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Overseas giants active layout OLED lighting open a new era

The application of OLED display performance in eye-catching, the lighting innovative applications are not much better, OLED lighting, the light soft and transparent properties, suitable for large area lighting situations, and from Siemens, Frauhofer, IPMS, Philips (Phillips), Osram and other manufacturers have been engaged in this field of international development, OLED lighting can sniff out hidden behind the huge business opportunities. From Tsinghua University / Beijing CIGNA CD debut in 2000 2.7 inches PMOLED, 2003, the Tsinghua University, completed a key technology breakthrough OLED production technology and integration to achieve a small OLED screen, and the module production and sales, announced a significant technology of flexible display breakthrough. Through the thin soft plastic candy wrappers general screen, you can watch ...
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Overseas selling household appliances industry losses are fought over the first cake home appliances

Wangcheng County in Hunan Province, Lianhua Cun Yi Ya-jie home village, a new 29-inch color TV Changhong placed in the main room of the side table, a person is happy to see the drama. Yi Ya-jie said: "This is two days before color TV bought, the price of 1,348 yuan, government subsidies of 175 yuan. With home appliances subsidies, we are willing to buy new ones." Mr.Wang is Wangcheng "appliances to the countryside," the dealer, the past few days he was busy enjoying themselves. "Appliances to the countryside just a few days, I have here are out of stock a variety of household appliances, turnover has doubled." Mr. Wang told reporters with a smile. 12 1 May, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Information Ministry to promote the "home appliances" project expanded to 14 provinces (cities, districts) formally i...
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Overview of solar drying technology and application prospects at home and abroad

Economic and energy is an important material basis for social development, as Chinas rapid economic growth and rising living standards, energy demand also will increase. At present, China is already the worlds second largest energy consumer, the amount equivalent to the U.S. 1 / 3. However, the Chinese population, lack of resources per capita than half the world average, to achieve gross domestic product by 2020 the goal of quadrupling in 2000, the national energy consumption at least double that of 2000, energy supply and demand will further intensify. And coal, oil, gas and other conventional energy sources are not renewable, and ultimately face depletion of energy. With the rapid growth of energy demand at the same time, the resulting environmental pollution is becoming serious, our country is facing unprecedented energy and environme...
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Ownership of broadcasting and telecommunications mobile TV standards fight Why "dystocia"

3 17, the European Commission formally established DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld specifications) as the single European market mobile TV standards, while South Korea supports DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, Digital multimedia broadcasting standards, including S -DMB and T-DMB) as early as 2005 began commercial use. Looking at Taiwan, but it is the major mobile TV standards everywhere, the battle "waged" not been able to determine the final approved an official standard, has not "settled." Standard has not yet been introduced Recently, there is news that the national mobile TV standard selection of the latest progress made, the standard of indoor and outdoor test results have been released, is expected to be long before the establishment of mobile TV standards. In this regard, industry experts caution that the mobile...
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Ownership of local firms by the TD shipments of one million chips

China Mobile TD-SCDMA (China-made 3G, hereinafter referred to as "TD") of the custom has settled the Internet, from Dell, HP and other PC makers 17 29 Internet finalists. Subsequently, 4 TD mobile phone short-listed China Mobile, the depth of the first batch of customized mobile phone news spread like wildfire. Recent days, the positive constant reports of TD Industries. There are indications that the extension of the previous two TD Terminal Bidding outstanding performance, the local manufacturers have won the TD initial dominance in the industry, TD terminals are expected watershed in the development end of the year appears.Huge amounts of money into research and development TD terminal industry in the current in all areas, whether in the mobile terminal leader of ZTE, a leading or in the chips and the IDH MediaTek little distance th...
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Oxford Semiconductor has introduced the dual SATA storage controller, throughput speeds up to 80Mbps

Oxford Semiconductor (Oxford Semiconductor) today announced the encryption can be configured with a USB / Firewire Dual SATA Storage Controller OXUF924DSE. The product enables external storage manufacturers to provide highly robust data security. Which controller to integrate hardware encryption, so that the data throughput rate remained at this higher level of 80Mbps. OXUF924DSE controller dual SATA disks and USB2.0 connectivity interfaces and Firewire400 and Firewire800 ports, but also to the Advanced Encryption Standard (Advanced Encryption Standard) to provide real time 128-bit encryption. The ability to support the security token (secure token), software password and biometric (fingerprint) sensor encryption authentication methods, the chip designer for the storage device offers great flexibility, a single hardware platform to achie...
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Oxford worlds first fully double-SATA bridge chips for portable data storage capacity

Oxford Semiconductor (Oxford Semiconductor) the OXU921DS device supports USB2.0 and external SATA connections, allowing the design of external storage products can be between the existing and future computing platforms to achieve complete portability of personal data. Worlds first in USB2.0 port and up to two SATA disks transparent data transfer between the bridge chip OXU921DS, providing RAID 0 and 1 function and disk spanning capabilities. The chips embedded USB Link and Phy allow full-speed and high-speed operation, help to achieve maximum data throughput. Their products for those who want to add more high-speed eSATA connectivity to memory manufacturers, OXU921DS one of the SATA ports can also be configured as an input port for future use eSATA to SATA connections. The chips operating frequency is 1.5GHz, the integrated SATA core a...
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