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G3 and the cottage can go, how near?

Hope the same points as the 2G terminal users to customize the terminal G3, but we do not have the resources, there will not be short term. How to do? I thought of the cottage. Author of "cottage plot" may be assembled from the school of love computers, especially in our times of difficulties terminal G3, I thought at the time of the great contributions to Chinas widespread use of computers assembled computers, it and the current The cottage has many similarities, in which the environment is also very different. Moreover, the most attractive I is assembled is to rely on the popularity of computer users in the development of market forces, not the software provider or ISP in the promotion, and they are the ultimate beneficiaries. Why China Mobile leveraging the development of cottage terminal G3, but can not choose to major manufacturer...
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G31/P31 account for almost half of Intel chipsets

Intel chipset product line is very rich, and best-selling who? Intels shipments in accordance with the planning, the most low end of the previous generation 3 Series models G31 and P31 will be the winner of this quarters sales, share up to 43.4%. Although G31, P31 in the performance of such products and functions are very general, but the cost and price is quite low, naturally it is PCOEM favorite vendors, and sales of the largest is actually natural. The second part is the integration of the current 4 series models Q45, Q43, share about 28%. They are mainly for the commercial office market, which in some areas is more stability and the pursuit of business functions, less demanding on performance. Then there is the G45, G43, P45, P43 common of these in the retail market model, but their share of the small, less than 11%. Finally, the...
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G455A notebooks from Lenovo and AMD to see the growth of

Last week to participate in AMD, Lenovo jointly organized the "hybrid force open the network as the new vision" G455A notebook news conference, occasional associations have roommates, and now China, Lenovos vice president and general manager of Consumer Business Unit Liu Jie, Lenovo has since 2001 left nearly a decade, trance was back at work think of the good times, 97 years together with Liu Jie, the door into the Lenovo, Lenovo, Chinas PC the first long climb just ten years time once the backbone of our students have become Lenovo, Lenovo presumably this is one of the key factors to Everlasting. Although the association often see when AMDs friends, but unfortunately has no chance of cooperation, until three years after leaving Lenovo, AMD began to start deep cooperation with the Legend in the "Dream Scheme", the two set off together ...
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Ganzhou, Jiangxi Copper built - CCL - printed circuit board industry chain

News, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, Yucca Techtronic Industries Co., Ltd. is Zhanggong priority focus of foreign-funded enterprises, the production of copper foil, economic and social benefits are good. The companys copper foil, copper clad laminate, printed circuit board is very interested in the project. But the project is not enough to rely on a business need to have a number of enterprises to help production of downstream products. To this end, the support of the Zhanggong actively contact customers. Soon, investment 600 million yuan, to copper, copper clad laminates and printed circuit board copper foil for the Yucca chain, Huayan printed circuit boards, deep joint circuit and other high-tech copper encourage deep processing project has settled in Zhanggong . Ganzhou Zhanggong so built in an industrial chain, the annual output value o...
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Gartner Edition 2007 semiconductor plant material is still to capture the lead position should be

Gartner version of the 2007 top ten list of semiconductor equipment supplier recently released; is, under the rankings, the top five rankings did not change equipment industry, the American Applied Materials (Applied Materials) reelected the top spot, but because the poor performance status in 2007, its global market share slightly backwards. The worlds second largest semiconductor equipment industry is still in Japan Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL), the companys growth performance is more than twice the overall equipment market. Gartner said the companys strong growth, from the memory industry for its advanced process equipment photoresist (photoresist processing) to join. ASML Netherlands, ranked third in the industry, its strengths is the leading competitors, 193nm deep ultraviolet stepper (DUV stepper). Fourth is the next American KLA-Te...
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Gartner further down the chip equipment maker is expected to chip into a panic

According to EE Times website reported that market research firm Gartner recently revised expectations for semiconductor equipment spending, Gartner expects the semiconductor equipment spending in 2008 decreased 30.6% in 2009, will further decrease of 31.7%. Gartner pointed out that supply-side issues of recession and the semiconductor manufacturers in the first half of 2009 into a "panic state", more substantial reduction in capital expenditure. 10 Yue , Gartner expects the chip will be reduced by 25.2% in capital spending in 2009 decreased by 12.8%. Recently, SEMI reported that wafer fab equipment market has shrunk the third quarter, a serious, global shipments amounted to $ 6,560,000,000, 16% less than the second quarter, less than 41% of the third quarter last year. iSuppli recently lowered its 2008 and 2009 semiconductor industr...
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Gartner lowered the global chip market is expected in 2008 to 3.4%

3 Yue 10 news, market research firm Gartner has lowered its 2008 global semiconductor market is expected to make adjustments due to declining memory chip prices and global economic growth prospects bleak. According to foreign media reports, Gartner expects the global semiconductor market grew by 3.4% to 278.4 billion U.S. dollars, while the agency had forecast an increase of 6.2%. Last year the market was 269.4 billion U.S. dollars of total revenue, grew by 2.5% over the previous year. Memory chip prices fell throughout the semiconductor market is expected to lead to lower the main reason, but Gartner warned that the trend of global recession may further aggravate the chip market has shrunk. Gartner said, DRAM market began to shrink since the beginning of 2007, is expected that this situation may continue into the third quarter of th...
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Gartner on the first half of the global semiconductor market was surprised

In the PC and mobile phone markets, driven by the first half of the growth of the global semiconductor industry, up to 5%, which in previous years, relatively slow growth in the first half of the result is always contrary to the results of market analysis firm Gartner said this surprised This wave can not clear for how long? In the electronics industry slowdown in the growth of the current warnings and worry about the same time, Gartner in the recently published its views, including a view that the semiconductor industry may be difficult to avoid being in the global economy. This is from the recently published data WSTS can be seen, WSTS recently reported that the global semiconductor sales in June 255 billion, more than Mays 20.5 billion U.S. dollars increased by 26%, when compared to June 2007 of 22.7 billion U.S. dollars are also inc...
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Gartner pointed out that the 2009 global semiconductor revenue declined $ 29,000,000,000

December 21, 2009, according to the global technology research and advisory firm Gartners preliminary estimates, in 2009 global semiconductor revenue of 2,260 billion U.S. dollars, down 11.4% compared to 2008, which will be the industry experienced over the past 25 years the sixth revenue decline. Gartner Semiconductor Stephan Ohr, research director, said: "The first quarter of 2009, a sharp decline in semiconductor revenue, which continued to deteriorate from the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2008. While in 2009 First quarter revenues rose slightly, then led to subsequent significant increase. " However, for the semiconductor industry, since 2009, is still the Internet bubble burst in 2001, the year has been one of the worst income. In the fourth quarter of 2008, the global economic recession led to the time when the global semicond...
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Gartner semiconductor equipment spending have bottomed out the anticipated future increase

A little market research firm Gartner raised its 2009 capital spending is expected downturn in the IC, but also raised its 2010 forecast. Garnter said equipment spending in the second quarter of this year has hit bottom in the second half and next year will be gradually improved. 2009 worldwide semiconductor equipment spending is expected to 24.3 billion U.S. dollars, compared with $ 44,000,000,000 in 2008 decreased 44.8%. Projected the global semiconductor equipment spending in 2010 was 294 billion U.S. dollars, up 20.9% over 2009. Than the expected release of the company in March is expected to slightly different. March, Gartner said global equipment spending in 2009 is expected to reach 16.9 billion in 2010, with 2.03 billion U.S. dollars. "Economic crisis on the profound impact of the semiconductor equipment industry, but have be...
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