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Patriots Super Folding LCD 180-degree view can appear

Leading brand in the domestic IT Patriot has launched a 17-inch LCD heavyweights, the display features a new folding frame design axis, dynamically adjust the display height, tilt 180 degrees to adjust the screen to any position to meet the user viewing need to be called liquid crystal displays on the market today the king of human design. With the IT market matures, the Patriot IT products that consumers demand in the growing human, therefore, the Patriot will "provide users comfort of higher prices for better quality products" As the future promotion of the Patriot display the focus of product development. Clearly positioned as the first of the competitive products, the Patriot this section model F785s LCD monitor is designed to work everywhere true, user-friendly design ideas everywhere. Take into account different user display for...
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Paul Ward signed strict LOUPI LED quality test

LED scale rapid growth in 2011 will reach 90 billion U.S. dollars. LED hot face of the market, you need to suppliers, buyers and tripartite co-operation testing and certification bodies, to make LED a brighter future. June 16, France, Germany, the first LED products in the procurement of LOUPI said, decided to co-renowned German certification body DEKRA and specify its suppliers to use DEKRA testing and certification services to protect and enhance the LED products in the European market, the quality and security. LED applications continue to expand, the structure of the LED light source, light-emitting properties of light-emitting principle and different from traditional light sources, LED standard specifies gradually paying attention to the market, governments , industry associations, testing and certification agencies also actively ...
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PC makers open a second front industry changes coming

Computer will formally incorporated into the "home appliances" policy subsidies. Market saturation in the field, fierce competition for foreign giants, the spreading economic crisis environment, "to the countryside to" open a second front in the race has set off shots. "Computer to the countryside" on the agenda In accordance with the previously announced "home appliances" bidding process, computers have been incorporated into home appliances, the first of each province, the Ministry of Commerce recommended list of distribution companies, and national unity bidding. Although the government has not exactly put the tender list, but various preparatory work has been in full swing, trial of strength from this moment has begun. Tongfang computer has just been released in the policy set up a special working group project home appliances. Th...
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PC manufacturers pre-installed filtering software on the different attitudes

- > Requested the Ministry of Industry on July 1 should be installed from the Internet sales of computer filtering software, PC manufacturers reflects the current lack of implementation details. Founder, Haier and the positive attitude expressed support; Lenovo, Dell, HP, cautious, said the need for further information. PC makers reflect the non-implementation of the Rules Ministry of Industry and Foreign at May 19 issued a notice requirement from July 1, the computers sold in China, both foreign brands or domestic brands, are to be pre-installed a free Internet filtering software, name called "Green Dam - Youth Escort." The software graphics and text can be filtered to prevent pornography and other undesirable information against young people, the software can shut down and free unloaded. The direct executors of this provision is ...
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PC manufacturers to speed up channel presence to meet the popular trend of 3C store

Recently, Dell announced a formal cooperation with Suning Appliance in its retail stores Dell notebook and desktop computers. At the same time, Dell said it will expand the cooperation between Gome and China more 3C store presence. Coincidentally, almost at the same time, the computer also announced that the Shenzhou stationed Suning Appliance, with before the store has entered 3C HP, Haier, Lenovo and other brands and is planning to enter the TCL Computer, Founder, for a time, PC manufacturers launched a 3C store presence to accelerate the climax. Channel changing of the guard has become a consumer electronics PC Dell announced last year settled Gome, to a certain extent, to reveal the after Michael Dell back at the heart of direct marketing 2.0 strategies. Has always insisted on "Phone + Internet" way of the Dell direct reason to ch...
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PC Market: desktop computers, notebook computers Some happy, some unhappy

of: MATTHEW WILKINS, iSupplis principal analyst for computing platformsSo far in 2009, for all high-tech industry, the key question is "recession." According to iSuppli Corporation, PC industry is no exception, also hit by the recession. The PC market in the form of the three areas, as sales dropped and the two difficult situations: desktop and entry-level servers. Since so far in 2009, desktop PC has been the most depressed areas, a drag on overall market performance. iSuppli Corporation that in the rest of the year, desktop computers will continue to be very bad condition, making the situation even more grim. 2009 in the first quarter of last years desktop shipments dropped 23%, iSuppli predicts that second-quarter decline was similar with them. This will result in first half of 2009 shipments by 21% over the same period in 2008. ...
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PC software piracy rate in China declined by 2 percentage points in 2008 80%

- > The worlds leading IT industry market research and forecasting firm IDC issued a global PC software piracy study the sixth annual report. Report shows that Chinas PC software piracy rate in 2008 declined by 2 percentage points to 80%. This is the second from 2003 to 2007 in 5 years to reduce by 10 percentage points lower after another. Thanks to the Chinese government more effective law enforcement and public education projects to promote genuine software, as well as original equipment manufacturers and retailers of snow between the OEM supplier of related arrangements. For example, the Government requires PC manufacturers to sell genuine operating systems installed on personal computers. Report also shows that in 2008, in 110 countries and regions on the personal computer (PC) software piracy rate in the study, half of the cou...
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PCB beautiful three male attacked the summit in December sales

PCB factory revenue in December Mitsuo association initiatives, among the first to climb the top of the revenue in December announced the IC substrate supplier Southern Electric, the positive plate Tripod NB sprint and gold, like electricity, out of the PC significant increase in goods under the consolidated revenue in December and have heard a single month sales record of good news. However, in the first quarter of this year, the traditional off-season Looking season, Tripod and gold, like electricity salty that fourth quarter revenue should be slightly lower than last year, and the decline rate of about Jin Yicheng, PCB industry in January sales sounding again, the difficulty seems to be greatly improved. Benefit from Intels expansion of the Southern Electric nm Penryn processor, four or five shipments of the new version was a strong...
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PCB fab weak pass down the sound-related

Printed circuit board in November season lows divergent revenue, not only shows the IT industry, the downstream customer orders or frozen, and it gets spread to the printed circuit board associated drilling, plating, etc. on behalf of the industry within the laminated together those who work stoppage public, but also frequent the sound down. Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing complex, drilling, plating, within the laminated together (ML), printing, foundry industry chain and tidy, PCB since the end of last year to gradually reflect the downturn in the fourth quarter of this year, more traditional peak season desolate, Fun in the capacity utilization dropped to three, four into the following, some devastated foundry process has been heard on behalf of a number of electroplating factory closes. A small factory on the PCB that the ...
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PCB factory buy gold stocks such as electronics have

PCB factory gold, like electricity market (2368-TW orders) shares opened higher today, and below the lower face, and limit-down price of 9.44 yuan (NT, the same below) to close, the company this afternoon and by the board of directors is self-evident (18) within two months, entering in the range 8-16 per share stock repurchase 20000, for sale to employees. This is the golden boot for the first time this year as the Treasury power to buy back its own stock, and gold, like electricity plans to buy back 20,000 shares in the company, but also the implementation of treasury shares this year, the most generous PCB plant. Gold, like electricity in 2008 Q2 consolidated revenue 4.95 billion yuan, the company forecast Q3 revenue will be better than Q2, while the profits, but also because of American Apple MP3 and mobile phone products added prod...
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