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Jordan will exempt renewable energy and energy-saving equipment import duties

Foreign media reports, the Jordanian government to be introduced next week, the relevant provisions, exemptions for renewable energy and energy-saving devices such as solar water heaters, wind power equipment, such as import tariffs. In addition, to encourage consumers to use new energy-saving equipment, the Jordanian government will also remove the related products in the sales cycle of 16% of the sales tax. Move is in response to the Government of Jordan Jordan is currently facing energy crisis to encourage energy-saving equipment, the total energy demand in Jordan the proportion of energy from the current 4% and gradually increased to 25% (2015) and 39% ( 2020). Although the implementation details related policies not been announced, but the effect has been initially apparent. Industry insiders estimate that the move will reduce 20%...
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Journal of the economic crisis the U.S. top ten winners Ping Chu: Apple Amazon list

REVIEW: well-known media carried an article saying the United States, the era of free-spending Americans are gone, but the current frugality seems too far. Consumers choose a middle course, and began to spend more. Selected out of the media will benefit from this trend of ten companies: 1, Amazon: Amazon thanks to low prices, comparison shopping capabilities and shopping convenience. Amazon landslide victory over the retail downturn, the first-quarter profit rose 24%, revenue up 18%. Internet retail industry will continue to grow, Amazon has enough room for growth. 2, Apple: innovation has become part of Apple, which makes it able to continue to introduce successful new products such as iPod and iPhone (mobile internet). In the past 5 years, average annual growth of Apples revenue 32%, and no debt. Over the past 6 years, Apple stock ro...
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J-STD-002 CN is about to meet with the industry

- "Component lead, terminal, lug, terminal and wire solderability test" IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries International forthcoming IPC J-STD-002 CN, the Chinese version of "component lead, terminal, lug, wire terminal, and solderability testing." The standard assembly and connection process by the IPC Committee (5-20) components and wire solderability specification task groups (5-23b) and electronic components, components, and Materials Association (ECA) Committee on the joint development of welding technology, by the IPC TGAsia 5-23CN technology group translated. All involved in this development and translation of this standard to express our sincere gratitude to the staff, but also encourage users to participate in future revision of the standard version of the development. The standard provides for the assessment of...
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July 1 should be from the factory and selling computers pre-installed Internet filtering software

- > Requirements of China Ministry of Industry, July 1 from the factory and sales of computers should be pre-installed Internet filtering software 9 news and information from the Ministry of Industry has learned that in order to avoid harmful information on the Internet, the impact of young people and poisoning, requiring the production and sales in China should be pre-installed on a computer factory "Green Dam - Youth Escort" the newest version; imported computers sold in China should be pre-installed before the "Green Dam - Youth Escort" the newest version of the software. Notice requirements, "Green Dam - Youth Escort" should be pre-installed on a computer hard drive or compact disc, and in the recovery partition and recovery CD as a backup file. Computer production and marketing enterprises should be completed before the end of ...
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July NB shipment status uncertain

NB Factory June Although the amount of ship explosion, but the latest report issued by Merrill Lynch said yesterday, NB Factory July shipment status is still uncertain, is expected back until after the August temperature. Affected by shipping concerns, NB yesterday, rising populations in addition to Wistron, the rest all fell, ASUS also receive the black limit. Merrill Lynch said , NB population is expected to ship from August to September is expected to rise, when the manufacturers have about 5 to 6% cash dividend payment is expected in August and there will be something for surface. Prior to this, NB population still, as amended, mainly because of demand reflects the NB is unknown, and raising the cost of other negative news. Affected by the aftermath of the European debt Asustek stock yesterday after opening all the way down, and fin...
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Jun Tan Nguyen Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance

LED industry in China, the development process, Chinas "Solid State Lighting R & D and Industrial Union" played a very important role, and that in the end "Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance," the major do? LED in China industrial development and what role they play? "Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance," Deputy Secretary-General of the Union Army Nguyen LED industry in Chinas position and action, and China-related standards of conduct. Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance R & D and Introduction 2004 established R & D and Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance, has two main objectives. One of the goals is to promote research cooperation semiconductor lighting; goal of the second is to promote a brand of competitive enterprises have, the target is clear that fostering a competitive business. Alliance of mor...
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Jun Tang to correct rumors: 10 billion pay is not the so-called "salary"

10 billion price for the transfer fee to switch to the message, the former Shanda president Jun Tang yesterday confirmed to the outside world, the new company to pay him out really is 10 billion. However, Tang Jun, the rumor was correct: this is not the 10 billion before the media, rumors of the "salary", but pay the entire contract period. Before the grand to pay a sub-option 4 years, depends on how the performance of the company to do, and get the new 10 billion the company paid off the IPO. Recently, Tang Jun said that he would more than one billion of the "transfer fee" to join a total annual turnover of more than 100 million of Chinese private enterprises, the new company will be involved in real estate, retail, tourism, engineering, investment, five major areas, the next six months or so there will be two groups in the domestic A...
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Juniper hand in hand into the carrier Ethernet market, Nokia

Juniper Networks (Juniper Networks) and Nokia Siemens Networks (Nokia Siemens Networks), announced plans to set up joint venture companies to enter the transfer market carrier-grade Ethernet networks. New company will be headquartered in the Netherlands, focusing on management and implementation of telecommunications grade Ethernet product portfolio roadmap, and to expand the partnership increased the previously announced plan. The program goal is to enhance service providers mobile relay network clients (mobile backhaul), business services and residential broadband networks, providing a fully interoperable telecommunications grade Ethernet solution. Planned solutions will help customers increase revenue faster launch of services, improving network efficiency to reduce transport costs, thus creating more profits from its network. Throu...
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Just-cooked pot cottage 3G Internet on the first EVDO

"Although the shape looks similar, but the stability of our products, many corporate customers are coming here to buy." Shenzhen Huaqiang North a little less than 7 square meters of office, head Luozhao Long (a pseudonym), told this reporter on a EVDO card . cottage Leaving and Returning Series Report of Six: the price of this cottage online from 2,500 to 2,800 yuan, more than the regular brand of the Internet can lower the price of 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan With the G3 brand officially start to move, China Telecom EVDO Internet near the end of the procurement, TD on a variety of built-in network card or EVDO card on the Internet become a genuine competition for the meat and potatoes manufacturers. MTK has not been available in the "perfect" 3G mobile phone solution, on the card and the Internet has become a cottage enterprises are chasin...
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