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Data Domain, said EMCs acquisition plan should be rejected

- > According to foreign media reports, the storage vendor Data Domain Board said on Monday that shareholders should reject EMCs acquisition plan, or it may be "nothing." Data Domain Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a report formally recommended that shareholders not to sell shares to EMC. Data Domain Board accepted the June 4 NetApps acquisition plan. Last month, Data Domain received NetApp 1.5 billion in value in cash and stock acquisition of the companys plans. EMC 6 Yue 1 made on the date of the acquisition of 18 million in cash plans to Data Domain, NetApp improved since the purchase price. Data Domain, said, according to Fridays closing price, the purchase price of the two sides are about $ 30 per share. Data Domain, president, CEO Frank Lu Hartmann (Frank Slootman) said in a statement Monday, "We are loy...
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Data: Glanz cordon will touch the microwave industry monopoly

Recently, the China Advertising Association, jointly organized by Communication University of China, "2008 Ideal Brands survey of Chinese consumers," announced to the Chinese red, Jin Xiang Yu and other fashion, full-featured products primarily Glanz to The reference rate of 38.3% was rated as the first microwave oven category "ideal brand." It is understood that Galanz 2007 to 2500 million units sold worldwide, accounting for more than 50% of global market share. Microwave oven in the PRC, Annual Report 2007 released data show that the first 13 high-end machine, Glanz accounts 9. The United States in the country latest ranking microwave oven ten best-selling models, the reporter found more than 600 high-end volume of the largest microwave oven. Concern is that the top ten best-selling models Galanz charts of which occupied 8. Latest s...
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Data: LED lights high pressure sodium loss is not yet stable performance

Current street system in the domestic LED lights loud voice: Shanghai to bring in 20,000, Changzhou to the introduction of 15,000 ~ 20,000. LED light promotion, said while the cost to buy than ordinary lamps high, but it can saving money. Philips Lighting January 8 held in Nanjing, "harmonious cities, lighting future," invited seminar at Nanjing city management staff, designers and urban landscape architects designers and planners, and Philips Lighting to explore the city, people and the harmonious relations among the three lights on how to build, create more attractive urban environment vision. Promote energy-efficient lighting in the urban construction applications. However, in January 8th seminar, Deputy Chief Engineer of Nanjing street management office said Liu Lei, real: Nanjing in August 2008 started in the west side of Mount V...
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Databeans forecast the impact of the automobile industry downturn in demand for micro-controller

Market research company Databeans forecasts, due to sluggish demand for the automotive industry, microcontroller (MCU) market will shrink by 11%. Although the auto industry remains the largest market for MCU, but the industrial lighting, alternative energy and emerging markets such as IC cards are emerging. In a total of 123 billion MCU market, the automobile industry still occupies 30% of the share. Security and control functions for the market with embedded memory for 32-bit MCU needs. The market for airbag control module, and power windows and sunroof and other body electronic 8-bit and 16-bit MCU demand is still very great. Databeans forecasts, with the majority of applications related to energy saving, good prospects for development in the automotive industry. But it did not give a specific growth rate estimates. Remote lighting, ...
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Datang 172 million U.S. dollars investment in SMIC

Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. (SMIC) announced the two companies have reached a definitive agreement. Under the agreement, Datang will invest 172 million to acquire newly issued SMIC ordinary share capital, representing 16.6% of the shares of the company. Datang will be the price of 0.36 Hong Kong dollars per share, the acquisition of 3.699 billion new ordinary shares. After completion of the transaction, Datang will be entitled to nominate, appointed by the Board, in the nine board seats SMIC two directors appointed representatives. Associated with this investment, Datang SMIC will also be entitled to nominate a vice president in charge of Chinas independent intellectual property rights of third-generation wireless mobile communication international standard - T...
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Datang executives: PV electricity price 1.5 yuan per the most reasonable

"Tariff that hinders the development of new energy industry, the biggest problem." God Hua Guohua [0.063.28%] Energy Investment Company project development manager Wenping yesterday in Shanghai at the "2009 Asia Solar Summit" during the Post reporter said. Have this argument not just China State, including the presence of the State Power, Datang also Yingli PV companies such as this topic is still hot. "Low price of 1.09 yuan per" Datang Group Ltd Solar Energy Project Development Office Director Zheng Yuwen Post reporter after the meeting, said Tang, a solar power project in Inner Mongolia is controversial because of the purchase price has not yet been finally approved, is still pending. The tariff has been restricting the bottleneck in the development of new energy industries, but has yet to have a unified reference price to resolve...
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Datang Shan Chen Chi: WiMax as 3G standard would not affect the TD

Communication Forum yesterday, the chief engineer of Datang Group, Chen Shan branch of the "First Financial Daily" said, WiMax will not impact on the TD. He said that the first WiMax Chengwei 3G standard does not receive final approval, but at present, vote, nor will it even if the eventual entry into 3G TD impact. Chen Shanzhi that, based on the 802.16e version of WiMax is still not seamless handover in the mobile state, it is also less than 3 months up to the performance level of the mainstream 3G standards, and WiMax is the next step in the evolution of the major 4G competition 802.16m . He pointed out that the band has FDD WCDMA and CDMA2000 standards of competition both, WiMax, and TD is also the case. Even in the TDD band to add WiMax, and will not occupy all of the frequency resource, TD can still be with operators and partners ...
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Datang TD White SMIC accelerated layout

Experience after nearly 1 year of speculation, the protagonist of Strategic Foreign Investment SMIC has finally surfaced. November 11, SMICs announcement that it has agreed with Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Holdings Company Limited (Datang) entered into a share purchase agreement. Under the agreement, Datang will be 172 million U.S. dollars (about 1.173 billion yuan) acquired 16.6% stake in SMIC. Affected, SMIC Nov. 11 jumped 50% after resumption of trading. Datang 0.36 per share price of HK SMIC acquired a total of 3,699,000,000 shares of newly issued shares and its stake to 16.6% of the enlarged share capital as SMICs largest single shareholder. Previously, SMIC is the largest shareholder is Shanghai Industrial and its stake to 10%. Datang 0.36 per share purchase price of HK before the suspension than the SMIC 0.167 Hong Kong ...
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Datang Telecom net profit of 31.58 million last year, exit out of quagmire

* ST Tang (SSE: 600198) successful turnaround in 2007. Last year, operating income was 2.4 billion, representing an increase of 14.02% over the same period last year; net profit of 31.58 million yuan, out of delisting predicament. Previously, * ST Datang management has been hard shell protection for the losses, the company microelectronics, software and other businesses during the year have been enhanced. Through the efforts of traditional telecommunications equipment industry, reduced losses to the beginning of the target. But still, a subsidiary of Xian Datang 127 million loss. In order to protect shell losses, the company sold its holdings during the great Tang Gaohong equity, bringing a total of 94.38 million yuan in investment income. In addition, the company also received operating revenue 116.9 million yuan. The parent company o...
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Datang Telecoms TD Industrial Park in Shanghai

To the Shanghai municipal government has enacted a number of central enterprises have settled down near the Ordinance, Datang Telecom Group, first announced in Shanghai yesterday. This high profile company yesterday with the Shanghai Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Under the agreement, Datang Telecom Group, Shanghai will be an important base for future industrial development, particularly related to its core business of TD-SCDMA business. Meanwhile, Datang also joined the worlds third largest semiconductor maker SMIC strategic cooperation at the ceremony. Earlier, SMIC has announced that the former 172 million of its funding. Chairman and president of Datang Group, based in the field really was a speech said that the Group will be here to build "Datang Shanghai Industrial Park," is to increase ...
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