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C & D launched a wide voltage input and single output 3W in DC / DC converter

C & D has released a new multi-purpose isolated power 3W Single Output DC-DC converter, a new series of products support NDTS 2:1 wide input voltage and the internal integration of short-circuit protection, with smaller size suitable for high density applications, excellent load regulation to ensure that different load and input voltage conditions, a steady output, while supporting up to 85 o C ambient temperature without any cooling device. 3W power output at full load can be. NDTS products in the case of an external capacitor can be obtained + / - 1% voltage regulation accuracy, support for 24V and 48V input, input range is 18V-36V, and 36V-72V. 24V input is more suitable for industrial and automation industry and the 48V input to more suitable communication applications. Different input voltage output voltage can be 3.3V, 5V, 12V an...
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C & D the new DC / DC module simplifies PoE design, the output voltage up to 52.5V

C & D Technologies has released a for Power over Ethernet (PoE) design of DC-DC converter HHS04-520, PoE simplifies application design, at least through the hub 13 can provide isolation PoE powered devices power supply. If the powered device power or data cable output power less than the allowable maximum output power 12.95W, HHS04-520 module will support the greater number of powered devices. half-brick-type HHS04-520 meet the IEEE802.3 standard, which provides PoE and IP telephony applications in the equipment requirements, requirements include starting characteristics and low noise. The module efficiency of 92%, the output power of 200W, the output voltage 52.5V, 36V input range to 75V. Industry standard pin module to HHS04-520 to replace the existing design is more streamlined, the module isolation voltage of 2,250 VDC. C & D said, ...
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Cable billion high-tech projects OSK Hengfeng Industrial Park located

Recently, the total investment of 130 million yuan, annual output of 500,000 m cable OSK fire signing ceremony Cable Co., Ltd. located in Hengfeng County Industrial Park conference room. It is understood million letter of fire sea lions Electric Cable Co., Ltd. from Hong Kong Investment Group Co., Ltd. The main products are fire resistant cables. The project covers an area of 42 acres, built in three phases with an annual output capacity of up to 500,000 m cable fire; is expected to be completed in October this year, the first phase and put into production in 2010 sales revenue of 150 million to 200 million yuan, resulting in tax 6,000,000 yuan or more; all three phases by 2012 and put into production, annual sales income Of 500 to 1000 million yuan, tax revenue generated more than 20 million yuan, more than 300 job placement. ...
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Cadence Guo-Jun Liu: China has gradually have the 65nm chip design capability

Few years ago, 65nm chip design projects have been launched in China one after another up. China has been gradually chip design companies have the 65nm chip design capabilities. Meanwhile, the 65nm feature size and ever more There is a big design projects, so that, on some important aspects to the upstream and downstream industries of common concern. A concern to ensure IP quality IP issues and Although not directly related to 65nm chip design, as some of their customers in the actual design of the project encountered problems is one of the larger IP quality issues, and should therefore lead to the industrys attention. With a more advanced chip design technology, the chip size increases, more and more demands on the IP. Present different IP sources, different foundries, how to integrate and verify the IP, in particular the quality of...
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Caikun Cheng: Taiwan LED industry a step forward

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Institute for Information Industry, Internet multimedia wireless sensor network technology capabilities, and ITRI, Central Exchange and the combination of lightning, with the guidance and impetus to accelerate the LED industry in Taiwan and to help improve the LED lighting industry with high added value. III Feng Minghui, deputy director of Networks and Multimedia Institute, said more than network owned by wireless sensor technology, ITRI Energy and Environment is committed to the development of LED modules, and lightning are owned by the LED light source technology, Last year, the three began their cooperation in the development of networked intelligent lighting, lighting applications like the current one has started to import some of the parking lot after another, the energy savi...
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Cainan Xiong: dense infiltration of foreign investment in China will be a dynamic semiconductor

First Financial Daily recently read the "foreign post-crisis time-intensive penetration of Chinas semiconductor industry self-controlled storage worries," a text, which usually comes to a number of matters of concern, hope and readers to share some personal views. Penetration of foreign capital-intensive semiconductor industry in China is a good thing Penetration of foreign capital-intensive need to worry about. In fact, people to copy our "bottom" is a good thing, because it means something worthy of our people, "copy"! Only the "bottom" is now operating efficiency is not good, can not see the future, can not make contributions to society, and even the governments burden! Now someone wants to take over, must come prepared with a good policy to enable businesses to play a benefit. This is the enterprise itself, shareholders, employees,...
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Calculus Class D amplifier technology to 250kHz sampling frequency

Calculus technology companies (AT CHIP Corp.) Launched the A3202 is a pulse-width modulation (PWM) Class D power amplifier in its 250kHz sampling frequency to maintain the original sound reproduction, suitable for home stereo or car stereo. A3202s audio input frequency of 20Hz ~ 20kHz; support stereo output; a single channel output power of 7W; does not require external cooling device; working power 8.5V ~ 12V; signal to noise ratio is 90dB; overall co-wave distortion ratio (THD + N) was 0.2%. ...
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California in the United States made significant progress in solar energy utilization

Chinas power grid, according to reports , California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently said that, despite the financial crisis, last year in the use of solar energy in California is still made significant progress, the United States to use this clean energy in recent years. Schwarzenegger noted that in 2008, more and more California homes installed solar energy equipment, the total amount of solar power in California by 2007, an increase of more than twice, He also said that since 2004, California launched the "roof of the 1 million to install solar energy equipment" campaign, to date, California homes and businesses to install solar energy equipment investment has reached 50 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, the California government is also prepared to invest 775 million to compensate those who install solar equipment, home or ...
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California Micro Devices conference in the LED display brightness LED protection

SANTA CLARA, Calif. May 1 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / - California Micro Devices (Nasdaq: CAMD) on April 30 in Santa Clara, California sponsored by the EDN "Designing with LEDs Workshop 2009 "to display its innovative LuxGuard (TM) series of turnkey solutions, the program for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and high power super bright LED (light emitting diode) lighting, thermal management applications. As a high-power ultra-high brightness (UHB) LED applications developed ESD protection circuit pioneer, CMD customers since 2001, has shipped over 300 million products. Protection for UHB LEDs LuxGuard LuxGuard series protection solutions using the knowledge base of important applications, including the provision of robust ESD protection and enhanced thermal management capabilities of the LED heat sink and heat sink for the use of...
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California Micro Devices single package ASIP device saves 55% board space

California Micro Devices Corporation (California Micro Devices, CMD) has introduced a highly integrated ASIP device CM2006, the device is used in digital consumer electronics and PC peripheral applications VGA and DVI-I port of the complete solution. CM2006 to a single package instead of 22 analog and passive components, offers designers a simple, reliable, space saving and lower cost solution can save 55% board space and reduce the cost of 33% , but also improve the ESD performance. CM2006 provides 8kV of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and all seven data lines backdrive protection, in addition to the ASIP device integrates Schmitt trigger buffers for the SYNC signals and level shifting line DDC NFET. CM2006 is sampling now, more than 1,000-piece quantities is priced at 60 cents (for reference), the device uses standard 16-p...
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