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B2B e-commerce top ten events in 2009

1, Chinese industry B2B site first grass-roots film" Three readiness "was born 2009 Nian 8 24, the Chinese industrys first B2B website grassroots film" Three readiness "was born. the Department by the Victoria library electronic market network ( a self grassroots video, to Three history as the background theme, unexpected story, describing a" thrilling "campaign. And this movie just come near, the Chinese industry giant Alibaba B2B website launched his first grass-roots film " Legend Weaver Blast Off." This two video clips of the birth of publicity means that B2B site into a new area. 2009 Top Ten Star influential B2B event: ★ ★ ★ 2, Alibaba acquired HiChina 2009 Nian 9 28, Limited announced that it will pay 540 million yuan in cash, in two ...
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Bacheng enterprises are worried that potential Internet click fraud credit crisis

Construction of the network environment of good faith by the parties are attention, but the current credit system is not fully Internet. Taobao announced in the near future implementation of the "leave a fine three", "7 days no reason to Return" and recharge cards, "Lightning delivery," the three major initiatives to further ensure that consumers have access to quality online shopping experience, while continuing to uphold the integrity of the boot sellers based business principles. China Electronic Commerce Association of Enterprise Network has also launched to promote the work of the Commission. "Chinese e-commerce Pokka integrity" selection activities. No doubt, the Internet will cause the existing acts of dishonesty in the credit crisis throughout the Internet industry, and even become an obstacle to further economic development of t...
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Baidu, is carrying dangerous "ferry"

Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Baidu "PPC" event last erection storm - According to media reports, Hebei, a company recently had to apply to the State Administration for Industry Baidu abuse of "market dominance" anti-monopoly investigation. In the public interest for search on Baidu, and Baidu also said large numbers to the rectification of the "sale of listening devices" "Ecstasy" black site links and other issues, the reporter recently in a continuous search on Baidu, is surprised to find : Illegal websites and still full of false information, its search results page. Dangerous "ferry" - who pay to many who rank on the search front A business friend of vegetables and Baidu reporters about his "PPC" cooperative manner: whatever people use Baidu search click once his product, Baidu will be automatically recorded, he would pay f...
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BAK Battery 2.4 billion into the field of automotive battery

BAK Battery, the person in charge told reporters, BAK focus on research and development of electric vehicle battery project, was included in the national 863 major projects, will be a total of 20 million yuan of national research funding. In the "major projects of National 863 Plan" with the support of BAK to be a major push into the market promising areas of automotive battery, is planning to build a 2.4 billion investment in the "Power Battery Industrial Park." Revenue growth last year, 40% Was founded 8 years in Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd. mainly focus on mobile phones, laptops, wireless power tools and other portable digital electronic products development and production of lithium batteries. In recent years, using the global rechargeable battery industry to accelerate the opportunity to gather in Shenzhen, BAK continued rapid "...
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Ballmer: Microsoft to buy Yahoo is considering a range of alternatives

Although Microsoft had raised 44.6 billion Yahoo acquisition plan was rejected, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday attended the Information and Communication Technology Exhibition Hannover (CeBIT), said that will not give up to buy Yahoo, is working with Yahoo maintained extensive contacts, and consider a range of alternatives, but he declined to give further details....
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Ban spoke highly praised Chinas efforts to "green light" program

AP UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 10, spoke highly of the Chinese government in dealing with the role of climate change on Chinas climate change efforts. Ban Ki-moon United Nations Headquarters in New York, Chinese media said that in response to global climate change, China has always played an important role. Ban Ki-moon said he visited China in July this year, visited a number of solar plants, have witnessed the Chinese government actively developing renewable energy and alternative energy efforts, left a deep impression. He referred in particular the United Nations and the Chinese government launched a "green light" program, through the phasing out of incandescent light, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps, to achieve reduction in electricity consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide, "This is extremely significant prog...
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Bank failed to Taiwan DRAM maker ProMOS new loans

A bank said on Monday, by a consortium of several banks failed to troubled DRAM maker ProMOS (ProMOS) new loans, although the latter is in great need of funds to pay its bonds. Bank of Taiwan (Bank of Taiwan) President Susan Chang told reporters that the meeting of the bank in-depth research, decided not to provide value to ProMOS up to 50 billion Taiwan dollars (1.46 billion U.S. dollars) in loans, "there are some new factors appears. "ProMOS has need money to pay back in February 14, 2007 issue of the value of NTD 11.0 billion of convertible bonds in Europe (ECB). However, the DRAM maker, said the company will allow the bond holders back from Tuesday to sell bonds to the promos, because the company is redeemed by some potential to obtain funds. Chang said, "every bank held a board of directors, if they still can not reach a consiste...
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Bao Zhen speech on Texas Instruments C2000s LED Lighting Control

TI Bao Zhen Topic: Based on the C2000s LED Lighting Control Speech outline: One, TI-related embedded product portfolio Second, commercial LED lighting intelligent control MCU Three, TI MCU-driven product portfolio lighting Four, LED street lighting PLC Five, LED backlighting solutions Six, car HID headlamps in the light ...
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Baosight 137 million profit last year, up by 56.43%

Today Baosight (600845.SH) released its annual report, 2007, 2007 revenue of 1.829 billion yuan Baosight, and last year, an increase of 19.74%, net profit of 137 million, an increase of 56.43%. Baosight software, said the company in the consolidation of steel industry information, the preferred supplier of automation solutions for the leading position at the same time, further increase the iron and steel market development efforts in the industry the breadth and depth of the market have made significant progress. Filing shows Baosight integration project by Baosteel, Luo Jing Pu removal of steel works, cold rolled steel, self-Mei integrated innovation projects the three "priority projects" to improve the companys technological strength and competitiveness, and So cultivate Xiangtan Steel, Sha Steel, Tianjin Steel and through steel and o...
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Barclays analyst bearish on the semiconductor

Foreign semiconductor industry analyst Lu billboards line the switch to Barclays, the first issued by the semiconductor industry in Asia Pacific excluding Japan report that estimated the semiconductor capacity utilization during the first half next year, fell to 70-75% previously, and In the semiconductor industry revenue estimate by 3-5% next year, while revenue in the first quarter next year, quarter by 15-20%, so the first assessment in Asia, except Japans semiconductor industry is negative, and expect the market to benefit the semiconductor industry next year forecast revised down in the next six months, 20%, or more, and the other the first evaluation of semiconductor, IC packaging and testing, and PCB files such as 7 stocks, only to give TSMC, South power rating for the overweight. Line of that land, the semiconductor industry is ...
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