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ON Semiconductor introduced a new generation of power for notebook computers solutions

ON Semiconductor announced the expansion of its computer power supply product line, introduced NCP5214. The new DDR memory power controller were integrated terminal voltage VDDQ and VTT provides superior notebook computer system efficiency Bing extend battery life. The two voltage output of the NCP5214 integrated in the new, small, portable computer applications to simplify board design, Bing saves valuable board space. VDDQ voltage from a high efficiency, synchronous pulse width modulation (PWM) controller, power supply, drives two external N-channel MOSFET. VTT termination voltage linear regulator power supply from another, it is configured to track half of the VDDQ voltage. VTT regulator of the peak current of 2.4A, with a strong Sink and Source Current function. Components currently on the market and generally only 1A the followin...
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ON Semiconductor introduced a new high-end video applications, devices

ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) to expand the existing high-speed, low power operational amplifier portfolio, the introduction of seven for the fast-growing high-definition video applications of the new market design device. These operational amplifiers using new technology to achieve professional video applications require ultra-low distortion performance levels. NCS25xx Semiconductor high-speed op amps enable designers to achieve unprecedented bandwidth, output power and noise performance, without having to make cost trade-offs. These 500 megahertz (MHz) to 1.4 gigahertz (GHz) devices allow video designers to get 0.02% differential gain and 0.02 degrees differential phase performance, while consuming only 12 mA (mA ) current. Features, packaging and pricing NCS2510 and NCS2511 are 1.4 GHz and 1.0 GHz current feedback device. NCS...
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ON Semiconductor introduced from the protection of electronic fuses, current limiting for invasion

ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) has introduced the SMART HotPlug series of new NIS5112 - an integrated self-protection, electronic fuse can be reset using the built-in charge pump to drive high-end N-channel FET. Designed for use in 12V systems, NIS5112 is hot-swap applications (such as enterprise-class hard disk) to provide a cost-effective solutions to current limit the intrusion. Smart HotPlug Semiconductor Product Marketing Manager Barry Brinkman said: "The use of NIS5112, designers can get only a few low-cost components of the shunt circuit current limiting and reliable integrated solutions. before the launch of the device , designers need to use up to 11 different components of the discrete component solutions. " According to reports, NIS5112 12V backplane designed to be safe insertion and removal equipment, using the built-in...
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ON Semiconductor introduced the application of extensive power control power factor correction

Semiconductor manufacturers continue to reduce standby power and the work of innovative energy solutions, has introduced two for the input level of 75 watts (W) to several kilowatts (kW) of power and design of the new power factor correction (PFC ) controller. The new NCP1653 and NCP1601 controller is TV, flat panel monitors, desktop and notebook adapter SMPS, offline battery chargers, and refrigerators, washing machines and dryers and other white goods in the ideal power factor correction. NCP1653 is constant frequency, current-mode PFC controller needs in order to effectively drive high-power (100W to 3kW) continuous conduction mode (CCM) boost converter is designed. In addition to the usual fixed-output voltage control, it also tracks the input voltage to output voltage in the form of work, called to follow the step-up. NCP1653 Alth...
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ON Semiconductor Introduces GreenPoint ? CRT TV Power Supply Reference Design

Global power management solutions, ON Semiconductor is a leading provider of (ON Semiconductor, the U.S. Nasdaq: ONNN) today introduced a GreenPoint ? CRT TV power supply reference design, can provide less than 1 watt (W) of the standby power consumption. This energy-efficient 160 W power supply reference design addresses all functional blocks, and low standby power consumption in line with international norms. Semiconductor Power Conversion Andy Williams, vice president, said: "We develop, build and fully tested this CRT TV power supply reference design, and further demonstrates ON Semiconductor to help the industry leading provider of energy-efficient consumer electronics products. We closely together with customers around the world to develop the design and all our GreenPoint ? power solutions to ensure an effective solution to meet...
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ON Semiconductor Introduces PLL crystal clock replacement IC

ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) has introduced a fully integrated phase-locked loop (PLL) integrated circuit (IC) series, the first device - NB4N507A, the series designed to replace expensive crystal and designed to a variety of consumer clock generation and network applications. NB4N507A is a high-performance silicon PLL, the jitter performance comparable with the crystal, but much stronger design flexibility, lower total cost, and shorten the delivery cycle. NB4N507A an accuracy of 100 parts per million (ppm), its stability and crystal rather, is a better alternative to crystal devices. ON Semiconductor vice president and general manager Bill Schromm high-performance analog products, says: "ON Semiconductor has developed a superior silicon crystal alternative solutions. NB4N507A PLL with fully differential bipolar design, the in...
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ON Semiconductor NCP1653 Best Power Management Product Award

recently - the world leader in efficient power management solutions supplier ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ symbol: ONNN) today announced that its NCP1653 fixed-frequency current mode power factor correction (PFC) controller has been China, "Electronic Design & Application" (EDAW) magazine awarded "Best Power Management Product" award. This is the second consecutive year Semiconductor EDAW won best product award. NCP1653 PFC controller is designed to efficiently drive the high power (100 W to 3 kW) continuous conduction mode (CCM) boost converter is designed. In addition to the usual fixed-output voltage control, its output voltage can follow the input voltage to work, this feature called "follow the step-up." NCP1653 PFC controller in a compact DIP-8 or SO-8 package, with many features more complex controllers: average current-mode or voltage...
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ON Semiconductor to acquire Catalyst Semiconductor all-stock transaction

ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) and Catalyst Semiconductor announced that it has signed the acquisition of Catalyst Semiconductor Semiconductor formal merger agreement, the transaction will be paid entirely in stock, Catalyst shareholders for every 1 ordinary share holders will receive 0.706 shares of ON Semiconductor Semiconductor common stock. The transaction value of approximately 115 million shares, the enterprise value of about 0.85 billion U.S. dollars. ON Semiconductor president and chief executive officer (CEO) Jack letter (Keith Jackson) said: "The acquisition of Catalyst Semiconductor will expand our high gross margin analog and mixed-signal product line, used in digital consumer and wireless end markets. Catalyst analog and mixed-signal semiconductor business in the fiscal year ended April 2008 sales of more than 1,100 at...
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ON Semiconductor to expand GigaComm ? product line

ON Semiconductor to high-speed clock and data management in hundreds of years of expertise in the technology for networking and telecom market, the introduction of NB7L11M, NB7L14M, NB7L86M, NBSG16M and NB7N017M - based on silicon germanium (SiGe) high-bandwidth, fully differential clock distribution, clock drivers, clock multiplexing and clock pre-set of integrated circuits to support the current mode logic (CML) output. These devices are GigaComm ? high-performance clock and data management ICs, including the latest member for telecommunications, networking, high-end computing and automated test equipment industries. High Semiconductor Products Division, Marketing and Business Development Director Mike Radhanauth said: "When the designer solutions from simple CMOS integrated circuit control transferred to the performance of bipolar r...
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ON Semiconductors new N-channel MOSFET NCP4330 dual-drive

New NCP4330, Dual N-Channel MOSFET drive to improve the ATX and SMPS power supply efficiency, more effective than conventional control circuit in the 5V power sequence to 3.3V output. Shanghai Electronic power devices, smart transmission, Power Quality International Symposium and Exhibition (PCIM China 2005) - the worlds leading supplier of power conversion solutions, ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor, American Corners Nasdaq Listing Code: ONNN) today announced it will launch NCP4330 - post regulation, dual N-channel MOSFET driver can improve the commonly used in ATX and high-power switching power supply (SMPS) of the forward converter efficiency. NCP4330 for the series FET and freewheeling synchronous FET driver outputs than commonly used to provide higher efficiency silicon rectifier. This device with traditional magnetic amplif...
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