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3G mobile phone battle day language of nirvana: 3G + Smart

"2G times in the past, the smart phone is like running a small road in the gut, senior sports car, its performance and the wide range of mobile data applications, limited bandwidth and the speed limit is immune to a performance, but means that bandwidth and 3G era a hundred times the speed of improvement is a real highway, which is popular smartphone to the civilian sectors of the foundation. "Recently, in the days of language phone, Qualcomm and Microsoft co-hosted the" wisdom of life and Receive 3G "activities, days Rong Xiuli, chairman of language phone day sentence speaks of language on the 3G smart phone mobile phone unlimited expectations. "Smart phones are not necessarily 3G phone, but is certainly the future of 3G mobile smart phones, to do the next day language promoter 3G smart phone." 3G accelerate the trend of the manufactur...
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3G mobile phone industry chain opportunities in calling for the next win-win cooperation

Present, Chinas mobile phone industry restructuring in the telecommunications, 3G license issuance and the economic crisis under the influence of three major factors, presents a special situation, operators began to dominate the mobile phone industry, device customization and industry cooperation win-win situation at this stage the mobile phone industry as the key words. In the seventh Tianjin International Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition, these features have been fully reflected, especially in the same period at the "2009 China Mobile Phone Industry Development (Summit) Forum and phone custom summit", from the three major mobile operators and key manufacturers, chip manufacturers, service providers, parts manufacturers in the 3G era terminal customization experts and industrial cooperation and other topics in-depth discussions, win-win...
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3G mobile phone smuggling is a conspiracy

3G in competitors have faltered when the journey, as long as the network of China Unicom for a completed, these 3G terminal immediately smuggled into its most lethal weapon in the giants of the explicit and implicit support directly to the China Mobile and China Telecom to attack Chinas mobile phone smuggling tide seems to have never stopped. However, in recent months the tide seems to be more violent, and there are some new scenes. Major cities in China mobile phone market, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Dopod, LG, and many other international brands have begun 3G mobile phone site wantonly devour cottage. Their format is the most popular international 3G standards WCDMA and the GSM compatible with the current 2.5G networks. More lethal in the price of their 2.5G mobile phones with almost the same, can be directly used as the current 2.5G mobil...
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3G mobile phone the morning of 157 Beijing Telephone Number Section No. few early adopters

Look forward to the last 8 years of the 3G mobile phone business in the trial this morning, Telephone Number. Despite Beijings major multi-media morning broken down into smaller "blocking" China Yi Dong Ying Ye Ting , but as operators take a very confidential manner, making the 3G mobile phone in public is still looked very mysterious. The enthusiasm of the media coverage compared to mobile phone users the response was very calm. Office in a number of business journalists see the morning, even though a user line for 3G services, but the real intention of the people have very few early adopters, more just Cougerenao. China Mobile announced in the country, including Beijings eight urban public Fang Hao, paragraph No. 157. Witnessed the scene First 3G user was invited to the "black box" Just after 8:00, the user Wu came to the movem...
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3G modem market capitalization of 2.5 billion market in 2010

According to market research firm In-Stats survey, the global 3G modem, the market value of the market in 2010 will exceed 35 billion U.S. dollars. This may for Qualcomm, Icera and Ericsson 3G modem IC suppliers is good news. But In-Stat said, with shipments continued to climb, but the 3G modem in 2010 prices will decline rapidly. In addition, in 2010, the market is greater than the external type of embedded 3G modem, 3G modem market, but the modem is in the embedded 3G modem beyond the outer orbit. In-Stat analyst Allen said, the external type or style of the 3G USB modem market in 2009 dropped by more than 25%, the price is lower than the average price of 65 dollars. But prices will become moderate in the coming years, because the multi-mode modem will support WiMax, WiFi, or LTE. 3G modem market, but still encounter resistance. In...
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3G technologies have advantages and disadvantages of three key application development

Department of Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Lou during the inspection tour of Guangdong, the Guangdong Provincial Communication Authority and leading telecom operators in a meeting. Lou pointed out that three 3G technologies have advantages and disadvantages, the decision is the key to their development application, the development of 3G telecommunications companies want to do application development in this article. Lou said at the forum, the current industry affected by economic crisis, thereby affecting the telecommunications industry. But the crisis on the telecommunications industry and an opportunity, improve the enterprise value-added business development, improve service levels a good opportunity for the promotion of technological development, technological innovation, energy saving, supporting local economic...
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3G technology business growth in the era of rapid transit

Zhongtian Technologies optical cable in China, one of the leading field, mainly engaged in fiber optic cable, RF cable, submarine optical cable, power cable and a variety of specialty cable production. Special cable company in the domestic market share of 30% to 40%; RF cable is currently around 20% market share; submarine optical cable market share of 70% in 2007 to 80%; power cable OPGW Products 2008 The market share of 42%. A variety of products the company in 2009, strong demand, market share is expected to maintain or further improve. Communications products to reach this years growth rate 60% Communication products company to benefit from the domestic construction and fiber access 3G promotion. With the 2009 construction of the domestic 3G accelerate in 2009, total demand for domestic radio frequency cables around about 140,000 ...
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3G telecom operators off the Internet Wars

- > Success of the Internet may be to meet the specific needs, in addition to the conventional notebook sales model, like the ordinary, the majority of telecom operators is the custom, to take bundle, which is a key factor in its success. Two clear demand The development of the Internet is clearly contrary to all expectation, the leading market research firm IDC, once the 2008 global shipments of the Internet from 300 million originally estimated to increase to 1080 million units, and forecast 2009 Global shipments will reach 20.8 million units, accounting for the entire laptop market 11% to 12%. IT products, channel to accept the "China Times" reporter, said the purchase of the Internets actually two kinds of people: one is especially rich people to buy the Internet as a second mobile computer; other being poor is the economy, but...
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3G telecommunications exhibition in Barcelona is not as bleak prospects of LTE Focus

The annual Mobile World Congress 2009, Barcelona, 16 am local time, the opening of almost all global mobile equipment manufacturers gathered in Barcelona, it is worth noting that major equipment manufacturers have shown TD-LTE, shows that China first proposed LTE technology is global concern. 3G boom were not the economic crisis Although the world is facing a serious economic crisis, had thought that the financial crisis on 3G this years exhibition will be influential in Barcelona, however, the reality seems not the case. As with the previous exhibition , Barcelona exhibition are mainly equipment manufacturers, followed by the handset manufacturers, there are a few operators to participate. Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona where the city hall is located in the heart of Barcelona, opposite a famous bullring, bullfighting events ...
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3G to provide opportunities for domestic mobile phone rather than the protection

It is reported that Chongqing recently sold the first batch of TD mobile phone terminal market will reach 60 balance, ZTE, Lenovo, and other domestic brands accounted for the vast majority of mobile phones, while the figure only a handful of foreign brands. National trend nearly so. In the CDMA market, domestic mobile phone as active. Data show that in December 2008 in the CDMA mobile phone sales, 46% share of domestic mobile phones, accounting for nearly half of overall market share. One share of the top five vendors selling CDMA, Huawei, and ZTE occupy three of Cool seats, Huawei, ZTE mobile phone market in the low-end mainstream, Cool in the high-end market occupies an important share of sales into the top two . 3Gs arrival seemed to give the long-silent-made mobile phones the opportunity to make a comeback. But the veteran believes...
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