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4 / 8-bit RISC microcontroller technology providers attractive booth ten-speed

Approached the ten-speed technology, a booth was it a warm green and a large television screen to the hooked. TV screen in front of visitors there in the "dancing"! It turned out he was the person in and play interactive computer games. Ten-speed technology in Taiwan, established in 1997 for the design, manufacture and sales of various CMOS ICs professional IC design suppliers. The main products are 4 / 8-bit RISC microcontroller ( RISC MCU ), integrated non-volatile memory (Embedded NVM) and System on Chip (SoC), these products are widely used in telecommunications, OA, IA, Internet, Networks and computer peripherals and consumer products. Ten-speed with excellent design capability and advanced process technology, the competitiveness of their products enough to show disdain for the industry in Taiwan. Its competitive advantages include...
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4 optical information industry giants in Taiwan in Xiamen

By the State Economic Zone to support the development of wind, there are four giant Taiwan optoelectronic information industry in Xiamen, Xiamen, Taiwans new wave in the transfer of industry to undertake the process of cutting-edge platform for becoming increasingly apparent. The four Taiwan-funded enterprises all new investment projects located in Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Zone, It is reported that four projects are TPV Technology Groups research and development center project, Chen Hong and technology R & D projects, Sunplus solar energy technology projects and the Taiwan Network Technologies AG, audio-visual multimedia projects. The four initial investment of Taiwan enterprises over 1 billion, including TPV display technology with an investment 75 million U.S. dollars, mainly in the flat panel display R & D and production, expected in Sept...
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4 support the launch of ADI Blackfin processor network

Analog Devices (Analog Devices, Inc., ADI) released 4 of the Blackfin processor support network - ADSP-BF534, ADSP-BF536, ADSP-BF537 processor and ADSP-BF566 eM30 eMedia platform, these devices suitable for embedded audio, video and communications applications, including IP set-top boxes, portable and networked media players, automotive telematics and network security access, and provides expanded scalability, portability and connectivity. Which ADSP-BF534 processor system peripherals include an integrated CAN 2.0B bus controller, a two-wire interface (TWI) controller, two UART ports, an SPI port, two serial ports, two Article external DMA request lines, nine general-purpose 32-bit timers (eight with PWM capability), a real-time clock, a watchdog timer, 48 general purpose input output (I / O) pins and a Parallel Peripheral interface. Th...
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4.5 generation display project BOE 300 million capital increase

BOE (000725) Notice, as affected by the earthquake and related materials prices, labor costs, logistics costs increased, in accordance with the development of the project before the budget is difficult to successfully complete the construction of the project; and after the procurement of equipment lower valuation, and also to meet the market requirements, improve the competitiveness of companies, the need to increase investment in the procurement of equipment. According to construction progress of the actual situation and the re-establishment of the feasibility study report, to increase investment 30,395 million yuan and total investment of 341,395 yuan, increasing 9.77%. Sources of funds: enterprise self 1.83 billion yuan, domestic loans, 15.8395 million yuan. The increased investment in the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Co...
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40% of the customers pulled from the network Internet, real estate agent, "a"

The relationship between Real Estate Agents and the Internet more and more intimate. Ten living services from the ongoing selection of network operators that currently more than 2,000 registration business, the real estate business intermediary industry accounted for more than 30%, the most striking of a team. Real Estate Agents, according to the application of these statistics show an average of 40% of their customers come from the network. Real estate agent as the earliest start "net" of life services business, compared with ordinary business network with more awareness, word of mouth network of real estate, according to survey data show that 80% of the real estate agent has a full-time staff of network marketing , 90% of the real estate agent can be a good use of the Internet for information, and search. From the end of last year, re...
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400 000 iPhone into the Chinese supply curve parallel imports mainly from the Shenzhen

"Unlocked, can be directly network." I heard a reporter to buy iPhone, Wuhan Computown a parallel phone seller on the phone said: "are coming from Shenzhen, the quality is guaranteed and absolute American . " Computown mobile phone market is well-known distribution center in Wuhan. The seller also told reporters enthusiastic, "said," and said: As with other electronic products, parallel imports, the domestic supply of many cities of the iPhone is largely from Shenzhen. Parallel in the well-known mobile phone distribution center - Shenzhen Huaqiang North, the reporter saw many stalls placed on the counter printed with "Apple iPhone" the word "prototype" in order to solicit business from customers. Hand to see when the buyer is often found that this is just an empty box, the counter while the boss kept saying, "We do not take the prototy...
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43% drop in price next year polysilicon contract profits turning point of the early era

Most PV modules as the key raw material, polysilicon profits turning point for the first time signs of the times. According to New Energy Finance (NewEnergyFinance) the latest release of silicon and silicon materials price index, has signed a contract agreement in 2009 the average price of polysilicon decreases by 43%. This means that PV is expected to reduce manufacturing costs, the photovoltaic raw materials of the storm is expected to ease the bottleneck. New Energy Finance analyst Xiao-Yu told the Shanghai Securities News, solar grade silicon material and the price of silicon photovoltaic new energy economy is a key factor in the recent years of such key raw materials shortages and capacity bottlenecks have resulted in light V component products artificially high cost of 37%. However, worldwide PV installed capacity is still new in ...
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45: The device LED solar energy value of many categories

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation forty-fifth Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as 45) is of special process equipment specializing in semiconductor research and development, manufacturing and technical services, research and production of large institutions, the national "863" major research equipment, IC After the packaging equipment industry demonstration project undertaker. 45 With its years of technological accumulation and innovation, hard work silently in the semiconductor equipment. 10 4 door to a large class of the field of products and services China Electronics Technology Group (CETC) is the 45th Institute of Technology in electronic equipment, machine systems and application technology research and development and manufacturing of specialized research and production units to machine vision, motion con...
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4G Mobile in Shanghai and launched a pilot bandwidth of up to 100 MB video is very clear

When people are still for the trial has just launched a new generation of 3G mobile phone features and excitement, more advanced than the 3G mobile phones in Shanghai to start testing 4G mobile phones. Yesterday, the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee Renshou Zi Qi said in an interview, the bandwidth of up to 100 megabytes of 4G mobile phones is expected to come out. Plan communications 863 members of the Group also said Wang Jing, from Shanghai to build a 4G mobile communication system of the basic features of the site has recently passed the acceptance test, of which 4 in the urban environment, two in Shanghai elevated road on the environment, through their mobile phones to play high-definition video telephony will no longer be a fantasy. 3G mobile bandwidth is also significantly less than "The former Big Brother like a big t...
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4G Mobile in Shanghai, Fast bandwidth test to see high-definition TV

The Yangtze River Delta by the newspaper Xinhua news gathering Joint Center, East Radio, LONDON launch large-scale cross-media interviews - "the peoples livelihood Interview Shanghai 2008" into the fourth. Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Renshou Zi Qi before our guest. 4G mobile phones, electronic tags, super capacitor car ... ... appear in the interview these high-tech terms, is a lot to open the eyes. In fact, these research results, or have appeared in our cities, or are in full swing in the development process, is expected in the near future to enter public life. 】 【Communications technology 4G mobile bandwidth of 100 megabytes is expected to come out Reporter: I think the former is small, we feel if someone took a "Big Brother" is especially beautiful, but now the phone has been popular, recently listed the 3G cell phone...
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