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6 air-conditioned form of upstream and downstream firms first "Quality Alliance"

Yesterday, Haier, Baosteel, Mitsubishi, NEC, Fen Lannuo and the United States and up to six air-conditioning Honeywell supplier initiated the establishment of upstream and downstream of the first air quality domestic league. The alliance will be the source of raw material supplies to strengthen the quality control of air, prompting the worlds top air-conditioning machine manufacturers to use parts to fully enhance the air quality. According to the China Association for Quality Minister Fan Tianshun users, last year, because of the metal copper and other raw material prices, the market was outgoing individual air-conditioning manufacturers substitute copper with aluminum connecting pipe, to reduce costs, has seriously affected the credibility of the air conditioning industry . Air-conditioning industry from raw material supply source to ...
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6 major movie studios sued the U.S. tort claims more than 700 million Thunder

Following the defeat of first instance Shanghai Broadband Technology Co., Ltd., after goodness, p2p download services - Thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is facing an even bigger copyright lawsuit. February of this year, Warner Brothers, Disney and other U.S. Motion Picture Association of six film companies have joined forces to sue the Pudong New Area, Thunder Court, asked to immediately stop infringing Thunder "Da Vinci Code," "Charlies Angels 2", "Spider-Man 3 "and 32 movies, and compensate for various types of economic losses amounting to 7,113,552 yuan. "Daily News" yesterday informed that the Court has received objections to the jurisdiction of Thunder companies to submit applications. Prosecution: not allowed to openly "online viewing" Warner Brothers, Disney, Columbia Pictures Industries, Paramount Pictures,...
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6 Ways the Internet, mobile phones can check traffic information during the Olympic Games

Olympic lanes no less than 60 km per hour Yesterday, the Urban Transportation Committee members Xuejiang Dong in Beijing traffic information applications and services, speaking on the forum, said in Beijing during the Olympic Games in Beijing people and visitors can phone, Internet and other 6 kinds of traffic information in real time. Xue Jiangdong introduction, is currently under construction for the Olympic Games in Beijing, intelligent transportation system. The system includes an intelligent transport platform that can provide travel routes, parking guidance, traffic congestion tips and other information. During the Olympics, Beijing residents and foreign tourists to Beijing through the 6 way to get this information. This 6 way for mobile phone, Internet, car navigation equipment, radio, television, call centers, and induced traff...
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6 years, the global IC design industry changed and unchanged

Editors note: 6 years ago, Taiwans MediaTek chairman Tsai Ming-Kai in the local media published a series of technology related to semiconductor device assembly of articles published in a "competitive search", which aroused the attention and praise of Taiwans industry . Years after the addition of the book reprinted in Taiwan, and the first launch of simplified characters in China. The book documents the recent invasion of industry experience and knowledge, especially on the Development of Taiwans semiconductor industry, it is worth the mainland reference for practitioners. Starting from this issue, the newspaper part of the book will be serialized, a total period of this issue for the first period, and readers with Xiang. Tsai Ming-Kai IC design industry to talk about this change in 6 years, I want to have to start the global semicondu...
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6 years, the largest merger boss easy to master the Japanese semiconductor

Japans semiconductor industry is brewing for more than 6 years of a takeover of the largest - sales ranking of the Renesas Technology Corp., Japans second or merged with NEC Electronics, Toshiba to form over the new boss of Japanese semiconductor industry in the world will Intel after the United States and South Koreas Samsung Electronics. strong M &! Toshiba does not guarantee the status of Japans semiconductor boss? Renesas Technology fiscal 2008 (April 2008-March 2009) sales are expected for the 680 billion yen (about 99 yen in 1 U.S. dollars), NEC Electronics is about 555 billion yen, the two the level of the combined sales are expected to more than 1.2 trillion yen. The semiconductor industry is currently ranked first in Japan, Toshiba, annual sales of about 1 trillion yen. Present, Renesas Technology is the largest shareholder of...
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60 companies competing for the largest grid-connected photovoltaic power station

Including Huaneng, the countrys five major power, including electricity, Suntech, Changzhou Trina, solar, etc., of Connaught were gathered well-known enterprises located in the Xuanwu District of Beijing in the building, called "10 megawatts in Dunhuang, Gansu grid-connected photovoltaic power generation franchises "to attract businesses and photovoltaic power generation industry, the participation of hundreds of top executives. Two days later, Chinas first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation base price will soon be born. "More than 60 enterprises to participate in the opening ceremony." 20, a bidding company executives told reporters that PV, as many companies bid, opening ceremony, tenor until half past three p.m. end, "marked the end of singing , we know too much, which of several companies formed a basic judgments about win...
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61 Gome stores in Beijing closed down inventory of large and medium

Gome (0493.HK) announced a full managed medium and large electrical appliances, Beijing Dazhong 61 stores throughout the day yesterday closing shop inventory. "I shop this afternoon closed shop inventory, select the nearest store to buy Gome Electrical Appliance, normal business tomorrow." On a Beijing Dazhong Electronics store wrote. United States, according to spokesman He Yang Qing said the United States with large and medium countries have already started the handover, the United States all day yesterday, all the stores in medium and large electrical goods and inventory a comprehensive inventory of closure, but the inventory will not be long time , medium and large the store today (18) since the return to normal business. He Yang Qing, told reporters, in addition to the inventory of merchandise stores, the States United States for ...
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64MB for the SIM market Spansion secure flash, change the traditional way

Spansion has announced that, in order to SIM card manufacturers to produce new solutions to better manage the release of mobile content, strengthen application security and the protection of copyright of digital content (DRM), is developing a combination of the first 90nm MirrorBit ORNAND M-Systems with encryption, logic and flash file system technology with integrated solutions. MirrorBit HD-SIM solution is secure flash memory Spansion, part of a strategy designed to bring all kinds of encryption, authentication and other security features embedded into the Spansion Flash memory products. HD-SIM is expected to provide 64MB storage capacity, this is the current SIM card memory capacity of 1,000 times. And, Spansion has developed a will be gradually increased to 256MB storage capacity in product development plans. "as the first launch of...
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65-nanometer 10-watt power! Quad-core design of the first three generations of the Godson exposure

Kenneth Tsui, said the ultimate goal of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010 with the construction of a third generation of the Godson petaflop level (1,000 trillion times per second) computer. Chinese Academy of Sciences is a state-funded institutions, the main focus on five key areas, one area that technology. Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences has been studying, since 2001 of Godson processors. Xu Zhiwei, deputy director of Institute of Computing, said: "Chinas decision to support the realization of Godson processors because the CPU design is very important to achieve a national strategy." Current Godson processors, map Godson introduced than every previous version of the performance increased several times, but with Intel, AMD and IBM and the like compared to the chip giant, Godson has a long way to go. Kenneth Tsui, ...
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