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7 giant U.S. investment 14.5 billion WiMAX joint venture company set up

The third largest U.S. mobile operator Sprint Nextel, WiMAX operator Clearwire reached an agreement with a number of cable operators, Sprint Nextel and Clearwire relevant departments merged to form a new WiMAX business. Size of the new joint venture 14.5 billion, Comcast, Time Warner, Intel, Google, Bright House Networks invested 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, will use WiMAX technology to build high-speed wireless network. Clearwire, founded in 2003, is a pioneer in WiMAX operations, the number of users at the end of 2007 was 39.4 million people in the United States to provide WiMAX services in 46 regions. The new company will be the first to the AT & T and Verizon to provide wireless broadband services, the two largest U.S. mobile operators will deploy HSPA in the 700MHz band, or LTE. WiMAX promises the city can use laptops, cell phones and...
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7.05 yuan mark against the dollar and then breaking a new high since the foreign exchange reform

3 Yue 25 Ri interbank foreign exchange market U.S. dollar central parity of RMB exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollar for 7.0436 yuan, breaking 7.05 mark central parity rate, then a new high since the reform of foreign exchange earnings. PBC authorized the China Foreign Exchange Trade Center, March 25, 2008 the interbank foreign exchange market, trading currencies against the dollar and other central parity of RMB exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollar for 7.0436 yuan, 1 euro for 10.8700 yuan, 100 RMB was 6.9936 yuan against the yen, 0.90502 yuan against one dollar, 1 pound of 14.0048 yuan. ...
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700 million yuan to build Tokuyama LED industry chain

5 6, Kin Lung Group, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. signed the increased investment agreement, plans to invest 700 million yuan in Changde City, Tokuyama Optoelectronics Industrial Park Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province to build Province, Changde City, the full LED industry chain. Photoelectric Industrial Park investment and construction in three stages. The first stage, to invest in Shenzhen Technology Co. to build three elevated three liters of Hunan-based optoelectronics industry park, in June 2009 before the Hong Kong Kin Long Construction Group invested 50 million yuan LED display, semiconductor lighting, LED packaging production base; the second stage, in December 2010 before the Kin Lung Group, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. increased 1.5 billion joint investment in the optoelectronics industry i...
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73rd Chinese electronic start gate spring

As the country increase its infrastructure, urban construction, industrial upgrading and transformation, mechanical and electrical products export tax rebate rate increase, home appliances, 3G mobile phone launched a series of policies to stimulate economic development in the introduction, the central government to increase manufacturing the support, making the international financial crisis will gradually ease in the Zhang Xian. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Coordinating Council to monitor the operation of high Su-mei, deputy inspector before the "2008 Economic Operation of Chinas electronic information industry and Chinas color TV industry research bulletin annual conference" on the analysis pointed out that Chinas electronic information industry in 2009 will continue to maintain steady development trend, the growth ...
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77.47% in phases Infineon Qimonda sale of equity to deal with loss

Infineon has announced a phased sale of the 77.47% owned by Qimonda shares, in response to loss. Data show that the German DRAM maker Qimonda huge first-quarter loss amounted to 482 million euros. Data show that Qimonda first quarter loss amounted to 482 million euros, Infineon decided to finance the provision for loss of 10 billion euros, the industry believes that Infineon Qimonda as assets held for sale. Infineon recently announced the sale plan has been adopted by the Board. The first quarter of DRAM and demand for large, global DRAM factory Army faces a loss, while the German DRAM maker Qimonda is a loss of 482 million euros, while second quarter, and no signs of improvement, so decided to sell Infineon shares held by their hands. Infineon hands currently has 77.47% shares of Qimonda, Infineon sold in stages, according to rumors,...
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771 developed in the efficiency of aircraft up to 95% of the power LED driver

Recently, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Hospital 771 Nine Power Division to drive the circuit as a breakthrough, high-reliability design is complete constant current power supply, and achieved significant results stage. Although the life span of LED lighting is generally more than 5 million hours, but with matching drive power is only 10,000 hours life around, unable to match the LEDs life, becoming one of the bottlenecks restricting LED lighting. Section Xiaofei to the project team for the responsible person for driving power through a single wizard, is subjected to high peak current characteristics, combined with its turn-on threshold voltage and V / I curve, designed a new LED driver circuit, all the semiconductor devices and resistors. Life of the drive circuit and the LED to match the efficiency up to 95%,...
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78.9% of the total volume of complaints and then phone the quality of the pain of mortgage industry

Recently, the China Consumer Association reported on the 2007 National Consumers Association received complaints of cell phone, statistics show that in 2007 mobile phone complaints complaint is still the largest single commodity, accounting for 12.3% of total complaints, of which the quality of accounting 78.9% of all mobile phone complaints. In the mobile phone manufacturers, the after-effects produced by the black phone on them still exist. Government officials said the deal with cell phone consumer issues, should not be blocked sparse, and the participation of the whole society. Volume of complaints over phone 80000 Recently, the China Consumer Association held a mobile phone industry, "Consumption and Responsibility" symposium, Nokia and other mobile phone brands known domestic and foreign manufacturers and vendors, maintenance pro...
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