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Panasonic LED lighting targeting shops can be reduced by 75% of electricity consumption

Matsushita Electric in Tokyo "2009 Exhibition of electronic design industry", the display uses LED lighting in all the shops. In the show, Matsushita Electric simulated set up two grocery stores, one is lighting halogen downlights are used, one for all the lighting were replaced with LED lighting. The company said, LED lighting illumination was low, but the halogen light and a sense of considerable, and LED lighting could cut consumption. Replaced with LED lighting, can cut 75% of electricity consumption. Quantitative evaluation of the company in order to sense the brightness of space, self-set "Feu" indicators. "Feu" is based on the relative brightness of different indicators of development, although the illuminance and luminous flux smaller, but by improving Feu, would not feel dark. With the use of halogen shop 1000lx illumination co...
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Panasonic Plasma push OLED TVs have to drop

Recently reported the site from abroad, is currently in full swing Panasonic 37-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) television research and development, and in the next 1 to 2 years and a half years into the market. Said, according to Panasonic, this 37-inch OLED TV is expected to increase the service life of 5 million hours. In accordance with the 8-hour daily basis, it is about to use the 6250 days or 17 years, and the current average life of OLED TVs is 30,000 hours or so, the average life of plasma TV in the 60,000 hours or so. In addition, Panasonic is also expected to control the thickness of this TV less than 1 inch, that is, not more than 26 mm. Need to know is, Panasonic is working with Pioneer (Pioneer) engineers work closely with Pioneer Panasonics OLED TV will be the introduction of new technology, which is used in the...
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Panasonic Sanyo control access to a 20% increase in revenue

Matsushita (Panasonic) will be Sanyo (Sanyo) the companys price increase of 1 yen per share, the Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) Sanyo Electric Company agreed to sell shares in the Japanese electronics giant Matsushita, which Japans largest consumer electronics for the acquisition cleared the obstacles. Matsushita will hold 70% of Sanyo shares. Completion of the agreement on Friday to determine the value of Sanyos 8,070 billion yen (equivalent to 9.04 billion U.S. dollars), Sanyo, Panasonic, this will be the worlds largest consumer electronics business revenues increased 20% to 11 trillion yen . The agreement does not focus on traditional product lines of both companies, but the solar cells and for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles using rechargeable batteries. Panasonic said they hope the growing market in the cooperation developmen...
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Panasonic USB On-The-Go transceiver LSI upcoming

Matsushita Electric Industrial (Matsushita Electric) has developed in line with USB On-The-Go (OTG) transceiver specifications LSI - AN32045A, will be held in late January 2006 began to supply samples. The transceiver LSI with 28-pin QFN package, the external dimensions of 4.2mm × 5.2mm × 0.8mm, power consumption is about 280mW. According to reports, USB OTG specifications can not through the computer, the direct use of USB peripherals connected to each other will be together. This, in order to reduce the transceiver LSI and the delay between the link layer to improve the communication quality, Panasonic, and is developing a USB link layer circuit Oxford Semiconductor (Oxford Semiconductor) joined in the link layer circuit connection with the relevant standard. In addition, through the USB power supply situation, which LSI can support m...
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Panel is the strength of the strongest first quarter growth of industry

Technology industry analyst at Morgan Stanley Securities, said the king Anya to fundamentals, the panel is the strength of the strongest first quarter growth of the industry, the mainstream 32-inch LCD TV prices in January offer is still up. Wang Anya pointed out that Chinas growth this year, panel needs strength is quite strong, is the worlds main growth driver panel. Panel shipments in China last year, 1,200 million units this year estimated demand of 2,300 million units, annual rate Chao Guo 90%. Part in quotes, prices continued to rise in January, mainly reflecting the short supply, this is not short off-season, this seasons offer worth the wait. Wang Anya that, LEDTV industry this year will be the most explosive year, the unit will not only increase the price, gross margin, profit sync up. This part of the Friends of the Darbo...
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Panel makers Q1 19.0 billion less revenue

NT in the first quarter surge to 32.5 yuans exchange rate early this year, compared to NT appreciation rate of 5% to 6% of revenues for most of TFT panel makers and other dollar-denominated export manufacturers, operators received by a huge impact. Recent report estimated that foreign investment in the first quarter revenue of Taiwans panel makers probably will shrink 19.0 billion in the NT continued appreciation of the exchange rate under the pressure of the second quarter, panel makers will inevitably brewing prices to ease caused by the appreciation of NT negative impacts. FX 12 NT early points after earlier testing 30.5 yuan, but the central bank a strong resistance lift Road, NT after from up in the midday and again, the last to close at 30.69 yuan, a depreciation of 6.6 points. Who started with the U.S. dollar this year, 32.5 yuan...
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Parties involved with the IPTV network operators share capital subscribed BesTV

Event: Share the same side (600100) announcement that Shanghai invested 150 million yuan respectively BesTV subscription TV Media Co., Ltd. and Bristol Vision Internet TV Technology Development Company 40% of the shares. Comments: There are currently four IPTV licenses held by one hundred Vision 1. BesTV the number of users reached 640,000 or so, the market share of first place. The next five years the number of users the company is expected to reach 500 million. After the acquisition of BesTV, shares the same side more complete digital TV industry chain, including chip, transmitting equipment and radio and television systems integration, digital TV content, digital media and information services and network operations. BesTV the same side with existing digital television services and high synergy. BesTV There is no profit, and its va...
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Passing the Nokia Jedi the ability to fight back

Common across the entertainment and television, pop music amphibious star, and todays IT sector has also become popular PC and cell phone cross "fade." Dells PC big brother before turning into the smart phone market after Nokia handsets ready reached the biggest names in the Internet market, long ago, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo the first time that, "Nokia is considering to enter the notebook market." Dell last week announced plans to enter the smart phone ran aground, and widely outside attention of the Nokia Internet can break the curse of cross-border, showing a superior performance? The Internet into the opposite actually quite upset Nokia pressure, part of the decline from the industry itself. While sitting on the largest mobile phone users globally, Nokia continues to face sluggish growth in the plight of the mobile phone mark...
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Passive component makers involved in LED lighting Greco

6 Yue 5 news, the passive resistance of the upstream component plant Greco 3, the stockholders may, by last years earnings and earnings distribution. Cheng, chairman of the revival, said Greco, Greco will actively layout of the new business, except in March into the semiconductor active component packaging materials market, but also new investment in light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. Recco is a passive component factory first regular meeting of shareholders who, by last years earnings will be reported net income per share 1.07 yuan, and profit distribution by the shareholders case will be allotted 0.262 yuan per share, stock dividend, and 0.273 yuan cash dividend, totaling 0.535 yuan. Business outlook for the company, Greco is currently the main source of revenue is still resistance associated packaging material, testing, packagi...
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Passive components are generally not bad last year, profit

Passive Components Factory profit last year have been released since the end number, a number of vendors out of the year before the downturn, profit a virtuous circle. Xinhua Trade (3090), Courage (6155) pre-tax profit per share reached 3.48 yuan, respectively, 3.19 yuan, Poly Ding (6224) 2.29 yuan per share, net income, earnings annual growth rate of 23.15%, due this year all optimistic about the technology industry will gradually recover, passive components revenue this year, profits have the opportunity to scale new heights. Trade since the end Xinhua reached 1.841 billion yuan in revenue last year, of which the 4th quarter revenue was 5.32 billion, one quarter pretax profit of 0.93 yuan, 256 million full-year pretax profit, compared with the previous year substantially growth of 15.5%, out of the previous year slump, the full year p...
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