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Nanchang build solar power station is expected to try members of the public

Nanchang will select a city resident, a farmer, a road and a shopping mall to carry out solar lighting power pilot. It is understood that the construction in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, will be 10 megawatts, 300 megawatts of solar photovoltaic Xinyu power plant construction. Requested by City, Jiangxi Province, the two units as soon as qualified commissioned a feasibility study, the provincial Development and Reform Commission review demonstrated after the election than lose to the National Development and Reform Commission report, for policy support. At the same time, based on photovoltaic power generation peasant households, into the organs, into the mall, and actively carry out pilot demonstration photovoltaic lighting, choosing a farmer in Nanchang, a city resident, a road, a shopping mall to carry out solar lighting power pilot ; X...
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Nanchang officially put the first polysilicon products 3 billion in output value

Reporter learned yesterday from the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, Songhai large grain polysilicon production project zone was recently put into production. With the commissioning of the project, the citys first official polysilicon products off the assembly line here. It is understood that the project will achieve expected production of 100 tons, annual output value of 3 billion yuan. Songhai large grain polysilicon production zone project officially started in January last year, just less than a year, on December 31 last year, began trial operation, after a month of intense trial production, process and product indicators of the quality of other aspects of normal production requirements have been met and formally put into production. Will achieve expected production of 100 tons, annual output value of 300 million yuan. Meanw...
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NAND flash prices down 7 percent, the U.S. deficit on Micron Technology

Micron Technology USA and the United States (Micron Technology) has released the second quarter of fiscal 2008 (December 2007 ~ February 2008) settlement report (dissemination of information in English, PDF file). Sales of 1.3 billion, $ 59,000,000, representing a decrease of 4.8% over the previous year, decreased 11.5% sequentially. Operating loss and net loss were a deficit, were 772 million operating loss and net loss of $ 777,000,000. Deficit increase over the previous year and have expanded in the previous quarter. Sales decrease is attributable to the increase in production of memory not fully absorb the impact of the decline in average selling prices. 08 fiscal year, the companys DRAM and NAND flash memory the second quarter average selling price compared with the previous quarter fell 15% and 30%. Compared with a year earlier, w...
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NAND Flash revenue in 2008 ranked brands

The global DRAM market has experienced over the nearly two years of recession, the overall market with excess supply of the second half of the financial crisis hit last year, under the prices more cash from the profits all the way down to the cost of even the cost of materials. DRAM factories in Taiwan Department, since he has no proprietary technology, relationship, often the mother plant and the production technology in exchange for capital expenditures tend to be more far better than mother manufacturers, although the economic rise of their profits when each league, but the economy difficult to control the rate of decline in capital outflows, declining solvency, easy to make enterprises are now in crisis. To capital expenditure analysis, the global DRAM industry in 2006, respectively, with the largest amount of investment in 2007, es...
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NAND makers cut production delay construction market is expected to improve the dismal

NAND flash memory market conditions as poor, Micron (Micron) shelved plans to set up factories in Singapore, while its rival Hynix (Hynix) also plans to cut NAND flash memory. It is understood, however, the market leader Samsung (Samsung) and Toshiba (Toshiba) does not plan to cut NAND flash memory. Micron plant plans on hold the decision is announced in the companys earnings season after the loss of 777 million made. Lazard Capital Markets analyst Daniel Amir said: "The company management said that based on current market conditions, the NAND factory in Singapore construction plans, will be postponed to the first half of this year." The plant is part of Micron and Intel joint venture IM Flash Technologies. And such dismal news for the market is expected to bring some relief. "Hynix is the second cut this positive news after another, i...
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NAND prices fell and the Toshiba HD DVD business interruption lower earnings forecasts

Toshiba (Toshiba) has lower cut-off in the March 31 fiscal year earnings forecasts, mainly due to prices of NAND flash memory and HD DVD business interruption. Toshiba to profit forecast for the fiscal year down to 1,250 billion yen (1.26 billion), lower than the original forecast of 30.6%. At the same time it lowered the sales forecast to 7.7 trillion yen (78 billion U.S. dollars), down more than the original estimate of 1.3%. According to Reuters, the HD DVD specifications defeat in the competition, Toshiba is expected to occur this fiscal year will be 1,100 billion yen (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars) in pre-tax loss. Since the failure of the results of HD DVD business, Toshiba will be recorded in the 65 billion yen (6.66 billion U.S. dollars) around the operating loss. Toshiba, said: "Net sales are expected to be lower than previo...
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Nanfang Daily: LED industry usher in the spring policy

"Which is in Shenzhen City, the first time in ten years, subject to LED technology research topics included in the list of major industry, Shenzhen is also the first time in such a way to promote the development of LED industry." This is the letter of Shenzhen Bureau of Science high-tech industry Wen Wenhui Director of a policy interpretation in the LED industry to support the General Assembly on the word. Just a week ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Government in the form of bulletin, issued three reports on the intensive promotion of Shenzhen LED and semiconductor lighting industry documents. "We are very excited and very happy. City leaders finally attaches great importance to our industry, so the" few and LED semiconductor lighting companies invariably express the same person in charge of the voice, "now I feel very motivated." ◎ Shenz...
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Nano Institute - Joint Center for Agilent signed in Hangzhou

8 Yue 26 U Agilent Technologies and Zhejiang California International NanoSystems Institute for Change ", Joint Center for Microwave Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits," held in Zhejiang University signing ceremony. Agilent way of donations worth 220 million yuan investment in the software and test equipment, set up a "Joint Research Centre of microwave radio frequency chip", the center will enable the establishment of communications chips, universal dependence on imported chips and ASIC significantly change the status quo. Cao Han-Chinese electronic market network Recommended...
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NanoOptos IRCF for digital imaging applications

NanoOpto Introduces SubWave infrared cut filter (IRCF) - ES22. The device helps to improve the absorption edge of digital imaging and color saturation, large capacity for high-performance digital imaging applications. SubWave IRCF Target applications include mobile phones digital camera module, the general consumer digital imaging applications, and security cameras. When used in the manufacture, SubWave IRCF can improve the image quality to replace the existing digital camera modules IRCF technology. Optical circuit designers can use it as a new basis for a more compact camera architecture. SubWave IRCF owned by NanoOpto Nano-Optic design principles, production of high-transmission wavelength of visible light devices. In the sharp boundary of the region can not be ended by a high degree of inhibition of infrared wavelengths, and the very...
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NASA Johnson Space Center has selected Altium Designer as Electronic Design Standard

Altium Limited, a unified electronics design industrys leading developer of electronic product development solutions, announced that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Johnson Space Center (JSC) has put their standard Altium Designer as electronic design software. Management of engineering design center will be manned and unmanned space program in the Altium Designer as electronic design standards. These include the Space Shuttle and International Space Station program, and to allow astronauts to return to the moons Constellation program. Specifically, Altium Designer will be applied to many fields, such as cruise control, power systems, avionics systems, instrumentation, thermal protection, spacesuits and other extravehicular activity (EVA) equipment, aerodynamics and related disciplines, advanced automation systems, an...
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