, 3G version of iPhone. Greg said: "The message from the channel, Apple will launch in May this year, a small amount of 3G version of iPhone, and in June will be a large number of Distribution." It is reported that Apples iPhone 3G production than previously expected. According to Greg expects Apple in May plans to produce three million in the third quarter, 8 million to be produced. In addition, Current Analysis analyst Avi Greengart also believes that Apple is about the June launch of 3G iPhone is reasonable. This, Apple has not made any comments. The iPhone service provider AT & T said last year, 3G version of iPhone mobile phone will be available this year. ...
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3G mobile devices through the development boom surging demand

Mobile TV, screen calls, high-speed Internet access, mobile commerce, remote monitoring, 3G wireless payment ... for the first time experience! Slim, glossy design, full touch screen, smart operating system, listening to music, take pictures to do with ... the first 3G mobile phone! Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, five cities, with a tipping point - the day listed ZTE U210, the five Chinese Yi Dong Ying Ye Ting crowds, many young people to achieve the two 3G " First. " With 3Gs opened the curtain, the Chinese mobile phone market will bring new opportunity for development. According to market research report shows that in 2009 a quarter of the global mobile phone shipments to 244.8 million, compared with same period last year decreased by about 15.8%, which is 20 years of global mobile phone quarter, the biggest ...
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3G mobile devices to implement mandatory product certification next year

Reporters from the national commission was informed that since January 1, 2010 onwards, 3G mobile terminals must be mandatory product certification, and the compulsory certification mark, before the factory, sell, import or use of other business activities. 3G mobile terminal device is in the public service for the public mobile communication network used for communication functions TD-SCDMA, WCDMA or CDMA2000 mobile devices. As technology advances and products continue to mature, 3G (third generation mobile communications) license, has officially released, 3G mobile terminals has officially entered the consumers life. "The first implementation of a mandatory product certification catalog" contains the mobile user terminal (including the TDMA (GSM) and CDMA mobile terminal), 3G mobile terminals in the TDMA (GSM) and CDMA mobile terminal...
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