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Of the development model of instrument

the worlds major industrial powers have their high-level instrumentation industries. Sooner or later to become the industrial countries of China, how to develop the instrument industry is a very important issue. Source of funds and technology to the world, the development of no more than two modes of industrial instrumentation: first, in their own capital and technology-based, the second is foreign investment and technology-based. industrial countries are generally the first model, the conditions of developing countries is often limited to the second model, the typical example is Singapore. China wants to become a developed country industrial instrument which road should be, whether to adopt a model is worth serious study. As an industry, have been based on a considerable scale Instrumentation Industry in China, whether out of a Chinese ...
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Offering low-cost Altera Cyclone II FPGA in advance

Altera today announced the new Cyclone ? II series of the first model - EP2C35, on sale ahead of schedule, further strengthened in the low-cost Altera and 90nm FPGA technology leadership position. Cyclone II device logic elements (LE) of up to 68K and the price is only 0.66 cents per thousand units, similar products in the industry the lowest cost, highest density FPGA. In the high-density 90nm Stratix ? II family, after a successful show, Cyclone II family, Altera continues to achieve outstanding 90nm products ability to operate. Cyclone II devices built on the highly successful series of first-generation Cyclone technology platform used. Cyclone II series of more than three times the density increases, the logical unit of up to 68K, the new features include high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities of the 150 18 × 18...
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Ohmite 70W thick film power resistor introduced for applications without a sense of

Ohmite Mfg launched with a radiator 70W thick film power resistors series, for no sense of application meet the RoHS requirements TEH series resistance. TEH series resistors TO-247 package with a wide range of 2Ω to 10kΩ resistance range for power conversion, ballast and motor drive applications, the package is available under the terminal to a middle ground to the radiator. 100-piece quantities, is priced at 6.78 to 7.12 U.S. dollars (for reference)....
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OK International soldering, desoldering and rework systems re-award

Recently held in Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Asia magazines 4th Innovation Awards ceremony, OK International once again at the regional launch of its Metcal MX-5000 soldering, desoldering and rework systems be recognized for the highest standards . Manual Soldering Equipment category awarded, the awards highlight the commitment complex assembly technology challenges. 200 in attendance who gathered to Electronics Manufacturing Asia Innovation Awards recognize various types of manufacturing equipment and materials manufacturers throughout the year in 2008, the achievements of the Asian market. Electronics Manufacturing Asia as publisher of June Tan said, "This award has been continuously since 2006 to develop. We will continue to help companies effectively promote the industry recognized excellence. We caught all the winners in th...
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Oki introduced for the integration of ARM evaluation kit

Oki Semiconductor Company for the ARM7TDMI 4050/4060 Series Advantage microprocessors, low-cost integration of AME-51 evaluation kit is priced at $ 249 (for reference). The board includes a bus-based temperature sensor, an analog potentiometer with ADC, two RS-232 connector, a seven-segment LED, User LED and push button switches. The greatest feature of the product is unlimited set breakpoints, and the use of ROM emulator, you can immediately reload the code to the ARM processor. AME-51 kit with the Embedded Workbench for ARM and IAR Systems Companys suite of development tools, the software tools including C / C + + compiler, assembler, linker, code editor, JTAG debugger, instruction set simulator. The kit also includes the system flash memory programmer, you can use Windows graphical user interface on the ARM cores flash memory progra...
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OKI launched up to 55% drain efficiency of power GaAs MESFET

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (OKI) has developed to achieve the worlds highest drain (drain) efficiency of wireless communication 10W power level GaAs MESFET New - KGF1934. OKI Power GaAs MESFET with a can withstand 12V supply voltage of the drain voltage and gate using granular (gate), T-gate structure to achieve high efficiency and the channel structure is optimized design. It can maintain high of more than 20V drain (drain) voltage, and output 1 dB compression point for the 10W high output power, high availability of more than 55% drain efficiency, and in 2W output can reach 25 % drain efficiency. The operating frequency range of 0.1GHz ~ 3GHz, a small flange type package. GaAs MESFET this section to W-CDMA, CDMA2000 3G mobile phone etc. in the center, for a variety of wireless communication base station power amplifier market, w...
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OLED downturn in the electronics industry, the occasion of good performance

Downturn in the electronics industry in the display and the occasion, active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AM-OLED) has become a highlight. Market research firm DisplaySearch said in a report in 2008 than in 2008 when the OLED sales of $ 591,000,000 an increase of 110%, 2015 will exceed 60 billion U.S. dollars. But 2008 sales of OLED flat panel displays in the overall proportion is still less than 1%. DisplaySearch forecasts that by 2015 will rise to 5%. This is equivalent to a compound annual growth rate of its sales up to 40%, while the overall flat panel display market is expected to only 3%. In the recently held an online seminar, DisplaySearch expects sales of AMOLED in the second half of 2009 more than passive-matrix OLED (PMOLED). PMOLED sales in 2006 reached 4.5 billion peak in 2008, dropped to an estimated 3.7 billion d...
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OLED global revenues to reach 5.5 billion by 2015

DisplaySearch in a report on the OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode, Organic Light Emitting Diode) forecast report, OLED display market applications from last years $ 615,000,000, an increase of 2015 to 55 billion U.S. dollars, compound annual growth rate 37%. Currently Samsung (005930-KR; Samsung) OLED shipments first, the market share of 31% product revenue for the global OLED title. According to DisplaySearch statistics, last year the 4th quarter of OLED applications worldwide revenue was 1.56 billion, compared with Q3 last year, an increase of 17%; whole of last year OLED revenues of 6.15 billion U.S. dollars, rose 24% over 2007. January this year, with Samsungs OLED display team and the mobile phone sector to Samsung Mobil Display (SMI), is currently the global leader in the OLED market, market share was 31%, more than Taiwans lar...
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OLED industry beginning to take shape in China to look forward to future

ICT research and management consultancy CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. issued "Chinas 2008-2009 Annual Report on OLED Industry" shows: While the amount of shipments and sales point of view, the current account for the absolute LCD market dominance, but with low power consumption of the OLED technology is still more significant development prospects. Self-luminous OLED, simple structure, ultra-thin, fast response, wide viewing angle, low power and features such as flexible displays can be realized, known as "Dream Displays", coupled with its production equipment investment is far less than the TFT-LCD obtained the favor of the major monitor manufacturers, has become the third-generation display technology display area of the main force. Screen and MP3/MP4 mobile phone sub-panels is still the main applications of OLED market, the two main appli...
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OLED industry chain integration AMOLED promising urgent

To different aspects of the same technology to engage them more than 10 patents, mainly to see the core, important companies in which the hands of patent control. In the overall distribution of cases we found that some foreign donor differences, first of all most companies, including Energy Research Institute is the nature of certain businesses. We may see the domestic application and maintenance of Tsinghua University, CIGNA applications are numerous. From different countries are concerned about the direction of technology development point of view, the direction of Koreas R & D concentrated in the manufacturing process methods, the United States more balanced, and its technology, the display of the whole structural design, the number of patent applications, more balanced, close to in the average situation. And our domestic situation...
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