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OLPC to lose a general three executives have already left

According to foreign media reports, OLPC Foundation hundred notebook computers, today announced that is responsible for software and content Walter Bender, former president affairs had left. OLPC spokesman George Snell said on Monday, Walter Bender resigned because of the pursuit of Yan target. Initially, Bender appointed OLPC president. However, after the reorganization of OLPC, Bender was appointed director of scheduling. Snell said: "Recently, OLPC has reorganized the work focused on development, technology, deployment and education of the four areas. And Bender are so busy." In fact, in March, OLPC director of security architecture Ivan Krstic resigned because OLPC restructuring. Krstic said in a blog: "Not long ago, OLPC for a massive internal restructuring, accompanied by the change of the Foundation goals and mission. And I dis...
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Olympic Games to Chinas auto electronic products into a new stage of development

Editor Language: the information revolution is everywhere. The automotive industry, motor vehicles, the same electronic means that new technological revolution. The rapid development of electronic technology for the automotive to the electronics, intelligence, networking, multimedia direction and create the conditions. Information revolution everywhere. The automotive industry, motor vehicles, the same electronic means that new technological revolution. The rapid development of electronic technology for the automotive to the electronics, intelligence, networking, multimedia direction and create the conditions. Car is no longer just a means of transport, it has also has the traffic, entertainment, office and communications functions. Automotive electronic products grouped into two categories. One is the automotive electronic control dev...
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Olympics Beijing Shanghai interoperable 3G 3G phone can not use parallel

Olympics Beijing Shanghai interoperable 3G, due to the different standard, parallel 3G phones will be unavailable. "3G traffic will be open before the Olympics." Yesterday, the Municipal Informatization Commission Zhou Weidong, Secretary-General to all consulates and foreign chambers of commerce in Shanghai to introduce information technology situation, said the opening of the 3G communication area will be limited to host the Olympic Games city. This means that cities such as Shanghai and Beijing citizens can realize video phone conversation, and can quickly download the information from the network. "Basic rates should not exceed the current mobile phone tariff." Said Zhou Weidong, 3Gs phone calls are not expensive, but the video network traffic generated by fees is not the same. He said that to his knowledge has not been set fees, b...
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Omron introduced the first phone to use facial recognition sensors

Omron (Omron) company for the PDA, mobile phone or other mobile device with a camera introduced the first OKAO Vision Face Recognition Sensor. OKAO face recognition using sensors and camera-enabled mobile device with no additional hardware. Users only need to use the camera to register on his face you can. When using this mobile device, simply take pictures of their own, OKAO face recognition sensor automatically detects the user and unlock the device. The camera and the identification of less than 1 second. In addition, the camera does not need to adjust the lens position. The sensors will automatically detect the existence of the machine-related facial data. New sensor uses Omrons OKAO Vision technology to reduce the speed of image and speed up the algorithm. This technology goes beyond the requirements of the past, memory capacity and...
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OMRON PLC CP1E new series of small market

With the rapid economic and industrial development, China has become the worlds manufacturing center. Small PLC in manufacturing, especially in OEM manufacturing to become the core of most control systems, OEM manufacturers PLC therefore increasingly concerned about the performance and price. Pioneer in the field of industrial automation sitting position OMRON conform to Chinas development trends and user needs, has released the CP series of successful new family of small PLC - CP1E CPU unit, with simple, economical and efficient three concepts, immediately attracted living in the eyes of all the OEM manufacturers, but also gradually increased the financial crisis, the cost is becoming more competitive in the winter and spring brought a glimmer of warmth. In recent years, even to control the scale of about 10 points to 300 points, a smal...
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Omron relay can be used to introduce fine 5A load

Omron (OMRON) has introduced a fine relay G6DS-1A/1A-H, the product can be used to 5A loads and control equipment for industry to provide high sensitivity. G6DS-1A/1A-H smaller and lighter than the G6D relay, the width is only 5mm, minimum size of 20.3 × 5.08 × 12.5mm, saving board space, ideal for high-density installation location, such as industrial controllers PLC, distributed I / O control system, timers, temperature controller and control board. G6DS as a single pole relays, including 5,12 and rated coil voltage 24Vdc, at 5A load (250Vac/30Vdc) under the life of up to 100,000 times. The coil power consumption 18mW, also provide highly sensitive coil products (120mW). A fully sealed enclosure of the relay and SPST-NO contacts, in line with VDE (EN 61131-2 and EN 61010), UL 508/CSA C22.2 and RoHS standards. ...
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On behalf of the industrial prospects looking forward attachment 45nm, Chartered

According to EETimes website reported that the Singapore foundry Chartered Semiconductor in the future because the occasion, plans this fall to promote 45nm process. Chartered Semiconductor has released the second quarterly report, sales for the quarter sequential growth of 18%, 88% capacity utilization. However, managements forecast third-quarter revenue growth to fall to 4%, capacity utilization fell to 84%. Learned, Chartered announced that this year will spend 160 million U.S. dollars to promote the 45nm process is expected to be operational by 2009. Over-spending for technology that may affect the companys profitability. "We can not delay the development of the 45nm." Franchise president and CEOChiaSongHwee said, "When we further carry out the evolution of 65nm and 45nm process research and development process, we not only respon...
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ON Semiconductor 600mA Buck Converter offers 96% efficiency in portable applications

ON Semiconductor (On Semiconductor) today announced the NCP1521 and NCP1522 600mA DC-DC buck converter has a comprehensive supply, suitable for a lithium battery or by a 3-cell alkaline / NiCad / nickel-metal hydride battery-powered portable equipment. These devices are integrated soft-start,-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown protection. alleged, PWM and PFM automatically switch between modes to provide better system efficiency. NCP1521 at 1.5MHz conversion and to provide up to 96% efficiency; NCP1522 at 3.0MHz converter provides 93% efficiency. These can be cheaper to make high-frequency inductors and output capacitors, and get smaller subsystem solution. Both devices has now put into a space-saving 3mm × 3mm TSOP-5 package. NCP1521 is priced per 3,000 pieces of 0.60 dollars. 3,000 pieces per NCP1522 is priced at 0.65 U.S. do...
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ON Semiconductor has introduced micro-encapsulated voltage suppression devices

Recently, ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor, the U.S. Nasdaq: ONNN) launched a new high-performance, micro-encapsulation of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection diodes designed for portable and battery-powered applications to provide single-line protection of voltage sensitive components and design. New series of five ESD5Z devices include ESD5Z2.5T1 (2.5 V), ESD5Z3.3T1 (3.3 V), ESD5Z5.0T1 (5.0 V), ESD5Z6.0T1 (6.0 V) and ESD5Z7.0T1 (7.0 V). These devices are designed to clamp fast rising ESD pulses, the voltage on the board to prevent damage to sensitive components. 30 kV input waveform (in accordance with IEC61000-4-2 standard) will be satisfied in a few seconds to be ESD5Z devices clamped to 7V or less. The small size, easy to be placed in ESD can enter the system input / output ports nearby, it can be coupled to the board in t...
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