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8 Olympic city of China Mobile 3G handset subsidy policy today disclosed Telephone Number

Today, China Mobile will soon be in 8 cities Telephone Number TD-SCDMA, which means years of deliberation, the 3G standard of Chinas own finally coming into fruition. Deputy General Manager of China Mobiles general department high Chung Ge said in Beijing yesterday, the current TD-SCDMA core network has been able to support 800 million users, optimize progress. TD commercial trial is currently testing and at the same time, is two steps and for step, aimed at promoting the maturity of TD-SCDMA industry, TD-SCDMA also want to accept the market test. Reporters yesterday also was informed from the relevant equipment manufacturers, TD-SCDMAs subsidy policy in fact has made it clear, TD-SCDMA terminal price has been released, 6 mobile retail prices to 3,800 yuan from 1,800 yuan range, two on the card retail price of 700 yuan and 800 yuan. R...
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8 the next two years will lead the largest mobile communications technology market

According to Gartner, do survey, as of 2010, there are eight major mobile communication technology will lead the market. "All mobile strategy were set up in its technology on the basis of innovation, therefore, for every mobile strategy, to clarify the availability of the rapid development of the technology is critical," Gartner vice president and analyst, said NickJones . "We believe that in 2009, 2010, a total of eight mobile communication technology will bring a wide range of markets, and some of these technologies may also pose problems to be solved." Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth (Bluetooth) 3.0 version is expected to enter the market this year for the first time in 2010 is expected to have related devices from the market. Gartner, estimates, Bluetooth 3.0, ultra low power mode may be included, which would design a new form of products,...
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85% of the lighting companies, said 2009 will be fully open up the domestic market

The face of the economic crisis in 2008, lighting companies suffered some blows. Many industry sources forecast 2009 economic situation is still grim. Recently, on a number of lighting companies conducted a questionnaire survey, 85% said 2009 will be fully open up the domestic market, 30% of companies said they would cut investment in foreign markets. Particular focus on the development had previously been export business, is now said to be heading in systematic, large-scale direction, so as to allow domestic entered the overall operation of the state. Although the lighting business sales last year, is not optimistic, but the state, the major provinces and cities have introduced support policies, plans to invest heavily in infrastructure projects, in order to stimulate domestic demand. In this environment, the development of enterprises...
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863 "Semiconductor Lighting Project" made significant progress

August 2006, Ministry of Science and in the "fifth" National Semiconductor Lighting Project implementation based on the "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020)" priority themes of industrial energy-saving "research and development of energy efficient, long-life semiconductor lighting products, "the deployment and the" Eleventh Five-Year "development plan, launched the" Eleventh Five-Year "Plan 863 field of new materials," Semiconductor Lighting Project "major projects, arrange funding 3.5 billion, on the whole industry, semiconductor lighting chain core technology breakthroughs and industry, the key technologies supporting a comprehensive plan. "Eleventh Five-Year" strategic objective is: through the creative, white light illumination part of the core patents, to solve the semiconductor industry lighting market key...
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863 major projects, "Semiconductor Lighting Project" Application Guide

One guide explains As the "city of ten thousand ten," the smooth implementation of semiconductor lighting demonstration project to provide strong scientific support, according to early deployment of major projects and the overall task completion stage, three year project to deploy around the enhancement of application-oriented integration of technology research, application and demonstration of semiconductor lighting to provide quality assurance; the second is around 100 lm / W industrialization of key technology, a breakthrough power-based Preparation and light-level chip module integration technology; third is the key to capturing the core of epitaxial material growth technology, made core patents for the "second five" further proved the direction of project deployment. "High color Low color temperature of indoor lighting application...
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8-bit MCU market segment is still room for growth come face to face

8 Wei MCU in the Chinese market is still half of the total MCU market, more vendors to participate, and product differentiation is difficult to avoid lowering the price war. Future competition will start in a more market segments. 16 two years ago, 32-bit MCU (microprocessor) was hot, people are 8-bit MCU, a perilous position, it seems that the former will be replaced. However, after a phase of development, is not the case. It is understood that 8-bit MCU MCU market is still the main force, although the increases have had some lower, but the market is still growing. The major manufacturers are all MCU 8-bit MCU market to strengthen efforts to promote, which makes the market competition more intense. Market share steadily ISuppli industry analysts Kong Xiaoming told the "China Electronics News," the reporter, 8-bit MCU market share i...
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8-inch wafer microscope detection system was born in Beijing

Few days ago, 8-inch wafer inspection microscope system developed by 6 months in Beijing Daxing Industrial Base Automation Technology Research Institute was born, this is the second air-type silicon wafer loader machinery hand and then after a new type of robot. The technology is completely automated homes by the independent research and development, self-production. The system consists of transmission devices, macro and microscopic magnification device inspection device composed of the internal system is controlled by the third generation of software. 8-inch wafer robotic microscopy system, through the wafer from the film box tray out on the vacuum suction, or operating the mouse buttons by changing the wafers shift to a preliminary examination. Microscopy platform for precision testing, the wafer can be observed micro-particles, scrat...
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