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Da-23-inch TV monitor international photovoltaic module supports multi-mode

International Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. Da (Dynatron Opto-Electronics) has introduced its latest 23 inches TV Monitor Module - DM-23HN1. The device is a TFT LCD panel, 75Hz resolution of 1,280 × 768 pixels, the screen aspect ratio of 15:9, a brightness of 500 nits, contrast ratio of 400:1. The module supports the format D-sub, S-video, video component and composite video. In addition, it includes a DVI connector and TV tuner. Other features include PIP, advanced sleep timer, adjustable 16-color bitmap OSD transparency and input from an external HDTV decoder, the 1080i/720p/480p the HDTV signal. ...
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DAB digital radio platform for Beijing to join the battle for the Olympic mobile TV

During the Beijing Olympic Games, DAB audio broadcast will be available 16 sets, 6 sets of video multimedia broadcasting, and 3 sets of data broadcasting, such as securities, transportation, music and other public service information.State Administration of Radio support in mobile multimedia standards CMMB, and based on the TD-SCDMA TD-MBMS mobile TV market both for the Olympic Games, when ready, the State Administration of Radio, another mobile phone support TV standard DAB has joined the high-profile battle. Yesterday, the Beijing Peoples Broadcasting Station announced that during the Olympics, DAB digital multimedia broadcasting platform will be 4 sets of special Olympic broadcast TV channels and associated data services, Olympic TV channels will be completely free of charge. Before this, CMMB has announced a mobile TV service durin...
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Dai Nippon Printing to develop printed on paper and cloth on the light-emitting materials

Dai Nippon Printing has developed a printable to paper and cloth, above the light-emitting materials. In addition to light posters and POP, can be used for flexible displays. Using screen printing and offset printing and other printing equipment available, capable of printing text and images of arbitrary shape and so on. 3.3V voltage applied brightness 200cd/m2. Result is a low voltage light, can be driven by dry batteries. 5 years is expected to be listed. This light-emitting materials generally light by the formation of the metal compounds, electrolytes and silica nano-particles. Ruthenium as the central metal compounds are transition metal complexes, can obtain higher brightness. Using ionic liquid electrolyte. Ionic liquid does not evaporate, so the luminous material without the use of printed and thin film encapsulation of glass ca...
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Daikin Gree possible joint cooperation will be a double edged sword

latest news about the recent Daikin and Gree Electric Appliances Industrial co-operation may be a variety of somewhat conflicting reports. According to Japans Jiji news agency reported, Daikin and Gree Electric Appliance industry is on the low end of the joint production of household air conditioners in China (annual capacity of 50 million -80 million) to discuss the possibility. The report said the joint factory may be put into operation in 2009. However, according to other media (AFP Asia Pacific Finance and Japans Kyodo news agency) reported that the potential cooperation between the two companies will mainly refer to the 50 million units Daikin Air Conditioning Gree Electric to outsource production, but no mention of joint production. Gree neither confirmed nor denied the news of any potential cooperation. analysis of the current, Gr...
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Daily consumption: hardware and software industry, expand the LED a bright future for both

LED GB basically completed the draft, dozens of companies involved in the development of 15 items. With the national standard sound, LED industry not only has seven in the hardware base, and software in the technical standards to be rich. "LED industry is still in chaos, no standards, some companies are driven by interests, poor quality of the products produced." Zhongshan SkyMax Display Technologies Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu said in an interview, some companies a received the order to find some low-end material for the production, sale shipments received money trouble. However, this situation is expected in the years to resolve. It is understood, LED formulation of national standards is well underway, now the standard of the draft has been completed. There is a market without standards Huayi Lighting Group LED general manager Chen Jiansheng...
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Daily News: Preparing for triple Huang 1.9 billion cash?

