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I see Present and Future of the embedded tools market (a)

From simple control late 70s to todays high-end application development, embedded systems has become a complex high-tech system developed in a short time greatly enhanced the difficulty of the desired function, but also requested the product market competition quickly to market and must ensure the quality and performance, there is a very important tool to play a role. Among these, the simulation capabilities of the tool is more demanding. How to help engineers design systems successfully to a variety of cores in the same system tools for embedded systems to work together to achieve. It can be said of embedded development tools in helping to realize the application. Of course, in turn, the development of embedded applications is also driving the development of tools. Currently the biggest market, the fastest change is that more and more ...
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IAR Systems ARM debugging tools release, USB connection and provides 2M cache

IAR Systems has announced the ARM debug tools in the next series of products: hardware debug device IAR J-Trace, support for all with ETM (Embedded Trace Macrocell) of the ARM7 and ARM9 processor, full-speed USB 2.0 interface and host connections, and provides 2M bytes of Trace cache. IAR Systems with C / C + + compiler and debugging tools integrated development environment - IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, will fully support the IAR J-Trace. JTAG interface, through independent, IAR J-Trace also can be used as a standard JTAG emulator to use. According to reports, IAR Systems for all developers using the ARM MCU provides the following integrated development environment: IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM; it with a highly optimizing C / C + + compiler and advanced C-SPY? debugger. In addition, JTAG hardware debug tools IAR J-Link also helps ...
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IBM 2008 profit rose 26% in the first quarter revenue growth of 11%

IBM announced first quarter results, profit rose 26%, exceeding Wall Street expectations. According to foreign media reports that the first quarter of this year, IBMs net profit a year earlier to 18.4 billion dollars to 23.2 billion from the $ 1.21 earnings per share increased to $ 1.65. Revenue of 24.5 billion, an increase of 11%. Statistics from Thomson Financial, analysts on the IBM first-quarter revenue and earnings per share were $ 23,700,000,000 expected and $ 1.45. IBM said, if you do not calculate the exchange rate factor, its revenue grew by only 4%. IBM Chief Financial Officer Mark expects earnings per share in 2008 will reach at least $ 8.50. Analysts expect this figure to $ 8.25. The first quarter of the service sectors revenue reached 146 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 17%. However, the first quarter of the value o...
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IBM and the Bulgarian government to build a nanotechnology research base

Information technology giant IBM, and the Bulgarian Government announced that it has signed an agreement to cooperate in the field of nano-science. The agreement aims to encourage industry, universities and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for cooperation in nanoscience. In a separate commercial agreement, IBM will help the Bulgarian government to build a nanotechnology research base. "We now have the opportunity to upgrade to make the industry a higher level of technical content. It needs our efforts to work with IBMs cooperation is part of what we do." Bulgarian Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski said in a statement. ...
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IBM announced plans to invest 20 million U.S. dollars to buy shares in CCS

Internationally renowned information technology and services company IBM has announced that it has adopted the "China Investment Fund" business alliance to buy 20 million U.S. dollars investment in China Communications Services Corporation Limited (CCS, 00552.HK) of the shares. China Communications Services is a company controlled by China Telecom Groups production service companies, mainly to Chinas telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, corporate clients and government organizations to provide integrated telecommunications support services, including network construction, business process outsourcing services, and content and application services. "China Investment Fund" business alliance will further promote investment in China Communications Services and IBM, for the mutual customers - including individual consumers and enterp...
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IBM chairman and pay $ 20,900,000 in 2007 compared with 2006 increased 11%

IBM Chairman and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano (Samuel J. Palmisano) 2007 the pay for the $ 20,900,000, increased by 11%. IBM in 2007, increased profits and stock prices. IBM on Monday in the documents to the administrative department, said Palmisano, 56, received in 2007 the salary of $ 1,800,000, and according to IBMs incentive program has received $ 5,800,000 dividend-style subsidies. Palmisano also received $ 12,300,000 worth of stock options and stock equivalent assets. Palmisano also obtained through a variety of additional allowances 988,479 dollars, 406,235 dollars in travel costs, including value, equivalent to 364,162 dollars in restricted stock dividends of his retirement and his plans to increase the 152,460 U.S. dollars. Palmisanos total compensation in 2007 from $ 18,800,000 in 2006 increased to $ 20,900,000. His compensation ...
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IBM Innovation Center was established in Vietnam in order to promote technology development

IBM for the first time in Vietnam, an IBM Innovation Center opened, a move to further expand the companys footprint in developing countries. The new center is designed to help local communities develop their skills and develop new technologies to meet the banking, telecommunications, energy and government sectors of the digital infrastructure project needs. Located in Ho Chi Minh Citys center that will face Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, entrepreneurs, business partners, venture capitalists and academics training seminars, and provide advisory services, extensive technical basis for agency and practical operational guidance to help bring new technologies to market. Boost as IBM emerging technology industry development in Vietnam as part of the work, the company also announced a new collaboration between leading universities and enable mor...
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IBM invested 50 billion to build the "wisdom of the Earth"

- > Since last year, IBM chairman, president and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano, a new global strategy proposed by the "wisdom of the Earth" since, IBM will invest six billion U.S. dollars this year, the research and development costs, of which more than 80% used in the "wisdom of the Earth" field. Recently, IBM China Research Institute Gong Li Shi said in an exclusive interview, IBM China as one of the worlds key development areas, the research topic will be fully with the "wisdom of the Earth" link. Information, lack of funds and mismanagement of the rural population of 39% and 36% of urban residents can not afford professional medical treatment. Gong Li Shi said: "The wise person once established, electronic health records, medical information in a variety of cutting can also play a role and using each other." Meanwhile, IBM also plans s...
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IBM openly challenge the Microsoft unified communications market will be staged Union Dispute

Undoubtedly is the most unified communications technologies Sunburn one hand, whether the field of communications and software giants have released all their core technology based unified communications platform. A few days ago as 10 billion dollars IBM strike out, the signs point directly to Microsoft, which also staged the industry, led by Talia battle for unified communications alliance. IBM10 million strike out IBM recently said that the next three years, IBM will invest in the unified communications market, more than one billion U.S. dollars. IBM will further strengthen this area of competition with rival Microsoft. According to foreign media reports, IBM unified communications and collaboration Wells, vice president, said Bruce Simo, IBM established the strategic goal is the field of communication and collaboration products for ...
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IBM Q1 net profit by 26% depreciation of the dollar boosted overseas business

IBM yesterday released 2008 first quarter earnings, first quarter operating income of 24.5 billion, more than 22 billion U.S. dollars last year up 11% Excluding the impact of exchange rate changes, an increase of 4%; to achieve a net profit of $ 2,320,000,000, an increase of 26%, earnings per share of $ 1.65; gross margin was 41.5%, 40.2% higher than the same period last year. IBM expects 2008 earnings per share of at least $ 8.50, higher than expected in February of this years $ 8.25 -8.35 U.S. dollars. Yesterday, IBM shares on the NYSE rose $ 3.30 in regular trading, to close at $ 120.47, or 2.82%. In after-hours trading, IBM shares rose another $ 3.08 to $ 123.55, or 2.62%. The past 52 weeks, IBMs highest price of $ 121.46, the lowest price is $ 93.91. Services and software business performance excellence IBM in the first quarter ...
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