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On the DRAM market outlook Hyun Kwon

The worlds largest memory chip plant president of Samsung Semiconductor today Hyun Kwon (7) days to Taiwan. Recent memory market conditions into "season is not busy," shadow, Kwon Hyun-on view of the economy, the market attention. Kwon Hyun made the economy in view of the former, market research agency Gartner (Gartner) research vice president Andrew Norwood released yesterday, the first message to see the bad DRAM market conditions, expected next year, DRAM factory revenue too turn into a two-year recession , 2013 will be returned to a growth path. Hyun Kwon of Samsung Semiconductor Business top executives, Taiwan will host the seventh day, "the annual forum of Samsungs mobile solutions," exchange with Taiwan suppliers. Samsung plans to this years Forum theme of smart environmental and then evolved, and held a press conference, talked ...
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On the smooth development of the three LED Uncap sight Fujian

Relevant agency expects the global LED market two years 2008,2009 reached 6.85 billion U.S. dollars and 76.7 billion U.S. dollars, an annual growth rate reached 11% and 12%. Energy-saving, long service life make LED in the mobile phones, laptops, cars, outdoor lighting, particularly in areas such as widely used. As production in mainland China Fujian three LEDs leading security companies in the booming natural benefit of this market. Similarly, in restructuring the actual control of ST-day aging people, aging changes in the ST for the ST three days after security, but also Zhaimao sight. Fujian three Assistant Kan Wang On Group chairman, said column, LED future development and expansion is definitely a trend, incandescent lamps were replaced by energy saving, energy saving LED lights are also a trend to replace, for example, now use LED...
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On the status of lighting and electrical industry trends

Since the spring of this year, the state has adopted efficient lighting products, financial subsidies to promote economic and life become a hot topic, lighting products, has never received so much attention, lighting, electrical industry as an industry and more attention. Despite a century the history of electrical lighting, electrical lighting industry, but so far very prominent in all walks of life, often neglected, even as the household appliances industry or part of the building materials industry. This is because the lighting is very small size of the electrical industry. According to statistics of China Association of Lighting, Lighting Industry in China in 2007 sales volume exceeded 200 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of 20% or more. The size and furniture, home appliances, building materials, clothing, food, IT, automotive, ...
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On the TD-SCDMA has been substantial failure

One mind "TD-SCDMA has become Chinas manned space flight recovery plan, in addition to another important strategic addition to pieces!" "The prosperity of Chinas telecom industry, only by the TD-SCDMA!" "TD- SCDMA is the Chinese peoples pride! " Second, the implementation of TD since 2000 was approved as ITU international standards for third generation mobile communications began in 2002 proved that TD in full compliance with requirements of third generation mobile communication system, the growth of this phase of TD status is very healthy. However, since the Tang Dynasty in 2002 to assume the heavy industry began to TD, TDs as they grow into an endless nightmare. ① R & D efficiency is low, although listed companies Datang, but almost inherited the state-owned enterprises and state organs common problem of all institutional, bureau...
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On the use of LED chip user experience

With the National Semiconductor Lighting Project start, LED upstream industry has been rapid development, which the chip industry is most noticeable. LED industry chain including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, led the production of chips, LED chips, packaging and product applications led four links. Wafer technology which was the highest, followed by the chip. However, domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in the lower reaches of the package is not very high tech area, and the upper and middle areas began only in recent years, the development of the domestic supply capacity of LED chips can not meet the current needs, we must import large quantities. The face of industry has brought great opportunities and challenges, how should we view LED chip technology trends? How can we successfully entered the era of high-brightness...
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On2 for the Boo-Ree video playback multimedia processor

Video compression solutions, leading manufacturers On2 Technologies Corporation and South Korea co-Boo-Ree multimedia company in the Boo-Ree Tachyon-I multimedia processor offers On2 video playback. Tachyon-I use two ARM926-EJ processor cores, can cell phones, personal media players and TV set-top boxes and other devices to play On2VP6 and VP7 encoded video. Tachyon is a multi-format solutions, in addition to VP6 and VP7, but also be able to play H.264, WidowsMedia, RealVideo and other formats. Tachyon-I of the clock frequency up to 533MHz, and uses low-power 65nm process, support for Microsoft Windows Embedded / Mobile and GoogleAndroid operating system. On2VP6 format quickly becoming the format of course, consumer electronics devices On2 VP6 has been Adobe Flash and Sun Java FX application platform used, has become a number of popu...
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On2 Technologies Flix Engine program of providing video transcoding service NetEase

Professional development for desktop and wireless applications, advanced video compression technology, On2 Technology Co., Ltd. and the Chinese portals NetEase entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. Netease company will be part of the channels video using the VP6 ON2 Flix Engine encoding and transcoding solutions. On2 VP6 On2 Technologies is a proprietary video format developed. On2 format, Adobe and Sun have been authorized are used to Flash and JavaFX, with the Adobe Flash Player and Sun JavaFX integration of video encoded with On2 to ensure barrier-free play. On2 VP6 can provide better than Sorenson Spark and H.264 Baseline Profile of the excellent compression performance. On2 Flix Engine for creating and publishing online video leading server-side transcoding solutions. Flix Engine can support a wide range of input formats...
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Once the tower aluminum-dimensional expansion project signing ceremony was held in Beijing

Recently, China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. in the international conference room of aluminum once the tower to the Indian peacekeeping 1250kt / a electrolytic aluminum baking expansion project procurement and installation of flue gas cleaning equipment works in Beijing held a grand contract signing ceremony. Party members Aluminum Corporation of China, Vice Chairman Zhang Chengzhong and China Aluminum International, China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. Dragon Dynasty, General Manager of Health, Shanxi Aluminum Plant director Wu Maosen, Guiyang Institute President Huang Liangcheng magnesium Jin Construction Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Yancheng aluminum and aluminum and other leaders of the International Headquarters staff attended the signing ceremony. Meeting, the International Vice President Al He Zhi...
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One British mobile download "Prison Break" collect $ 63,000 bill

An IT person in the UK on vacation overseas, using a mobile phone to download the popular American series "Prison Break", only to return home unexpectedly received 31,500 pounds (about $ 63,000) bill. British "Daily Telegraph" reported 4, Al Ain Road, busing information technology professionals, aged 34, in Portugal as "the most advanced technology" by the phone to "Prison Break" and a number of songs downloaded to a laptop computer , enjoy a holiday full of audio-visual charm. He returned to Manchester, England home, was found in the mailbox price telecom bill. Road Bussing said: "(3.15 million pounds of bills) is like falling from the moon, making me laugh, that telecommunications companies made a mistake." Waiting for him to contact your telephone company, before we know their monthly contract signed with the company does not inclu...
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One hundred trillion times the first domestic supercomputer arrived in Shanghai will enable

- > Xinhua Shanghai May 15 Xinhua: Chinas first supercomputer made one hundred trillion times "Cube" arrived in Shanghai will enable Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Wenjun Chinas first supercomputer made one hundred trillion times "Cube" 15, arrived early morning from Beijing Shanghai Supercomputer Center, and will be officially opened in June, which means that China has become the world after the United States for the second R & D over one million billion times the national supercomputer. "Cube" is enabled, will take over three hundred major projects with national and local scientific research and new product research and development of user units and thousands of researchers to provide support. This supercomputer in the success of last year off the assembly line in Tianjin in September, November in Beijing and performance testing...
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