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Fabless chip companies Multigig the second round of financing for $ 12,500,000 Fund

Fabless (Fabless) rookie Multigig semiconductor company raised its second round of the Fund received $ 12,500,000 in this round of the main investors include CMEA Ventures, Sierra Ventures and Hi-Tech Venture Capital and other companies. Multigig, Inc. is a market for wired and wireless communications provide the next generation clock and timing solutions to fabless semiconductor companies in the semiconductor circuit technology lay out their own advantage in greatly reduced power consumption while increasing performance. The company has 30 patents protect the technology. Sierra Ventures Managing Director of the Company. In (Ben Yu), said: "Multigig company to carry out a wide range of basic circuit development, technology can bring low-power, high performance and increase integration." ...
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Fabless IC industry is still not the best choice

Fabless (fabless) business model is still a good option? Held in Grenoble in France before the IP-ESC2009 a symposium at the meeting, participants discussed the evolution of the semiconductor industry type, and shared the fabless business model of whether the view is still consistent with the times. Semiconductor industry business model is evolving from integrated device manufacturers (IDM) to the pure foundry (pure-playfoundry), and then to fabless IC industry and IP providers, design services and other types. Many of them are still suffering severe test. "Above is the complete model we call the result of the collapse;" KabenWirelessSilicon President and CEO PaulSlaby that the fabless business model can then be split: "The time has come to be split into a small piece of a small pieces and turned into a semi-fabless (semi-fabless) mode...
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Fabless semiconductor companies can not be authorized to use the core technology Atom SoC

2009 Nian 3 Yue 2 Ri , Intel Corporation and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the technology platform, based on intellectual property and system on chip (SoC) solutions to expand cooperation. Under the MOU, Intel will open IntelAtom TSMC core technology, including process technology, intellectual property, library and design process, both sides said the partnership will rely on a wide range of intellectual property based on TSMC, in a larger range of applications to Intel customers AtomSoC solutions. Intel on Tuesday specifically stated, however, a case, only the development and design companies to get the actual production equipment IntelAtom system on a chip technology licensing, with their own product. For example, NVIDIAs fabless semiconductor company th...
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Facebook users surged to buy servers trying to take advantage $ 100,000,000

According to "Business Week" published an article that the social networking site Facebook $ 100,000,000 loan to help it keep pace with explosive growth. Menlo Park, California, a venture lending firm TriplePoint is helping Facebook financing in order to buy more servers and other infrastructure expenses. Facebook does not disclose the number of servers it uses. However, the research firm Data Center Knowledge, this social networking Web site estimated the number of servers used to 1 million units. Market research firm Frank Gillett, vice president of Forrester Research, said the cash will help Facebook buy 50,000 servers for this company to provide space for the development of the next two years. Facebook site list shows the site has 70 million users. However, ComScores data show that Facebook, more than 1 billion users. January of t...
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Facebook won the GSMA Mobile mobile terminal Year Award

According to foreign news reports, the worlds first social phone "Facebook phone" just won the GSMA Mobile World Congress the year the Top "Best mobile terminal" award. Which called the INQ1 by Hutchisons mobile phone operator 3 launched at the end of the company, because you can easily achieve a key user and social networking links, so a launch will be popular. By the Chinese manufacturer Amoi phone manufacture, use Qualcomms chipset platform. Judges that the General Assembly, INQ1 social network for mobile terminals to the center of a major breakthrough in the development, and has excellent value for money. The phone in the deep integration of Facebooks performance in services, so that prices are more expensive smart phone worth less. INQ1 phone address book as a core focus, which made the compelling value of the demand. The INQ1 easi...
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Facing the Chinese standard, foreign brands go from here

China is the mobile phone consumer, as in the first quarter, more than 480 million mobile phone users. With the increasing mobile phone design personalized, accelerated replacement phone while the phone is replaced with a variety of functions well down the phone charger. If all the mobile phone charger can be universal, we can effectively save social resources, reduce consumption costs and provide more convenient for the public mobile phone use of the environment, and can significantly reduce e-waste on the environment of the secondary pollution.In fact, the Ministry of Information Industry December 14, 2006 on the promulgation and implementation of "Mobile Communications Handset Charger and Interface Technology Requirements and test methods" communication industry standards. Requirements related to mobile phone manufacturers have develo...
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Factors that hinder the promotion of home prices is hard to popularize LED lighting

last week held in Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou Lighting Fair, LED lighting, all the exhibitors become the object of focused development effort. In the street, billboards, office lighting, windows and other commercial areas of lighting, LED lighting products have been popular, but the price of one hundred dollars in the hundreds of LED allows the LED light bulb is difficult to walk into the home of ordinary people. In this exhibition, Philips Lighting for outdoor lighting, offices, shops and other commercial introduction of the different areas of LED lighting solutions, CosmoPolis warm white road lighting systems, LuxSpacELED downlights, AmbiScene scene lighting systems, LED lighting programs are quite mature. And for the home environment, Philips also introduced a "magic lamp", the use of LED light color to achieve 16 million kinds of color...
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Fairchild 12 × 9 switch array for high-definition video vehicle applications

S. Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) has introduced a 12 × 9 high-definition video crosspoint switch array - FMS6501, 12 input 9 output can be connected to any one of several routes to the output (routing) from the I2C-compatible digital interface control, each input to support the integrated clamp / bias selection. It supports SD, PS and HD 1080i × 1080p video, AC / DC-coupled inputs, AC / DC coupled output with a double load (75Ω) output drivers, enabling one to one or one to many inputs to the output of the switch. 6/7/8 or a programmable gain of 9dB, working voltage is 3.3V or 5V. FMS6501 lead-free SSOP-28 package, suitable for video switch matrix can be used in car infotainment systems, cable and satellite TV set-top boxes, TV and HDTV, A / V switch, PVR, security / surveillance systems, and video distribution equipment ....
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Fairchild has a pulse protection circuit Enhancement SPDT Analog Switch

Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a protect ASIC, microprocessor and other IC transient voltage pulse from the negative impact of the SPDT analog switch elements. This model NC7SBU3157 the SPDT switch IC to protect against internal MP3 player, plug in the insert, CD players, notebook computers, mobile phones and other analog or digital signal interface with the equipment arising from the noise and negative pulse shocks. This negative pulse with a-2V NC7SBU3157 impact protection features integrated low voltage SPDT Analog Switch Enhancement Fairchilds patented pulse protection circuit (UHC). This circuit allows electronics designers to eliminate audio audio plug or socket connection instantaneous negative pressure generated by the absence of low-voltage, high current solid protection, the transient voltage will cause damage to ASIC ...
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Fairchild IntelliMAX ? low-voltage load switching by the award winning innovative products

Advanced low-voltage load switch in the SC-70 package, the most integrated functions designed to simplify and accelerate time to market Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) for portable battery powered applications IntelliMAX ? family of integrated low-power load switches, won the "Electronic Design Technology" magazine (EDN China) first annual Innovation Award category of power devices and modules prize . Advanced INTELLIMAX device low profile SC-70 package, set the protection, control and fault monitoring features in one, a variety of portable applications including mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, notebook computers, networking products and PDA, etc. on the circuit board space, system architecture and product time to market requirements. In addition, the devices can be used for telecom / industrial equipment,...
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