Reverberations or triple from the climax of the battle group. "Daily News" yesterday was informed that Beijing Light Huatian Cheng Chu Lai, chairman of the auction option but promise to give up the desire to help back triple triple Group trading company the largest shareholder of the place, while Gome Huang Guangyu, the Placing Shares are emergency cash, the amount of nearly 1.9 billion yuan. Huang Guangyu in order to consolidate the industry speculation that the Group a controlling stake in the accumulation of triple fodder. Triple reverberations from the trading company or the climax of the battle. "Daily News" yesterday was informed that Beijing Light Huatian Cheng Zhu, chairman of the Joint Rai auction trading company to give up equity, and making remarks like to help take back triple triple Group trading company the largest shareho...
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Dallas crystal clock generator with selectable frequency factor and the jitter amplitude

Dallas Semiconductor recently introduced a crystal clock generator DS1080L. DS1080L internal integrated PLL (PLL), used to generate clock outputs, and also has three pin-selectable frequency jitter rate and the three, can reduce EMI; the period jitter as low as 75ps. Provide spread-spectrum mode and disable DS1080L shutdown mode to save power. DS1080L with 1,2 and 4, three kinds of pin-selectable integer frequency factor, when combined with a low-cost 16MHz to 34.4MHz crystal when used in combination, can generate 16MHz to 134MHz output frequency. The center spread pin-selectable option for the 0% jitter (disabled), ± 0.5%, ± 1.0% and ± 1.5%. In order to keep the audio range jitter rate, the spread-spectrum jitter rate is fixed at fIN/1024. Uses spread-spectrum DS1080L as the system clock can simplify or even eliminate shielding and fil...
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Dallas Fuel Gauge IC calculate the remaining capacity of lithium batteries, direct power supply

Dallas Semiconductor (Dallas Semiconductor) has introduced a fuel gauge can be used independently of the IC DS2781. The chip directly from 2.5V to 10V power supply, calculate the 1 or 2 lithium and lithium-polymer battery remaining capacity. DS2781 provides 16-bit current test, 11-bit voltage and temperature testing, on-chip nonvolatile memory to record the characteristics of the battery data and application performance parameters, the IC can use the stored data to calculate the remaining battery power. In addition, their on-chip algorithms and status reporting capabilities reduce the interaction between the chip and the host, while software development is also very simple. DS2781 by calculating the resistance of a low-resistance voltage drop sensor to achieve the current test, the sensor resistance can be programmed to compensate for t...
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Dallas Precision Clock IC can replace time-based method of crystal

Dallas Semiconductor has introduced a precision timing applications for the replacement of quartz crystal oscillator designed for I2C Real Time Clock (RTC) - DS3231. The device integrates several functions, can be provided in a wide temperature range, better accuracy of ± 2 seconds per year. DS3231 clock chip will be highly stable TCXO (TCXO), RTC, and 32.768KHz crystals into a 16-pin 300 mil SOIC package, a single chip. It also includes a port can be accessed via I2C digital temperature sensor with an accuracy of ± 3 ℃.The integrated I2C the RTC device for servers, ammeter, security and access control systems, logistics management, communications systems, GPS and navigation equipment, POS terminals, ATMS or other needs accurate time of application. Compared with the traditional time, DS3231 at -40 ℃ to 85 ℃ operating temperature range, ...
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Dan Mairui sound of hearing aid companies to donate equipment and instruments in Qinghai Province

"The truth of this hearing is good, I can hear the calls of birds, and can hear the sound of car horns, and partners can chat ... ..." years for the hearing impaired and troubled uncle put a brand new mountain excited after hearing aids to the surrounding villagers said. August 6, by Dan Mairui sound of hearing the company donated equipment to the province ceremony was held in Ledu County. Swiss company the sound of people with disabilities for the province donated 10 million worth listening experience with hearing aid devices and 5 million wood. Huang, the music is, Gate source 120 counties benefit from hearing disabilities. These listening devices will help them in daily life in the future to the normal exchange with the outside world. It is understood that, at present, there are all kinds of disabilities in our province of 30 millio...
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