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50 cities and towns nationwide survey: the quality of services, double-dominating domestic color TV

Recently, the State Council Development Research Center of appliances and Guoyan Wang Research Group Market Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the "National Research Center") in the national sample survey of 50 cities and towns that: by 2008 Flat complaint two months of 2007 increased 2 times over the same period, including Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and other complaints about 3 times year on year average growth rate of 65% of respondents in the flat TV service encountered many times during the censure of foreign capital and prevarication, the rate of complaints of domestic brands dropped significantly, the leading brand of Chinese color TV enterprises complaints TCL 0.11% from last years growth rate fell to 0.05%, ranked impressively after-sales service reputation degree list, and Konka, Changhong, H...
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50 million to invest in LED lighting project in Xinxiang

Recently, the light from the Universe Zhuhai 5,000 million investment in technology solar LED lighting technology project located in Xinxiang of Henan, as well as lithium, energy-saving lighting and other projects to settle down. Xinxiang City, relying on "National Chemical and Physical Power Industrial Park", is focused on creating green energy base in China. Xinxiang chemical and physical power industry, after years of development, formed a lithium ion, nickel cadmium, nickel-hydrogen secondary batteries, such as green light, the new lead-acid batteries, industrial and military base-acid batteries, mercury-free primary batteries and battery raw materials, the five main industry, with more than 200 associate degree, product support capability, aggregation effects are more obvious, leading role of a strong chemical and physical power in...
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50 PV companies in China only: 350 have been closed down out of business

M & A wave of closures PV companies only 50 Present, China has 350 PV components businesses have closed out of business, some PV companies look to domestic market In the just concluded 24th World University Winter Games, in Harbin Yabuli stadium lights along the main road all the solar panels provide electricity. Recent years, solar energy technology in China has experienced rapid development process. Photovoltaic industry in particular, is the rapid development in China in recent years, emerging industries. However, because of its raw materials, markets and even devices are heavily dependent on the international market, making it the hardest hit by the financial crisis. Investment Advisor in the Ministry of Industry of the latest data show that until now China has 350 photovoltaic industry components business failures out of business...
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500 companies of the regular army stormed the Internet secret army against cottage

Statement by Liu Xiaodong, this year there will be more than 500 enterprises to enter the field, then the rest of next year may be 50, 10 or even the year after that for the rest 5, a large number of enterprises will become victims. If you want to inventory to the 2008 annual event, then the "cottage" will indisputably be one. From mobile phones to notebooks, "cottage"s rise is causing concern of all parties. 3 8, "Chinas first Internet Forum cum-cottage industry," opening in Shenzhen, is a large interest is, it was not a "cottage Army", while the IT industry, mostly "regular": such as chip Intel field, AMD, NVIDIA; production areas of Asus, MSI; sales in the field Hongtusanbao, Hengchang IT; whole field of Lenovo, DELL; stores Bainaohui field, Cyber Digital, etc.. They have only one purpose - 2009 onslaught, "the Internet", do not let...
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519 netbook or as the protagonist of this year

- > Most dramatic scene took place Monday in the afternoon, led by the mining index led the gains from a sudden. Mining index closed up 6%, in one fell swoop to help the broader market comeback a success. Yet the morning was cloudy A shares closed up 7 points actually. Mining stocks, the two oil stocks are still down more than 1%, but the burning of coal stocks are up, the whole plate meteoric rise. Coal stocks in the lowest of the China Shenhua gains also rose more than 3%, not to mention that a few board limit coal share. With resource stocks, yet the east west sunrise rain, oil or coal up, we face the bad news of a resource stock, in a quandary, I do not know how to interpret this? "Resource tax from the amount of tens of billions of ad valorem revenue related to the local, central enterprises the final game plan," an article repor...
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